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  1. Re: Shane Lowry He's orite, nuffin special, seen him play
  2. Re: Brad Guzan Looks like a definite successor for Brad Friedal, last night in the carling cup he saved an unfair penalty from kenwyne jones, then kieron richardson looked like he would surely end it for villa in extra time but guzans knees saved it, it went through to penaties where he saved, saved, concieded, saved so thats 4 penalties saved out of 5!
  3. Re: How do u beat bigger teams? orite, but 4-5-1 wingers?
  4. whats the best way to play well against big teams with averages like 94 if youve got a team averaging 89-
  5. Re: Villa bad patch will it work vs 4-5-1 attacking? please help me pompey have won thier last 2
  6. Re: Signature Design Feedback no hate please im only 12:)
  7. Re: Villa bad patch please people:(
  8. i currentley use a 451 and losing a lot of games, this is my squad... also will the tactics work for other teams also? arsenal and derby?
  9. Re: Arshavin for Luis Fabiano? eduardo swap for forlan good then?
  10. well as hes just moved to the prem i dont know if arshavin can make it and fabianos only scored 4 this season (correct me please if wrong) and he has a knee injury, need advice, i might go and swap arshavin for forlan though?
  11. thoght it would be good to have a thread about this
  12. is it a good deal or not? milito 93 29 yrs or klose 93 3? totti 95 32 yrs just to say also milito doesnt get champs league
  13. Re: Scott Loach ye, happy i signed him, played quite well and made some great saves... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... still not as good as dean windass:D
  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... ive got a lot of money and ive bid 14 million for martin laursen and 4 million plus david navarro, whenever i get my bid accepted my chairman says no, i know he'll rise cuz villa will finish in the top 4, please help?
  15. Re: Worst Hairstyles In Football newcastles carrol, new hairstyle was he thinking?
  16. kidvillan

    help me

    i didnt realise if i kept quitting clubs i wouldnt be allowed to get my 3rd club slot again, is there anything i can do? i honestley didnt know:(
  17. Re: what do you think of my youth squad? could you give me some tips on who to keep or sell? or loan out?
  18. ive been developing it:p LOACH, Scott Gk 20 73 STUDER, Sascha Gk 17 69 MILLS, Joseph LB 19 73 MUSACCHIO , Mateo CB/RB 18 75 SAVA, Andrei LM/LB 17 75 ZHUOXIANG, Deng LM/CM 20 74 LEERDAM, Kelvin LM/AM 18 72 ELITO, Medy RM/Wing 18 74 ELISSON, Sigurbergur DM 16 67 GOLSA, Eyal Mid 17 73 WILSON, Marc CM/DM 21 76 SHELVEY, Jonjo CM 16 75 RENAN OLIVEIRA, Henrique AM/Fwd 19 75 EL SHAARAWY, Stephan AM 16 74 COPIL, Dumitru AM/RM 18 74 MILLAN, Nicolás AM/Wing 17 74 NAZARITH, Cristian Fwd 18 78 MUSTAFI, Orhan Fwd 18 74 NOBLE-LAZARUS, Reuben Fwd 15 72 GALVAN, Martín Fwd 15 71 DELFOUNESO, Nathan Fwd 17 70 RANDJELOVIC, Predrag CF 18 79 WELBECK, Danny CF 18 74
  19. Re: Vasiliy Kostyuk----> Ukranian Riser! guys do these players eventually get to 90 or are they a waste?
  20. hi, dont know if hes been mentioned before but last rating change was up 7! and now hes rating 85. Vitaliy FEDORIV Real club: Amkar 78 -> 85 last changd Born 21 October 1987, 21 SM Value £4,690,000 Left Back He's another ukranian talent, he plays for amkar but for some reason i got him as a free agent, he was called up to the firdt team when he was at kiev and made 5 apps with one goal, he went on loan to amkar and made 12 apps, he has now been bought by them. he also has a ukranian international cap to his name if ive done anything wrong on this please feel free to tell me as i am new
  21. Re: Milos Krasic hey im new here, im a villa fan, could you have a look at my villa youth team and tell me if its any good, im startin to get into the game now so
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