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  1. Nice list of young players there, I always forget that Donnarumma is so young, feel like i've been watching him all my life
  2. I am the same hahaha I wanted him to stay for my match I thought couts would drop, guessing Silva will be safe too.. Are you looking for a mix of youth and established? Just wondering because if you're thinking of gundogan you'll only have 18.5m for 3 CB's haha. You've also asked at a bad time when most of the reviews have happened! Luke Shaw will most likely get a +1 from 89 to 90. Eric Garcia will probs get a +1 to 86 at city. Kurt Zouma might well get a +1 (mainly looking at young risers for you here). Eric Dier should also get a +1 who can play RB CB and DM. This
  3. Read the Marcos Llorente chat on here today, I think +1 now and then +1 in summer, thoughts? Looking to buy him tonight to then sell for some profit after the next review!
  4. Argh thought that would be the case, looks like I'm not getting Smith-Rowe anytime soon then 😠
  5. Is there a way to put a bid in for a player that's loaned out? It's an unmanaged team so can the person be force recalled in any way? Someone left my GW and has loaned out players so can't ask for them to recall either haha...
  6. Haven't got anyone in particular in mind right now BUT the La Liga reviews are happening now Prem ones are happening in the next week or so, so check Rahuls predictions on the first page and see if anyone is increasing that is 300k or less
  7. I have a question, does higher morale make the players play better? Will a player with 100% morale play much better than one with 79%?
  8. Didn't see Hazard in the change list, does that mean that he won't be reviewed? hoping he somehow avoids a -1 until the end of the season... Unless theres more edits tomorrow ofc
  9. I mean they're all very good young defenders, but none of them are a 95 rated CB, still think that you should keep Ramos. None of the defenders you've listed will be anyhwere near 94/95 for another 3/4/5 years if ever. Fernandinho for Hojbjerg I'd do as he'll get a +1 this review i reckon.
  10. Personally I wouldn't get rid of a 95 rated CB at any point in my SM career as someone will pick him up straight away i imagine and then you'll be losing out I don't think he'll go down this review/this year either as he's still RM captain and playing most/all games. He's only worth 11m anyway so you're not going to lose out on much money if he were to go down to a 94, and you'd still have one of the best CB's in the game!
  11. Thats a lot of 90+ defenders you've got there haha I'd keep Skriniar and Sandro due to rating, Romagnoli and Sule as I think they'll both get 92 in the summer if they keep playing well, Klostermann for his D(RLC) versatility. For cash and concerns I'd probably sell Grimaldo and Bellerin and if you had to sell another one i'd go Milenkovic/Ginter (i'd edge keeping ginter because he has a +1 and can play DM(C)).
  12. Nice youth setup you have here which makes it very difficult. I'm not the best to ask as I absolutely hoard youth players but I'll have a go. I think most people will agree that a lot of them are must keeps - camavinga, kuluevski, badisashile tonali etc. Tomisayu just increased so you could get ~8m from the computer for him and you still have Kabak, Badiashile, Zagadou, Konate who can cover. I would be tempted to sell Martinelli as he's been injured and hasn't played much this year and you have David, Kulu and Cunha who can play same position (although I'd buy him back when you have
  13. Bruno Fernandes the first footballer to be named PL player of the month 4 times in a calendar year - Surely a 94 rating!!!!! PLEASE I need a 94 rated CAM SM
  14. Nice to see Bastoni +2 to 90 - paves the way nicely for a 91 in the summer. Sad to see Bonucci go down, reckon that's due to his age though??
  15. Anyone else have a laugh this morning when they checked the player database to find that there's actually a team in Egypt called Pyramids FC 🤣🤣
  16. Would be very happy with all of these 😆
  17. Thank you wise kings, I went for Theo so I'm glad you have all agreed with me, surprised no one else tried to outbid me!
  18. Seemingly age old question for me, Theo Hernandez or Romagnoli? Theo will get a +1 in review to 91 but Romagnoli can play LB and CB
  19. I wouldn't give Wirtz away he's a right little talent - hence the 85 rating at 17 years old and +15 in 6 months! Lamptey looks decent too (will get a little upgrade in the prem review imo) but I would trade him for a better LB if its something you're desperate for. Kolarov does a job for you at the moment but he's an old relic (swear he's about 175) and I've never rated Wendell but he's a decent cup LB. If you really want Sandro do you have any other players you'd willingly trade? Or are you able to raise the 23m for him? If you sell Lamptey and Kolarov you're not far off the 23m mark
  20. I do agree and feel like it is his age holding him back, just my thinking that Auba, Aguero (although both will decrease) Firmino are all 94+ and score fewer goals than Vardy but are in bigger teams so get a better rating 😠 I only care so much because I have Vardy as my cup striker haha. So, I have Militao, do you reckon he'll get a chance at Madrid or do I offload and buy Theo Hernandez who's likely to rise? I've kept hold of Militao for 2 years so making good profit but was hoping he'd be starting more Madrid games by now...I don't particularly need to sell him as he fits in my cup squa
  21. I've been kicking up a fuss saying he deserves a +1 for ages, consistent goalscorer and a key player for Leicester, I reckon it's his time this review round.
  22. I would absolutely LOVE it if both rodri and bruno got +1s to 93. Would benefit my team massively (although i dont think rodri will get a +1 yet).
  23. Personally I'm a sucker for Havertz so I'd keep him (and I do think he will improve next season at Chelsea once he's settled), but they're giving you a v decent offer. I think Tielemens will get a +1 to 91 by the end of the season playing in a decent Leicester side and Aouar is another cracking young player who will get 91 sooner or later. Overall I think both sides of the deal are decent, if you want a bit more depth go for the duo, but I feel havertz has a higher rating ceiling and will be rated higher than both of those players in a couple of seasons.
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