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  1. I cant comment directly as I haven't watched Inter play but he's playing in a CB trio (Bastoni and De Vrij) in a team who are top of the league, so he must be doing something right
  2. Difficult one as Romagnoli may get a 92 end of the season, but someone said here a few days ago he needs to work on himself a bit before he becomes a great CB. You're getting two 91's and cash for one 91. Looking at it like that its worth it as Orban can play CB; only thing you'd probably regret was if Romagnoli got a +1 in a few months time.. Don't think storming out of training will help him get picked, will probably just show poch he has an attitude problem 🤷‍♂️ Musiala (only just) and Lacroix for me. Musiala at bayern and the coaching staff really rate him so that must be a g
  3. You're making good points and i wish i had answers for you haha! My basis was going off Juve being the bigger team, but if you look at the bigger picture, to think that Aaron Hickey was wanted by Bayern means that there is clearly something special about the fella. If I'm honest I'd only heard of Frabotta recently so I'm not best to judge him, although I'm interested to see what others have to say Theo for me personally but depends on your teams needs, Marcelo old and on the decline, theo established as 1st choice LB at AC milan who are doing v well
  4. Just wanted to say I appreciate these (and im sure others do too) and always take a look when you update, thought i'd take the time to comment instead of just giving a reaction like usual. Thank you very much mate!
  5. (i) I feel like its too early to tell but Leonardo scored over 100 goals at youth level and has senior appearances for Santos I believe so I'd keep him and sell Renyer. They're both very cheap so you could keep for a year or two and see how they develop?? (ii) Hickey was wanted by Bayern but went to Bologna, Frabotta plays for Juve and has *some* gametime this year. I'm only saying this as Juve are much higher up in the table so Frabotta will probably get a more favourable rating increase. So I guess if I had to I'd sell Renyer and Hickey.
  6. Thoughts on this Ansgar Knauff dude that SM keep tweeting about?
  7. Been waiting for a Henderson +1 forever but with his injury I'm now doubting it'll ever happen. Think I'm going to sell Hendo and purchase Barella who's doing well in a solid Inter side, fully expect him to get a +1 end of the season review. Is anyone else thinking the same?? Also with AC Milan no longer top I'm worrying whether Romagnoli will get a +1. 91/92 rated CB's are scarce in my league and I was hoping this would be my chance to get a nice 91 rated into 92 end of the season review I don't watch much Serie A sadly, @Milanista1 do you have any advice?
  8. Searched him as I'd never heard of him and turns out I already bought him in 2019 🤣 The problem with having such a big youth setup is that you forget about some!! Mbappe for me, like Kieren said Mbappe Fati and Haaland up top is going to be great for the next 10 years. Otherwise I'd look at A.Davies, Felix, Rodri, Lauturo Martinez...tbf anyone in that list is worth picking up
  9. Upamecano wanted by just about every team i think which is good for him, I think Felix can get 92 if Atleti win the league and he carries on his form, Foden 90 by the end of the season if he carries on, Davies will get a 92 i imagine. We need to see if havertz starts to perform under Tuchel and Ferran torres is a v good player too. All V good options, I'd take any of them to be fair - Probably edge felix, or davies if you want to be set for life for a LB...
  10. You have to wonder what it takes for Henderson to get a 93 😵
  11. Just don't understand how Firmino and Auba warrant a 94 but Vardy is stuck at a 92, nonsensical if you ask me, is there an email address i can send a strongly worded letter to, so that Vardy gets a fair look in? 😁 JUST BECAUSE VARDY IS OLD DOESN'T MEAN HE LOSES ALL ABILITY TO SCORE A GOAL SM
  12. My outside predictions are Rodri 93 and Bruno 94 and a very outside one being Robbo 94 😝 Would help me massively so I'm manifesting it so that SM do it!!
  13. I'd say Niguez only because he hasn't gotten as many minutes this season as Fabinho...Atleti are top of La Liga though...I really wouldn't sell any if i didnt have to. Bruno will reach 94, Fabinho might reach 94 one day and Saul may do too, is there anyone else you can sell I fully agree Vardy should get a +1, been saying this for the past year haha
  14. Very happy Auba didn't drop for the sake of my SM team. However, I really do hope he's doing alright and getting the support he needs given he's having time off for personal reasons...this pandemic has been difficult for almost everyone, and I think a lot of people forget footballers are human too. Saka to 88 is a nice upgrade - he's been a shining star for arsenal and looking good for England.
  15. Guessing Saka upgrade and Auba downgrade is tomorrow (pls SM don't downgrade Auba until the summer I beg you)
  16. Nice list of young players there, I always forget that Donnarumma is so young, feel like i've been watching him all my life
  17. I am the same hahaha I wanted him to stay for my match I thought couts would drop, guessing Silva will be safe too.. Are you looking for a mix of youth and established? Just wondering because if you're thinking of gundogan you'll only have 18.5m for 3 CB's haha. You've also asked at a bad time when most of the reviews have happened! Luke Shaw will most likely get a +1 from 89 to 90. Eric Garcia will probs get a +1 to 86 at city. Kurt Zouma might well get a +1 (mainly looking at young risers for you here). Eric Dier should also get a +1 who can play RB CB and DM. This
  18. Read the Marcos Llorente chat on here today, I think +1 now and then +1 in summer, thoughts? Looking to buy him tonight to then sell for some profit after the next review!
  19. Argh thought that would be the case, looks like I'm not getting Smith-Rowe anytime soon then 😠
  20. Is there a way to put a bid in for a player that's loaned out? It's an unmanaged team so can the person be force recalled in any way? Someone left my GW and has loaned out players so can't ask for them to recall either haha...
  21. Haven't got anyone in particular in mind right now BUT the La Liga reviews are happening now Prem ones are happening in the next week or so, so check Rahuls predictions on the first page and see if anyone is increasing that is 300k or less
  22. I have a question, does higher morale make the players play better? Will a player with 100% morale play much better than one with 79%?
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