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  1. Bogle is already 82 so I doubt any random rise but do you guys think Max Lowe could get a random +2 to 82 in coming days after his move to Sheffield united?
  2. Lille signed Karnezis yesterday so there is a chance of Maignan leaving, although I think Zouma has a better chance of getting 90 first(I expected him to get 90 this review personally) Out of the attackers maybe Ikone but Bailey probably has highest ceiling, Sarr could be interesting if he gets a move to some PL club
  3. Enner Valencia is a free agent in one of my GW's so I was trying to get him.. Do you think his 88 should be safe for the time being? He just moved to Fenerbahce just worried he might get a random drop.. Another alternative is Gotze but he doesn't even have a club yet
  4. What type of rise do we expect for Maxence Caqueret in the Winter French review? Any chance of a random rise in coming weeks and then another rise in the review?
  5. Hi guys, Remember when I was telling a couple of days back that after my Schurrle got retired I only got his CV as compensation and not twice the value? I reported it as a bug and got this response Today.. Looks like they've changed it and from now only players value will be given as compensation
  6. Guys.. My player Schurrle retired so I was supposed to get double his value as compensation for the new season.. but I only got slightly over his CV, I didn't even get any message about it on the feed. The money was just added, is this a bug by SM or what?.. Really disappointed
  7. Any indications whatsoever as to what the next league to be reviewed might be?
  8. Wow Grealish 90?! Surely even Adama Traore has a good chance now,no?
  9. Any chance of Trippier hitting 91 in the future?
  10. Is there a slight chance of Kimmich reaching 95 if Bayern win UCL? Can he ever reach 95 or is 94 his peak?
  11. I have a question, If I bid for a player just before his rise(The bid gets accepted before the rise but the player joins after the rise), will his wages after joining be based on his old rating or his new rating? Thanks!
  12. +2% chances for these players? Hateboer Pasalic Vinagre
  13. I was bored so made random memes related to SM and rating changes 😂, sorry for the spam but hope you guys like it 😛
  14. Ignore my message above haha.. Got sent by mistake. I had a question, would you guys sign Alex Berenguer or Pedro Neto for just the sake of profit? (I already asked this by mistake in the Belgian thread and Kieran answered but I would like to have some more opinions)
  15. Only for the purpose of making profit Would you sign Pedro Neto or Alex Berenguer of Torino? If Berenguer gets +2 his value will almost double but if he gets a +1 then there will only be a 400K profit..
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