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  1. Re: Shane Lowry

    You clearly didn't read that article! He was in the squad for the Socceroos in two recent games' date=' but didn't play. His allegiance is now with Australia and all he needs to do is play a game, unless he swapped back. The chances of that happening is low.


    Right there he is also named in the recent squad from those two matches (it says he has two caps in his page, but he hasn't actually played yet).

    He's orite, nuffin special, seen him play

  2. Re: Brad Guzan

    Looks like a definite successor for Brad Friedal, last night in the carling cup he saved an unfair penalty from kenwyne jones, then kieron richardson looked like he would surely end it for villa in extra time but guzans knees saved it, it went through to penaties where he saved, saved, concieded, saved so thats 4 penalties saved out of 5!

  3. ive been developing it:p

    LOACH, Scott Gk 20 73

    STUDER, Sascha Gk 17 69

    MILLS, Joseph LB 19 73

    MUSACCHIO , Mateo CB/RB 18 75

    SAVA, Andrei LM/LB 17 75

    ZHUOXIANG, Deng LM/CM 20 74

    LEERDAM, Kelvin LM/AM 18 72

    ELITO, Medy RM/Wing 18 74

    ELISSON, Sigurbergur DM 16 67

    GOLSA, Eyal Mid 17 73

    WILSON, Marc CM/DM 21 76

    SHELVEY, Jonjo CM 16 75

    RENAN OLIVEIRA, Henrique AM/Fwd 19 75

    EL SHAARAWY, Stephan AM 16 74

    COPIL, Dumitru AM/RM 18 74

    MILLAN, Nicolás AM/Wing 17 74

    NAZARITH, Cristian Fwd 18 78

    MUSTAFI, Orhan Fwd 18 74

    NOBLE-LAZARUS, Reuben Fwd 15 72

    GALVAN, Martín Fwd 15 71

    DELFOUNESO, Nathan Fwd 17 70

    RANDJELOVIC, Predrag CF 18 79

    WELBECK, Danny CF 18 74

  4. hi, dont know if hes been mentioned before but last rating change was up 7! and now hes rating 85.

    Vitaliy FEDORIV

    Real club: Amkar

    78 -> 85 last changd

    Born 21 October 1987, 21

    SM Value £4,690,000

    Left Back


    He's another ukranian talent, he plays for amkar but for some reason i got him as a free agent, he was called up to the firdt team when he was at kiev and made 5 apps with one goal, he went on loan to amkar and made 12 apps, he has now been bought by them. he also has a ukranian international cap to his name

    if ive done anything wrong on this please feel free to tell me as i am new

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