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  1. I have a quick tactical question, so I'm playing against someone in the league with team (Messi is now firmino) and tactics: I play 4-2-3-1B and he has a better defence and midfield than me (mine are 92 across the board) but same rated attack and GK, how would you attack? Would you try and attack down both flanks to take advantage of no full backs? I usually just play mixed attacking and have lost to him twice this season already
  2. Out of interest, what is the lag time between the updates in the SWIKI and then being updated in game? Is it a week?
  3. If Bruno doesn't get a +1 in the winter review for United then I will eat my foot
  4. Think i've quoted and liked everyones comment who gave an opinion so thank you. For clarification I would be giving cash + sancho + goretzka for mbappe. The duo are in my first XI and if all things go well will both be 93 by end of the season (and sancho is a huge goalscorer and assist merchant for my team)...but then Mbappe is Mbappe, likely to be the highest rated player on SM eventually and would be my striker for the rest of time. Really not easy as its the biggest transfer i've ever considered and would ever likely do. I don't need the cash but the other manager has asked for th
  5. If Jorginho was an option as a straight swap or with just a bit of cash I'd probably take him as thats a +4 to your midfield and I imagine he'll keep his rating. I don't think anyone else is worth it personally, but if you're happy keeping JPH then do that as he's only going to increase in rating.
  6. How competitive is your GW and are there any positions you need to strengthen especially? Like @Kieran_S91said it'd be good to see JPH develop and he'll probs get an upgrade end of the season again, but are you in need of an 88/89 in a certain position? Side note: How much money do you get for winning the SMFA Cup and SMFA Shield??
  7. Thanks for your replies everyone, the players mentioned are ones that aren't currently owned by a manager so their goals/game isnt that good as they usually have poor players around them, although I remember Auba being a goal machine for a managed team a couple of seasons ago. Yeah I'm not too bothered by the cash loss if Aguero were to go down as like SW19 said i can make it back in a good cup run. Auba is a good choice @Kieran_S91 because of the wing options you're right there too This hasn't made my decision any easier haha, I'm going to keep Aguero for a little bit and mull it
  8. Currently in a predicament, Aguero is my main striker and won golden boot this season and my highest ever league finish but i am expecting him to get a decrease due to age and lack of playing time at some point...problem is the only strikers 93+ who are available are Aubamayang, Lukaku and Immobile. Feel like Selling Aguero for Lukaku is the best choice due to age but I also don't see Auba getting a decrease any time soon. Even is Aguero does get a -1 then he's still higher than Lukaku and equal with Auba. What would you do?
  9. Cheers boys, was my thought also, only hesitation was Romagnoli being a couple of years younger and being Milans Capitan
  10. Romagnoli or Stefan De Vrij? Wish I'd picked up De Vrij pre upgrade
  11. Sorry mate I couldnt help myself 😆
  12. also got him at 340k uncontested in my GW, v happy!
  13. Is this guy in the database yet? If so then I cannot find him for the life of me haha
  14. Was going to reply this but you beat me to it, it was me you mentioned it to the other day 😆
  15. Been offered Kante + 15m for my Goretzka, thoughts? Currently play Goretzka CAM but can but Bruno there, worried Kante will go down though?? Edit: this would add a +2 to my starting XI
  16. I think he'll get a +1 to 92 as he's played well for city this season, worth hanging on to for now imo
  17. I've got Kulusevski thankfully, now just searching to see which Atalanta players I want to buy 😆
  18. Reading everyones posts, is Bastoni the must buy for the Serie A upgrades then? My thought is yes
  19. (Un)Patiently waiting for SM to add him to the database as he's gonna be a hot one for a lot of people
  20. Will also chime in and say Zaniolo and Auoar
  21. Swap Nkunku (obviously been upgraded today) for Valverde?? Guess my question is who do you think is better and has higher potential
  22. Bit of a rogue one because of his age but do any of you guys think that Vardy would be in for a +1. Currently EPL top scorer, ahead of Aguero Salah Kane Auba who are all 94/95 (I appreciate some of these have had injuries). For the past couple of years he's always been up there in the goals and only a 92 (and only went up in january), so I think it's worth the thought...
  23. I'd defo keep felix if it were me
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