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    another neller

  2. gallas was offered the number 3 shirt he then refused and asked for number 10, bergkamps previous number, as for the others i dont know, buts it more than likely that the defensive numbers were tkaen and the only startin 11 numbers avaiable were these and they wanted them
  3. Neller im not going to lie, i myslef have taken advantage of the unmanaged teams accepting bids for star players for part ex with shoddy ones, but SM only accpet the deals if the players are worth enough money, and the higher the value of the player the better they will be, but i do agree that there should be some limitation when offerin unmanaged clubs players. other than that i think that ur ideas are good, because everyone sometimes need a pleyer when things r lookin bad, even if its just a replacement. and free list can be to expensive, and it will also help little clubs if like iu said we would not have to pay ful value
  4. well if there was a problem , im sure sm admin would of posted a thread talkin about it, maybe the deals will just be acepted and possibly completed on one of the transfer days
  5. Magic J

    Dan's Custom Setup

    My account is the special one but for the ppl in dans setup, please call me adam johnson
  6. its just that i need to tlk to some one' date=' u see [b']my lonlyness is killin me.... and i .. i must admit[/b]
  7. did some one say keller = 95, iv just wet my self,americans, are over rated with a few that i agree are underated by one or two points, but sayin that keller , a premiership reject is as good as casilas is stupid. america at world cup play solid boring football with no flair or skill they use good tactics and are hard to break down, and yes mcbride did get voted plyer of year at fulham , but i could with fulhams performance last year.
  8. yup , i should of chose a better line with a less obvious answer lol EDIT: sorry about spamming
  9. im not in that setup but 5 mil n tores for henry is so so so so scandalous ! from what r n b song was that line taken from ??
  10. Iv only just validated my account so i dont know if this has been discussed before but due to lennons impressive season last year, his reasonably bright world cup, will Lennons rating improve. I believe he should be moved up to, at mosr 91 for now, depending how the beging - middle of the season pans out for him, depending on form etc etc. what do you guys think, pleas be gentle if u disagree with me
  11. Magic J

    Dan's Custom Setup

    hi my name is adam johnson, but the account im using is the special one (59).
  12. lol true but the headliners are of 302, its the link to all new footy like
  13. iv got my first friendly next friday, my custom league barca vs a milan. bobo if u tell me a team to invite i will
  14. how long has real madrid played at the nou camp
  15. FRAUD im sure i found your source, its page 302 on teletext, all ur stories are there lol
  16. Fraser i have to say u make a very very good point there and it has swayed my opinion a little. but i undersyand the other side of the argument, but iv been thining and in an ideal world the chairman would get everythin right but its not goin to happen, SM do the best they can but the other 2 options proposed i believe are great ideas
  17. 001 i would like to to join my custom setup, its calledelte championships 1. u seem like a good bloke n sm user iv been looking at the forums for ages but never activated my account lol.
  18. iv created a custom setup called elite championships 1. imm barcalona and my firt signin was gerrard for 20 million + messi + oleguar. my chairman thought tht was fine, no iv tried many a deal for simao, 5 million + bellti + saviola, it got cancelled. Then i just offered the players, the bid was accepted but the bloomin chairman cancelled it, now can u tell me what ws wrong with that bid. absoloutly nothin. and any deal itry to swap deco he cancels it, deco is surplus to requirments for me and its very frustrating. i think there should be a chairman but relax the rules. possibly, in custom setups have no chairman ( or as some one else said have a on/off option ) but all that sm have got to do is monitior the setups. i know its hard but it would improve the league because bids that chairman see as acceptbale managers dont and visa versa
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