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  1. Re: The "Official" Coca-Cola Championship Rating Changes Thread Fair analysis, that coming from a Robins fan. However, Andre Blackman is no longer at the club due to a disagreement with the manager (I think), and only played a few cup games, and he'd already been added by now if cup games count. I'm a little surprised to see you tipping Saborio to go down. Granted, he hasn't had much game time due to international breaks and such, but from what a few fans say, he's a cracking player. Plus, Sno's been one of our best players currently this season, so either a stick or a small rise will be alright. Not surprised to see you mentioning Maynard as the long-term riser, the guy's quality. 84 is a good call, as I myself have been thinking 84, possibly 85. Also Gerken's been quality since he's arrived, kept a few clean sheets in a few important matches (Newcastle and most recently Ipswich spring to mind)
  2. Re: Gold Championship 81 call me manager of Bordeaux
  3. Re: COTY 2009 - 1st Round - Thomas Goodson v JBK A virtual gimme for Goodson, hence he gets my vote: 1) Because he's a good guy to talk to 2) Because he's there most of the time
  4. Re: COTY 2009 - 1st Round - Dai Winston VS Princess Nicoll Voted for Nic. As much as I get on with Dai, Nic's just a little more active and injects a female viewpoint to calm most of us guys down when things get too heated
  5. Re: Pokémon Diamond/Pearl. Playing Platinum atm, had a bit of a struggle with the Elite Four but got through in the end Team was: Infernape lvl 66 Rotom lvl 54 Giratina lvl 51 Togekiss lvl 54 Torterra lvl 58 Empoleon lvl 58 Kinda flukey, but I thank the invention of Revives and Full Restores anyhow PM me if you wish to acquire my friend code
  6. Re: The Coca Cola Championship - Official Scores/Results thread
  7. Re: Worldwide Football Transfers Thread - 100% Official Only Please Rickie Lambert from Bristol Rovers to Southampton: http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,12875_5483441,00.html
  8. Re: The Coca Cola Championship - Official Scores/Results thread
  9. Re: Leeds United - EC 4067 - Double Promotion Challenge I suppose so. Might as well just rename the thread and throw it open to anyone willing to take a double promotion challenge
  10. Re: What song is stuck in your head? Pretty sure it is
  11. Re: What song is stuck in your head? The song in question for the sky sports advert would be Kasabian's Fast Fuse For some reason, I can't get Tinchy Stryder's collaboration with N-Dubz out of my head, I really used to hate it but it's grown on me
  12. Re: Most heartbreaking game? Bristol City v Hull, 2008 Championship Play-off final. My heart literally broke when the final whistle went, and as soon as Windass' strike flew past Basso into the back of the net. Coulda meant a back-to-back promotion for a team that, back then, were one of the faves to go straight back down. Mighty Robins!
  13. Re: Leeds United - EC 4067 - Double Promotion Challenge Thame rings changes with double signing Paul Thame has added almost instantly to his Leeds United line-up with a double swoop for a goalkeeper and an attacking midfielder. The first signing was goalkeeper Alex Manninger, signed as part of a straight swap for Casper Ankergren, with £1.9 million also going to Juventus. The second signing was attacking midfielder Tamas Hajnal, who signed as part of a 2-for-1 deal involving Neil Kilkenny and Jonathon Howson moving to Germany, along with £6 million cash. Leeds did miss out on striker David Suazo, beaten to the Honduras ace by Birmingham City.
  14. Re: Worldwide Football Transfers Thread - 100% Official Only Please Speaking of Bristol City, they have sold winger Michael McIndoe to Coventry http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,12875_5472321,00.html
  15. Re: Worldwide Football Transfers Thread - 100% Official Only Please
  16. I have just recently taken over Leeds United in EC 4067 and I aim to reach the Premier League within two seasons, in other words, double promotion. I'll keep updating this thread with transfers and match reports. If anyone else wants to take a double promotion challenge, post match reports and transfers etc on this thread
  17. Re: Music - Epic Fail! By my personal rules, I hate anything that is: Rap RnB Heavy Rock But there are some exceptions, only a few mind
  18. Re: COTY 2009 - The Qualifying Round - Group 1 Voted for Henno, always bound to make people laugh no matter what the topic
  19. pthame 3d


    Re: Twitter Follow me too, although I haven't really posted much in the past couple of weeks: http://twitter.com/pthame
  20. Re: Synyster Interviews The Forumers! Surely I'm soon? Can't really call myself a forumer anymore, but I'm still around a little if you want an SM old-timer to interview Of course, not forcing anything from you, just to make that clear
  21. Re: Gold championship 65 official match report/transfer thread Got Corinthians, for once I'm happy with a GC team since Arsenal back in GC43
  22. Re: English Championship 4009 Transfer thread/Match report I've just noticed I'm in this setup I'm Everton, most of my top players are for sale but no silly part exchanges, ie two fringes and a lot of cash for, say, Arteta
  23. Re: English Championship 4012 | Forumer Division 3 & 4 Challenge | Match Reports Thame rings changes as six new players make way to Adams Park New Wycombe Wanderers boss Paul Thame wasted no time in making new signings for the Adams Park outfit, with no more than six new players ready in time for the first game of the season tonight. The three key new players are: Cafu - Signed for Wycombe instead of stiff competitors Crewe Alexandra, Paul says he's really glad to have signed such an experienced right back. He has some qualms about his age, fearing the legendary Brazilian is close to retiring, but hopes to make the most out of the rest of the player's playing days. Manuel Victor - Paul looks to experience and ratings as he snaps up the 35-year old striker from the free agency. Unchallenged, Paul was confident about securing the shock deal in time for the first game. Paul says he needed quick firepower, going to the free agency only after a spate of loan deals fell through. Deitmar Hamann - Just as much of a shock as the Victor deal, Deitmar Hamann makes the short trip from Manchester to Wycombe via the free agency. Paul was delighted to capture the hard-working German defensive midfielder. So much so he was immediately appointed club captain. The rest of the new signings were comprised of Russian playmaker Alexei Smertin, Israeli youngster Gai Assulin and Uruguayan striker Josemir Lujambio
  24. Re: EC 3987|Match Reports|Transfer News Haha, dunno why I put Tony Hart
  25. Re: EC 3987|Match Reports|Transfer News Brenford - Profile Manager: Aditya Dhean Division: 4 New Signings: Too many to list. Main ones include Havard Nordtviet, Magnus Levken, Jefferson Javier Hurtado, Alves Dos Rafael Santos and Oscar Muirillo. Key Player: Havard Nordtviet One to Watch: Romelo Lukaku "Taking the Leeds United route, the Division 4 team Brentford are also adpoting a youth policy. The manager will know of course that these tactics can pay off in the long term, and will make sure his team do well throughout the season. Youth can make more of an impact in Division Four than in Division Three, so the manager may be relieved in the knowledge that his young club may not need to raise much to win the league. All eyes will be on defender Havard Nordtviet to stop opposition strikeforces taking aim at the goalmouth."
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