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  1. Which of these strikers do you think have the best chance of rising in the next 2 reviews? A)Raul Jimenez B)Kevin Volland C)Gerard Moreno D) Viktor Tsygankov or any other alternatives in the same price bracket who have a better chance of rising? Thanks!
  2. Do You expect Jimenez to get 90 In winter review or next summer?
  3. What do you think about these 2 young strikers, Jan Fiete Arp and Pietro Pellegri, if you were to choose one who would it be?
  4. Ferran Torres to rise? If so by how much?
  5. I think I should stay actually, I think I rather meant I will leave that Gameworld after 3 years haha, I hope I don't leave because I totally love this game and talking to you guys
  6. I thought I would never sell kimmich for my Bayern team(A new GW, only been 2 weeks), But Madrid have made me a very tempting offer of Modric+Carvajal. Do you think Carvajal can keep his rating for the next 2-3 years? Then it may he Worth it because I Don't think I will be playing SMW after 3 years anyway tbh 😅, Also I have Pavard at RB in case Carvajal declines and my Alli will be ready by the time Modric declines, so would you accept the offer?
  7. Would you consider swapping Neuer for Courtois? It's risky but if Courtois becomes #1 it would solve future GK problem for me( I have Neuer), only worry is that Courtois himself may drop this review, what do you think?
  8. Seeing people write -1 for Hummels scares me, should i get rid of him?
  9. Wow Nice, this is really useful! one thing though , the players on the top are supposed to be better prospects right?
  10. I was planning to use most of the Bayern youth players in swap deals, only ones whom I actually know is Jan Fiete Arp and Alphonso Davies, is there any other gems there worth keeping? possibly defender Lars Lukas Mai
  11. Haha actually yes I meant to ask -1 instead of +1 xD
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