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  1. Re: Iraqi Footballer killed by rival fan why 50 -its life for murder isnt it. is he on the db?
  2. Re: James Chester and Sam Hewson nah - hewson is though. got him in gc 54 - the ONLY bidder
  3. Re: The REP League, where only The Winners get EVERYTHING i'll join if its made good idea
  4. Re: Steve Harper steve harper is perhaps the most underated gk in the prem. for 9 yaers he has been loyal and is a more than adequate replacement for shay. although he is no where shays standard, if his talent had been nutured he could have easily been first choice keeper for most prem clubs. he has proven in the past his capabilities when given has been injured and i can honestly see him proving he is prem class.
  5. Re: Haydn's guide to different formations. full marks to me for making myslef look like a tit. i gave him rep anyway:D
  6. Re: Haydn's guide to different formations. yes- it is a good guide to positioining. ignore the above -
  7. Re: Players never fufild their potential
  8. Re: worst premier league signing!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????? all newcastle players are jokes - it must be something in the air that makes everyone naf: bramble, boumsong,owen ( shadow of his former self ), luque, cort, not forgetting the mighty Elena Marcelino - out for 2 and a half years with a broken finger.
  9. Re: big riseers!!! help, div 4 challenge basham insua saivet tafer clyne fleck gosling rodwell simpson viana collison stoch carroll ibanez shelvey
  10. Re: Players never fufild their potential jansen is still around - my contacts inform me he was considering a move to the mls and is still looking around for a club.
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... dont do the deal - viera is gonna decrease. i would look for a player like lucho gonzales as he is younger and is at least paying games regularly
  12. Re: centre backs must buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah both heading down - puyol is good player and will keep his rating. what about lb rb do you struggle in those postions??
  13. Re: centre backs must buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! possibly - sanatacroce is a good buy at 89 like i said earlier. centre back is an akward position to buy for at the moment. with nesta, toure, cannavaro, gallas all looking at drops it is hard to find an estabished cb. vidic and ferdinand are obvious choices, but would be hard to secure. fucile - porto - hasnt had the strongest of seasons but will rise, possibly not this time but afterwards.
  14. Re: centre backs must buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! squillaci - 92 - sevilla has had a good solid season for a achieving sevilla side. chiellini - 92 - juventus - the rock in the heart of their defence. italy regular definite 93 and heading for a 94:)
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