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  1. applewine

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    Norway possibly too
  2. applewine

    Rahul W's rating predictions

  3. applewine

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    yep...maybe get a sprinkling of updates from these 4 countries
  4. applewine

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    Switzerland,,,,Sweden.....Slovenia/Slovakia should be evaluated next
  5. applewine

    who is better?

  6. applewine

    SM after 2 years out?

    try 352...4132..4231...3133 and you will not be far away....aggressive and very attacking seem to be working well at the moment too
  7. applewine

    Custom Game World questions

    your free gift gameworld needs 7 other managers to activate it...not so much of a gift when you have to compete with the thousands of other free gift gameworlds...
  8. applewine

    The end?

    yes....less than 2 teams closes a gameworld.
  9. new challenge and no player concerns in this new set up.....linfield...cliftonville..blyth Spartans ..just a few of the underdog teams available...have a look
  10. applewine

    Player wages increased massively

    eh...sell your high wage earners ?
  11. has the page where you can view all the best managers in gold,standard and custom gameworlds been dropped too ?
  12. this new update has so many faults ....tactics page is a dogs dinner,way over thought for a simple task of picking a team....no seperation of subs and first team ( who okayed this ? ) ...do we really need moral percentages ? autopick? lol...the old set up was fine if it was spruced up a bit (colour ,team crests)...this will take months to iron out and by that time a can see so many gold managers leaving ...this is aimed at teenagers and young kids now who have other similar and better football managing games already available ...massive own goal here ...
  13. applewine

    Tactics Help Please

    Re: Tactics Help Please try 433 wingers........hard/ attacking/ short/ dbf /normal/ all over/.....match engine now changed and 352 not as good as it was .....
  14. applewine

    De Rossi vs Pirlo

    Re: De Rossi vs Pirlo :rolleyes:
  15. applewine

    Young Man U defender Michael Keane worth getting?

    Re: Young Man U defender Michael Keane worth getting? buy him m8 and stick him in your youth squad and see what he does in the future ......will probably be loaned out to get game time in a lower div;)