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  1. Re: The Future of Spanish Football Thanks pal, appreciated.
  2. Re: Emre colak (Galasataray's Iniesta) This post is not updated since 2 months, I've things to say about this guy. This guy is very talented, he remembers us the early days of Arda Turan. He didn't get a lot of time for competitive football, however when he break up to first team, he shows us generously his talents. I predict a 3+ in this review, but I think Arda Turan will be sold to Europe next year and his place will be filled by Emre. Next year, I'm pretty sure we'll see Emre with 85+ ratings. Cheers.
  3. Re: The Future of Spanish Football What do you think of RM's Parejo? Will he be able to break the first XI next year? I'm keeping eye on him since 2008, he developed (and continues to develop) himself very well. PS: And I'm curious about Deportivo's CF Adrian, and also Alberto Bueno. Thanks for your comments pal.
  4. Re: Zakaria Labyad He's a must buy for me too, added to squad
  5. Re: "Next in line" .:| Elvis - AM - 19/75 (PAR) |:. Signed, I trust in Insider
  6. Re: Young Risers Across Europe. Nice findings, appreciated:)
  7. Re: Alexandru Ionita (Romanian Scoring/Assisting Beast) 1552 Minutes - 21 Apperances, 17 times starter and 7 GOALS. Only 74. I predict a 8+ at least P.S: I don't care about his comparison to RVP, but I'm sure he has the potential to be a big player.
  8. Re: Here's Two Big List of Young Players, NEED HELP Who I should sell?
  9. Re: Here's Two Big List of Young Players, NEED HELP Who I should sell? You're right, but I just asked for a quick look at the players not all of their details. However, thanks for the site I like it a lot.
  10. Is there anyone you think a must sell? Additionally, if you predict a big rise for any of my playes, do not hesitate to tell. Thanks
  11. Re: Pizzi; great portuguese talent and riser ****, i sold Tomasevic and Fabio Faria However, I still keep Andre Santos, I don't have any knowledge about him but I just thought if Andre Santos will be a regular for Sporting next season he can rise to 88/89.
  12. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents & Droppers 2010 What do you think of Timo Gebhart and Marko Marin?
  13. Re: Samba SOW, Future Seydou Keita Well' date=' look at RC Lens statistics. KOVACEVIC, Nenad CM/DM [b']87[/b] - 25 Games MILOVANOVIC, Dejan CM/DM 84- 23 Games HERMACH, Adil DM/Def 85 - 32 Games SOW, Samba DM 77 - 28 Games Definitely, he'll push 85. I predict a 83 with a pessimistic view.
  14. Re: Filippo Maria Scardina Can you predict his rating in next review? Thanks, I'll snap him
  15. Re: Pizzi; great portuguese talent and riser I appreciated a lot your last list of risers in previous review. (Andre Santos, Tomasevic, Fabio Faria etc...) I think this one is also worth buying, thanks pal.
  16. Re: Ozan Ipek - Turkish Wonder One month ago, against Fenerbahce, Bursaspor took a big away win 3-2. Ozan Ipek scores twice last 10 minutes of the game. He's an absolute moneymaker but I do not think he's a great prospect. As a Turkish football fan, my recommendation is buying him atm and selling him after the Turkish review, selling him.
  17. Re: Gaston ramirez, new udinese signing I suggest to write down a thread for this Franks guy, because I loved him and signed. Thanks mate.
  18. Re: "The Facebook International" .:|Rafhael Domingues (Fwd - 18 - TCW)|:. He just deserves to be bought with only this kind of story.
  19. Re: Sani Emmanuel (Nigerian Wonderkid) I had sent a ticket for him, but SM Support replied me due to his lack of first team apperances, he couldn't be added to database.
  20. Re: Young (U21) Belgium Risers. Nice thread pal, appreciated.
  21. Re: ANDRE, Felipe (73) - 8D Nice find gotcha.
  22. Re: New Game World Economies Explained I'm curious about something. I've got a Club América and a Spartak Moscow in Divison 1's of different game worlds. My Club América's average attendance is 62.000. Is it possible if I'll crown the league or finish second my average will become ~80.000?
  23. Re: Probable risers from Serie B and Segunda division I'm very sorry that I didn't find this topic before Spanish changes Very good info mate, I appreciate. Looking forward to Serie B changes, purchased lots of players which you recommended. (D'alessandro, daud etc....) Thanks mate.
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