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  1. Re: Football betting!

    Why not post your bet before the game next time? ;)

    Well done though :)

    Not on the forum that much mate. Came on to bag a friend of mine Kopstar who is a Sydney fan then I saw this thread in my User CP. Next game is against Adelaide at home so another win coming up, wont be surprised if we were paying something like 1.70.

  2. Re: Australian A-League 11/12

    Great game' date=' great atmosphere, Victory loss - everything is good.

    Archie Thompson's first goal was brilliant

    Matt Thompson's second was even better

    And Terra goal was a bit of magic. Thats two derbys now where his goal has been the difference[/quote']

    The yarraside was going crazy, ever since 2pm when we all gathered at the pub. Was a great build up. Only if all the other games in the season were like that.

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