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  1. Re: Formula 1 Thread I love how certain strategies employed by the teams can have a massive impact upon the result. Most races recently have been smashed by Vettel so the race for the actual win isnt that impressive, far more concerned with other mini battles throughout the grid. Its a combination of Strategy, the race car and the race driver. Unfortunately, due to the limitations of other cars in comparison to the Red Bull it can be a little boring in terms of race winners. Far from being one of the better seasons though ..... sadly.
  2. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Im pretty happy with Sunderlands selction of a new gaffa. Cant really see him pulling them out of the shtter.
  3. Re: English Championship 1 Officially left the game since letting my account run out with Arsenal. Had loads on over September and in truth I completely forgot. Shame, always enjoyed the setup and the game but im done with it now. Who got Arsenal?
  4. Re: Official Red Devils Thread I know you lot talk about losing Pogba, but Morrison has his head switched on by all accounts (coming from Birmingham reports last season and West Ham this season). Blistering form pre-season which has continued (goals aside) into the league campaign. He is going to be a cracking little player. Great bit of business by WHU.
  5. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Says a bitter scotsman. Wilshere has bags of ability (not discussing his SM rating here)
  6. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Ref has done fine, or is a joke. Someone is lying.....
  7. Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * Horrendous haha. VillaTalk is the one where the predominant amount of villa fans go to discuss things.
  8. Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * Yesterday was a stinker of a game but its games like those last season where we lost because we didnt keep a clean sheet. 2 in 3 games, bloody hell! Thought we created more openings and opportunities to score than them, but they could of had two brilliant goal scoring opportunities if it wasnt for great defending by Bacuna and Vlaar. Disappointed with the result, but a point on the road is one gained I suppose. Two very difficult games coming up against Everton and Tottenham now. Would be over the moon if we manage to somehow get two points from those games. Benteke will be back, aslong as he doesnt injure himself on international duty and Gabby and the others will be fully fit. We have already played Arsenal, Liverpool, City and Chelsea and have Spurs and Everton in the next two games. Thats alot of good teams out of the way nice and early and aslong as we dont get tonked in the next two it will be a reasonable start. Cant believe im saying this but so far Clarke has looked alright this season. Delph once again played brilliantly, such an important player for us and is on his way to more than justifying the price tag we paid. Still young and has plenty of drive to improve. Kozak looked a little slow, not sure he has found out his exact role in the team yet but some promising moments. Anyone else think Weimann hasnt hit the ground running this season? Not been bad, just not as good as I know he could be.
  9. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Nicely done pal.
  10. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Stifler you had him as a sub right?
  11. Re: The Official Tottenham Hotspur Thread Okay, terrible is some what over exaggerating. Not a top ten player, wouldnt want him at Villa. Would dread for him to play for England.
  12. Re: The Official Tottenham Hotspur Thread Because he is terrible.
  13. Re: The Official Tottenham Hotspur Thread I thought they did that rugger
  14. Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * Imagine if we grab 3 points against Hull next week too, would be a brilliant start even with that disappointing loss / performance to Newcastle. Also had the hull v west ham on yesterday. They look so poor, dont care how many points they have or if they won. They got a phantom pentalty, should of had one against them and did nothing in open play. Im backing us for the win.
  15. Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * I LOVE being a villa fan
  16. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread Guzan doesnt.
  17. Re: The Official Tottenham Hotspur Thread They wre penalties
  18. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread McCleish was at their game...please get him please :p
  19. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Ashley Cole was the best LB in world football for a long long time. As good as Baines is now, he wasnt good enough to displace Cole who is better defensively in my opinion. Better than Cole now, but not previously.
  20. Re: Official Red Devils Thread 4 in 51 mins. Fair play, shame it's for small Heath alliance
  21. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Gary Neville was always the footballer i looked up to actually. Not my favourite or anything, just how he played and him as a professional. Would rather that than be like Carragher, turning his back on his country.
  22. Magic J

    The Politics Thread

    Re: The Politics Thread Regardless of odds Dave, the issue lies with the fact these deaths, may well of been prevented. We dont know how many lives stricter gun laws would save, but government and people should strive do everything that is possible ( and in this case its relatively easy ) to try and save lives, or prevent deaths.
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