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  1. Belgian review next confirmed then! The last-placed club of Belgium, Waasland-Beveren went through Soccerwiki today.
  2. Maybe the player has a concern in one of the Gameworlds?
  3. This is a great find! However when I try searching it in my GW's I don't get them and only get the current players after entering the number, not sure what I'm doing wrong, do we have to load a specific data pack or something haha?
  4. 89s : Ocampos,Berardi, Abraham 88's : Pasalic,Adama Traore,Jota,Thuram, Calvert-Lewin,Ikone,Haaland,Ferran Torres I feel these 89's are 50/50 and it depends what happens, Football resumes or not etc. However those 88's are all likely risers and should rise imo.
  5. and how high do you think is his ceiling and long-term potential?
  6. Probably needs to win the UCL for that with PSG I think, He's a great player but has to play outrageously good for 94 which I highly doubt ,yeah I don't think he will ever hit 94.
  7. I'm a Chelsea fan but Thiago is twice the player Jorginho is, so easily him.
  8. Right now : 1. Chukwueze 2. Thuram 3. Sarr 4.Olmo Potential 1. Olmo 2. Chukwueze 3. Thuram 4. Sarr Just my opinion though and it's quite close, all 4 are good talents!
  9. He's a good striker, I guess at Lyon 91 is the most he will reach, but if he moves in the summer(which looks likely) he could eventually reach 92 if he does well, IMO yeah he has the potential to reach 92 and I'd say that's around his ceiling, but a lot depends on his next move.
  10. Werner easily imo. Bernardo has had a disappointing season by his standards but I'd still choose him, It's very close though and it could come down to whether you need an attacker or midfielder more. That's a heavy price to pay but I guess it's worth it for KDB, keeping in mind whoever replaces Son as your winger/attacker isn't too low rated. Both are good, probably Ikone has a higher ceiling but I see Merino hitting 90 first, although I can see a +1 for them in next review yeah, again depends on what you need more. Halstenberg deserves it imo yeah.. Havertz by far the bigger talent so him. Ilicic got one recently so not anytime soon unless football resume and Atalanta pull off another miracle with him being brilliant again. Gomez it will be hard at this age too, He's a class player but to get a rise now he would need a performace like Illicic which generates a lot of hype, or maybe Atalanta going far in UCL if football resumes, otherwise no. Zapata, I doubt it because he has been injured for a large part of the season, maybe in the future he can but now.
  11. Thoughts on Nikola Milenkovic's long term potential and chances of hitting 90 in future reviews?
  12. Veratti atm, too much uncertainty with Pogba. Also Pogba's value on SM will drop by 4m to 32 on 1st April as he had his Birthday this month if values matter to you.
  13. Aguero Upamecano This one is the only hard one, I see Maddison hitting 91 in the next review and eventually 92 and even higher, so him long-term. Ocampos
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