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  1. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    I'm beginning to think you are a joke/troll account.

    No one could be consistently as crass' date='naive as you claim to be.

    All you is regurgitate transfer gossip from whatever source you have to hand,and claim it as the truth.

    Grade one idiot.[/quote']

    You should have realised this a long long time ago. :o

  2. Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers *

    I don't think it's just confidence I genuinely believe after his injury he's dropped in ability (in terms of long term ability) pre injury Cleverly was capable of becoming a regular at United.

    That being said I think he's found his level at Villa and is with a manager who he wants to play for' date=' I hope he can keep this up at Villa.

    Completely agree RE: moving to Everton, I think it would present similar problems to his time at United, he's found a club where he can start most games, a manager who believes in him and I believe fans who are not going to abuse him for not being good enough every time he makes a mistake (which I did) so why risk losing all that for a move to a top 10 club.[/quote']

    We will be a top 10 team next year, if we keep Benteke.

  3. Re: Official FA Cup Thread

    I was at the game in the Holte, in the upper end though but wouldnt have invaded if we did.

    The invasion before FT was moronic but once can safely presume the initial offenders thought the game was finished and the rest followed. Idiots though as it is a little embarrassing

    In regards to the incident over all, the BBC have exaggeratted the reporting of it. Calling it a throw back to the 80's is crazy 99% were running around jumping and hugging each other and singing whilst facing the Holte end.

    A group ran toward the albion fans and sang towards them, this was potentially an issue which caused further violence. Which included albion fans throwing seats and woman and children below them with several hospital admissions and one man have his head glued back together after one of the chairs hit him. This is disgusting behaviour and i feel a little peeved this hasnt been widely reported.

    The whole incident was rather embarrassing but it was people overwhelmed with joy in beating our rivals two games in a row after seasons with no hope or desire. It was not a hooligan or violenced based invasion pitch.

    What the hell the FA and BBC were thinking putting a derby game on at 5.30??? Both sets of fans drinking all day, youre giving idiots the opportunity to drink themselves into oblivion before the game. Nout wrong with getting tanked up before the game but only when your not a cretin of a human or have self control.

    This whole incident will sadly overshadow the game which we undoubtedly deserved to win after a very poor first half.

  4. Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers *

    There is however still the sale of the club hanging over us. However staying up will help that too.

    The bottom line is we simply have to stay up by hook or by crook.

    I understand but Fox did say lerner isnt a motivated seller, so Im not banking on him going any time soon.

    With the increase in TV revenue and the sorry state we are in I suspect we will spend... a little.

    By the way, we are all over these in the lats 10 minutes. So refreshing to see players run at defenders

  5. Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers *

    I think it absolutely has too. Villa on paper look no better than at least 10 championship sides which is a major worry for next season if you go down.

    Just glad we are losing Cleverley on a free transfer in the summer as we couldn't mug you lot off giving us 7m for him in Jan:p

    I think our squad is poor but is capable of far far more than what we are currently playing.

    I doubt cleverly will be offered a contract. I would cry in fairness. I was happy to give him a shot but he has played virtually every game and been woeful.

  6. Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers *

    If you believe the majority of these were on £35' date='000 a week when they signed for their clubs, then your misinformed.

    In 12/13, the likes of Clyne would have been on similar money to Bennett. They both came from similar sized clubs in the Championship to clubs in the Premier League for similar fees.

    I'd be surprised if any of the likes of Adrian, Amat, Kelly, Davis, Butland, Redmond & Robertson were on close to £15,000 a week.

    Again, I've never said you should be signing all of these players, or even any more than one or two. I just used the players in question to illustrate the point that you can buy Premier League quality players for £2-3 million. Even if you were to sign say three players on that list, that is significantly better than what Lambert did in terms of transfers with him only making a handful of good signings in six transfers windows.

    Don't you think you couldn't do substantially better with the money you spent on players for roughly £2 million, that all were no where near good enough for this level.[/quote']

    Hence why i said 75% of them, and i dont believe all of them are on 35k I just feel as a collective they would cost more. By the way, by no means am i defending Lamberts record, he was held back to an extent I am just saying its very easy and not realistic to produce a long list of players you did the.

    I think alot of the players we bought will be on lower wages than the vast majority of the prem. All guess work though.

    Nope I dont think we did good enough, the remit was to bring in cheaper young players who would grow in talent and ultimately offer far more in monetary return when we sell them. I think thats why alot of those guys on that list were also over looked, because of their sell on value. We failed quite miserably on that account though, bar Okore & Benteke.

    By the way, Carlos Gil looks Excellent.

  7. Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers *

    There's a few in there that would possibly be on excessive wages (Holtby' date=' Dawson, Lescott, Mo Diame this season), but 75% of them? No chance. Your going to be paying similar sorts of wages on the players you've bought instead, and whilst several of them now might be on excessive wages they wouldn't have been on those wages at the time of their signing.

    As for FM or SM, I'm not sure what your talking about. This is a list of players to prove that you can get Premier League quality players in for £2-3 million or less, obviously realistically you can't sign many of them but this is just to prove a point.[/quote']

    No Jack, the vast majority of the players bought in by Lambert have been on very small wages. We could afford one or two of them no doubt, but theres been as mentioned a high turn over of players with a unwivering focus on wage reduction. We simply wouldnt and didnt sign a load of players on 35+ k wages.

    Individually we could afford a few of them, but as a collective we couldnt afford them. If you believe the 75% of those guys are on similar wages to Sylla, Westwood, Tonev, Bennet, Lowton, Bowery, Luna, Okore, helenius and the rest you are very, very misinformed.

