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  1. Saw that a fair few youngsters had been added today and was about to ask if any were worth picking up, already beat me to it thanks Kieran 😉 Happy birthday btw!
  2. Has to be Sancho for me at the moment Doesn't look like it sadly I thought they might get one this review I would usually say Laporte but with Stones and Dias playing well together he's been kept out the team so i'd personally pick Hernandez...Either of them would be a good investment, Laporte is higher rated in SM obviously though Still think he's worth a pickup if you're in a competitive GW as he's had a great season and on lots of teams' radars
  3. Strikers are V hard to come by in my league, I've got Aguero, would you sell and buy Immobile before Aguero goes down again?
  4. If he doesn't get an 89 then I will email and tweet SM until they change his rating 😆
  5. Bellingham voted best newcomer into the Bundesliga this year! Great accomplishment for the 17 year old and hopefully secure him an 89 rating
  6. De Vrij for me only because Giminez is fairly injury prone IRL
  7. Nice little +2 for Daka today, well deserved, and feel like he'll get another +1/+2 end of the season
  8. I'd say a +2 personally, scoring in the league and CL, city on course to win a quadruple and he's playing very very well. Only thing that may hinder him to only get a +1 is the minutes he's playing.
  9. Any chance of De Vrij or Skriniar to reach 93 next review do you think? I have Sule but I don't think he'll reach 92 sadly. I am able to get Skriniar for max cash in a competitive GW (no CB's above 90 available or any young ones) Also, Axel Disasi keep or sell? I think sell but if you think keep him
  10. I'd take number 1 personally, I rate them more over number 2 but I think it'll come down to preference
  11. I would take Neres and Tielemens 100%
  12. That was my thought too, don't want to part with him but I need a striker and Latauro looks much closer to a 93 than Havertz does to a 92 imo
  13. I'd take Lukaku, will probably get a +1 this next review
  14. Would you give Havertz or Joao Felix + cash for Latauro Martinez?? Currently offered Nkunku + 39m and wating for a response. I'm trying to tempt someone to part with Martinez and max cash (63m) isn't enough it seems
  15. Just want to chime in saying although I don't comment everyday I always read this thread and your SWIKI report. Thank you very much for doing it, it's still of interest to me definitely and I appreciate it a lot mate.
  16. Brozovic 100% Played nearly every game and 90 mins for inter who are top of the league, whereas Pjanic is either on the bench or plays a few minutes here and there for Barca. Also Brozovic is a bit younger.
  17. Currently have 190 players in my squad and managers are moaning that I'm taking up too many loan spots 😆 so I'm looking to sell a few. I've found some I think I should sell, just want to see if you guys would keep any of these: Cunha, Panzo, Diakite, A.Pelmard, Thierry Correia, Bakker (once end of season upgrade), J.Chotard ,R.Camacho, Rhys Williams, Paolo Fernandes, Abel Ruiz, G.Biancone, S.Diomande, O.Boussaid, L.Sibley, Jandro Orellana, Nicolas Kuhn, Pablo Moreno Cheers Edit: Money isn't much of an issue its more of me trying to be fair with the other players in the league
  18. IF wages aren't an issue I'd keep Felix no question. Defo a 92+ rated player in the future with his ability, 94+ if he can keep up good form at atleti
  19. Personally I'd keep Muller for now as there's no chance he's decreasing in rating because he's smashing it with Bayern and I don't think theres any chance for Oyarzabal to go up +1 again as he went up in January. Fofana for me
  20. I'd rank Wirtz first, feel like he is a must buy if you can in your GW Personally I'd then go Gravenberch, Ihatarren and then Cherki based on mins played this year, but they're all very good talents and very young!
  21. I knew I saw this post some pages back but couldn't remember who wrote it or where it was!!! Thank you very much
  22. I need some tactic advice...Final game of the season I need at minimum a draw to win the league for the first time. My opponent has a better team than me (Neymar, Kane, Sane, Kroos, Benzema, Ramos, Koulibaly, Neuer, Mendy, Ginter, Mane) and plays a 4231B and I know that he is going ultra attacking, fast tempo and pressing all over the pitch as he needs to score goals against me to get top 4. I beat him earlier in the season but I have my top goalscorer Aguero out and Bonucci my main CB - Instead I'm playing Sancho and Klostermann. What tactics have you guys found to be successful to counter ultra attacking? I have Auba (RW) Hazard (ST), bruno (CAM), sancho (LW) up top with goretzka and rodri behind so I'm very capable of scoring goals myself...
  23. He scored a very nice goal for Barca at the weekend, I'd keep for the time being if you can
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