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  1. Re: Man U v Everton Predictions Extra time everton win....or man u win by 1 or 2 goals.
  2. Re: What Are Chelsea Smoking? Coz someone slided in with a knee and concussioned him:confused:
  3. Is he worth keeping i have rejected bid after bid but now Barca bidded 50 million pounds:eek: Should I accept or reject.
  4. Re: Frustrating Results I got a bogey team and that is PSV every single time they must beat me in a season or beat one of my clubs even witha very low ratings
  5. Re: What Are Chelsea Smoking? Since crazy haired stephen hunt kneed him in the head it was all over:(
  6. Re: Bangoura and Guti Bangoura scores a 30 yard rocket for kyiv now...kyiv 1-0 psg:)
  7. Re: Bangoura and Guti Yes since juande ramos took over he doesnt play much and real madrid told him to come on for them in the last 5 or 10 mins and he refused to do it and to cast further doubt florentino perez may take over and his doing a clear out with most of them dutch:(
  8. Re: Bangoura and Guti He also has good record 27 goals in 37 apps, for international team he has 19 in 37.
  9. Re: Bangoura and Guti Bangoura linked with 7 mill move to wigan this summer.
  10. Re: Jo's Ratings BENAYOUN DIDNT RISE:eek:
  11. Re: Jo's Ratings PPl sedc skrtel not rising but he did so great news coz i have liverpool and lots of ppl rised reina didnt rise:(
  12. Re: Jo's Ratings he stayed yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss:)
  13. Re: Is Ismael Bangoura a good signing? ok...any ideas who i shud go for?
  14. Is Ismale Bangoura a good signing, well because jo is probz going down,yakubu is but sold him for 15 mill, cisse jus went down and i jus bought antionio cassano(help on his rating too)....so i can buy kanoute because sevilla are unmanaged but its a world championship so they cane get overtaken coz its still got the unmanaged protection.. so i still need a good striker...so i searched for one and found bangoura....is he a good signing for 12 mill:confused:
  15. Re: Jo's Ratings so is it worth keeping him because im selling yakubu and jus accpeted bid form getafe of 15 mill and cisse jus went down and jus bought him too...some ppl sed he will stay.but went down...got CASSANO tho:) and the other everton fwds
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