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  1. +1 imo, He would have to break the Burnley squad cap for +2, He has been very good but I doubt that happens. maybe in the summer review if he does really well and Burnley finish strong.
  2. He's injured mate, Swanseajack isn't really wrong..
  3. 1. I heard Godin might return back to Spain, I would choose him, you don't know how Chiellini will be like after his long-term injury.. with De Ligt and Bonucci and now Demiral looking amazing when given a chance, They have Cristian Romero out on loan too, So it will be hard for him to make his way back into the team, too much uncertainty imo. So I prefer Godin. 2. If the duo makes it to your starting 11 in-game, Then maybe I would consider them, otherwise Ruiz is clear, although it might be worth waiting to see how Torreira does under Arteta.
  4. Agree with everything, although I think Brozovic is class and deserved his rise(Not saying Barella didn't though)
  5. There is no way the Gladbach review is done surely? Laszlo benes(80) had like 20 appearances in all competitions with most of them being starts and 4 bundesliga assists, Absolute joke if they missed him, I'm optimistic there should be more Gladbachchanges tommorow..
  6. I'll take Sunderland. Already DM'ed the number
  7. Any specific rules pertaining to the draft?
  8. Count me in! Also I like the idea of the Whatsapp group!
  9. Would also like to know about Calvin Stengs who has been killing it too!
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