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  1. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread What a terrible performance by us last night. Only got back in it once Weimann, Gabby and Delph came back on. We gifted albion there two goals, horrendous defending (not taking away from Longs touch but one big boot over the top should leave your CB and a CF one on one) BUT they Sessegnon had two golden chances after that.
  2. Re: The Official Tottenham Hotspur Thread I reckon this post will follow suit.
  3. Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * I really hope Delph and Gabby are passed fit for monday, both doubts. We miss delph. Cannot wait for the boggies game.
  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I was warming to Johnson but the bit iv seen of him recently puts me off him completely. How poor was he for England against Chile , one game doesnt make or break a player I just think he lacks the class to be a top player.
  5. Re: Official England Thread Smallings fault IMO. Replay shows him shouting for it.
  6. Re: Official England Thread Meh. For a so called super power team, Germany dont look all that. Disappointed we conceded a goal that poor. How the hell is cleverly an England starter is beyond me. Reallllly hope we grab a goal early on.
  7. Re: Official England Thread He has a point mate hahaha
  8. Re: Official England Thread Jay Rodriguez will forever be remembered for being a diving tossa.... by villa fans anyway.
  9. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread I think it quite clearly demonstrates something being rammed down a throat, which I suppose is quite fetching today considering what was said before the game, making them gag so to speak.
  10. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Hilarious. Absolutely brilliant, I'm in stitches. You big joker.
  11. Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * Thank god our goalless and win-less run is now over. Started fairly well but then the game fizzled out into quite a boring affair. Only livened up once Bacuna scored that absolute worldy. What a great free kick that was. I think Kozak is also much much better when he plays beside someone when up top, I dont think he is suited for a lone striker. He played quite well yesterday when he came on. I think weve really missed Delph in the last two games, he has been so unbelievably good for us and is beginning to live up to what was hoped of him prior to us signing him. Next up is a trip to the boggies, would love a win against those so much more than usual. They are starting to pipe up a little to much for my liking, got loads of baggie mates to so it would be easy ammo for me if we pick the win up. Sit back and enjoy
  12. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Taking form into consideration too, who would people prefer out of Aguero + Negredo / Suarez + Sturridge / RVP + Rooney?
  13. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I should of perhaps mentioned that my opinion was based on the numerous Liverpool fans I know personally. Of course I would never suggest a whole set of fans are all x, y or z. Every team has great / bad fans. I think its probably because of how successful you were and how big a club you are combined with recent seasons performances that bring up more numpty views than usual. Monkeyshuffl wind your neck in. My opinion is subjective and founded on my experiences. I couldnt really give a damn what some gimp on a forum thinks I am
  14. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I would disagree. Infact if there is one set of fans who generally speaking, as a collective come across as the most delusional or lacking the ability to understand rational logic, its Liverpool fans. Not aimed towards you pair. Im talking collectively.
  15. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread That happened a while ago. No idea why its only come out now. Still, what a mug
  16. Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * I know we have had some tough teams but we need to stop the rot now and get at least a draw. Although West Hams usually very very strong home form is quite there this season we could be turned over here. I hope they come at us and Tekkers does the business.
  17. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Why bring the FA cup into it? Whose arguing about prestige? End of the day the league cup is an official tournament where all teams are entered, its a legitimate cup that has been undermined mainly through the fans of two or three clubs and their managers actions. Its some what like a snow ball effect. Weird, as those are the exact fans ( generally speaking ) who celebrate it when they win it, but undermine it when another club wins it. No its not as prestigious as the FA cup, but that isnt as prestigious as the Premiere League, but the prem isnt as prestigious as the Champs League. End of the day, its a tournament and its pathetic that people reduce its value. Who cares if other countries dont have two?
  18. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Its a proper tournament. Arsenals fans probably told themselves its not because a) You lost in the final against a terrible team You try and diminish any team whose won it and claims they have won more than you. Legitimate trophy.
  19. Re: What tv series are you into? Have any of you guys watched Entourage, never been so involved with a show ever. Amazing show.
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