  8. Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers *

    What is the wage structure like at Villa then these days?

    I think our highest earner is Crouch' date=' believe it or not, on £40,000. Our signings listed by Jack won't be on any more than that.[/quote']

    It was a free for all initially, Beye was even on 40k a week :eek:

    I think our two top earners are Benteke and Delph, both around 50k which is fine. I dont think we would be offering more than 35-40k to anyone else and i mean good buys here, the ,majority of our signings have been much lower than that

    I would have presumed Arnautovic & Bojan would be on a decent whack to be honest!

  9. Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers *

    You clearly can' date=' and you have to bare in mind that sort of money was a lot more valuable in his first season when he was spending it on the likes of Bennett & Sylla.


    Robert Snodgrass

    Nathanial Clyne

    Maya Yoshida

    Steven Davis


    Mo Diame

    John Stones

    Yoan Gouffran

    Lewis Holtby

    Jack Butland


    Ahmed Elmohamady

    Peter Odemwingie

    Jordi Amat

    Arouna Kone

    Curtis Davies

    Nathan Redmond

    Marko Arnautovic


    Joe Ledley

    Jason Puncheon


    Martin Kelly

    Mo Diame

    Michael Dawson

    Andrew Robertson

    Ayoze Perez

    Phil Bardsley

    Steve Sidwell


    Lukasz Fabianski

    Jack Cork

    Joleon Lescott

    Aaron Cresswell

    Diafra Sakho[/quote']

    Mate you can rule 75% of them out due to wages and they would have more than likely chosen there current club anyway. We were linked heavily with several of them too.

    That list is so ridiculous

    This isnt FM or SM.

  10. Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers *

    First off, Delighted Lambert has been sacked (Sorry for the over enthusiastic post the other night Stu, cheers for editing ;))

    I wanted Lambert when we appointed him, I was actually delighted with the appointment. I respect what he was trying to do, I respect him for trying and working under some restraints but the last 12 months has been woeful and I only wish he left or the board acted sooner.

    Its just not to be, him being here was poisionous for ourselves and his own career. There is a good manager in there, you dont do all the things he did then turn into a poor manager. He looked beaten and so did we.

    Sherwood isnt my first choice, i find him arrogant and lacking in managerial experience. A big gamble. Non the less i think he is a motivator, will kick a few peoples rear ends and by god they need it. Lambert was clueless toward the end but the players have been nothing short of shambolic and truly embarassing.

    Funny thing is many Villa fans thought getting Lambert was fantastic' date='I agreed,but I think there are other problems at Villa.You need to spend some money to survive in the league.[/quote']

    Loads of problems, Randy Lerner making more than a few very naive football and business decisions coupled with an extreme purge of finances.

    They have spent money' date=' not loads but a sufficient amount to be better off than they are now....

    People in the media etc who say they have not had anything is incorrect.

    Plus no matter what amount of money has been spent nothing can excuse the dire football on display.[/quote']

    Weve spent money, but on a high number of players rather than adding quality to the squad. Weve lost so much quality in the last 5 years and lost millions on players who we bought in but then left for free or a tiny fee.

    Youre telling me chap, my eyes bleed every time i watched us.

    You are a massive club' date=' without a doubt but I'm not so sure the Premier League would be worse off if you were to leave.

    I'd much rather see a side like Bournemouth in this division then yourselves, it'd be more entertaining. The Premier League is incredibly dull and Aston Villa are a part of that problem.[/quote']

    RE Transfers, We've been heavily restricted on wages and Lambert was almost forced to take this unearthing gems from abroad approach without having enough cash to spend 5-6 million on a player so the gambles were always going to be huge.

    We spent money with a high volume of player turn over. Our fee per players must be pretty woeful. Our squad reflects the level of investment (not catering for more than a few poor calls of judgement from lambert).

    Kozak by the way isnt always injured, he has had one, 1 year long injury.

    EDIT: I cant see things changing to much unless Randy Lerner sells up or decides to restrict the purse string in terms of wage budget and transfer kitty.

    Also looking forward to Tom fox and our new Commercial officer driving revenue up which Faulkner and Lerner havent excelled (TV deals aside)

  11. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread

    I never said that' date='but at least I am not a smartass.You know...

    That's why I pretty much stayed away from the forum and all the debates actually ;)[/quote']

    I was merely pointing out how enjoyable I find your thorough and well balanced posts.

    Please, do share some of your thoughts on as many threads as possible.

  12. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread

    Stu' date='honestly,is there any way to add you on ignore list?Most of your posts are so pointless right now.I know that you are a smart lad,but you've turned into a smartass and a terrible poster at this moment.I'd rather speak to Elohim(no offence) than speaking to you right now,lol.[/quote']

    Whilst you remain an excellent poster capable of making points with no bias at all.

  13. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread

    Well heres a familiar face whos been MIA. How you doing? I heard Liverpool were linked with a double swoop for him and Delph but other than that' date=' havent seen anything of note.[/quote']

    Its been a while however i now have a commute which fills the void left by sm forum.

    I doubt benteke will leave january, almost certain unless a crazy bid comes in. Delph i hope, will leaveend if the season. We need all we have to survive this year. Desperately need to sell the club, whatever anyone thinks about lamberts time here he needs to move on when we get a new owner.

    Desperate football im just hoping gil injects a bit of positivity. Nobody runs at players now, its hideous to watch.

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