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  1. Re: Tom's Comedy Corner [All Things Comedy] Not sure how much of people are aware of these, but this is pure genius, so... I'm not really good with words - so... Here they are ( ): IYnsfV5N2n8&feature=relmfu tKB4h9gvmm0&feature=relmfu oY6tCnu-1Do&feature=relmfu cYNdUM2gRsg&feature=relmfu
  2. Re: !Revival of the SMEL! Would be interested to see this revived and I'd probably keep an eye every now and then, but since it's game world, I can definitely say that I'd have no chance of any involvement. I honestly do consider Mark's idea to be something more than just an idea for gameworld and I'd be involved, but as it sadly happened, I realized I really didn't have enough time to completely take care of it and I really doubt it will ever be revived in its original format, which is a damn shame. Whatever course this will end up taking - good luck with it, Phil: I'm hoping you'll be abl
  3. Re: Right now i'm listening to... (no football themed songs) A bit ironic that my only post in the last few months is going to be in this section, but oh well... Odder stuff has happened. The Killers - Losing Touch EieA3KIykjg
  4. Re: The Drafting League With SMEL dead (Sadly), I'm very glad that at least something of the same degree has been done. I really wish it wouldn't have turned out the way it did, but... (In the end, should someone undertake the rejuvenation projection, it could still work, but I don't really expect that to happen). This looks fairly good and I can only wish for the best to all of you, guys. Also got to say.... Nice picks from the jerk of Portugal - very impressive.
  5. Re: The Official Valencia C.F. Thread Haven't been here for a while, but I'm not sleepy and just finished watching the replay off Atletico and Valencia, some might as well do player ratings. Valencia Guaita - 7.5 Didn't have that much to do for most of the match, but he made 2 incredible saves and was very solid when catching the balls and coming off his line. Not a single bad thing can be said about his performance. Jérémy Mathieu - 7.0 Day and night for his performance - absolutely unstoppable both in defence and offence in first half and start of the 2nd, but struggled quite badly
  6. Re: The Official Valencia C.F. Thread *After watching Spanish U-19 matches* *Droools* I just hope that just as rumoured, Parejo is going to take Banega's position, Mata will play at left flank while Isco will be our attacking playmaker - seems like a perfect combo. I highly doubt that Isco will be sold for the 7 million that have been flowing around (I'd not sell him for anything less than 20M) and it would make sense if he'd not be loaned out, but rather play for our first team. Assuming that we do indeed will get Gameiro and possibly another defender to partner Rami, I think we'll
  7. Re: Right now i'm listening to... (no football themed songs) 3DDZEdkoaY4 Glorious...
  8. Re: Does anyone respect Barcelona anymore?
  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Wow... All I can say is wow... What happened to football lately? This winter has been absolutely crazy with the influx of prices and massive moves... I'm sad... and disappointed. It's now actually rather funny that Barcelona got Afellay for 3m or Milan bought Cassano for 5 million.. When I first turned on the news, I couldn't believe it, then I thought it was money laundrying, now... I am just confused and sad. To be honest, my love for this sport was a bit shaken during the past year and half. I just hope the things that are happening now are temporary and no
  10. Re: EC Anno Domini - General Discussion, Banter etc Fairly happy with my West Ham team - replaced all of the original players and got some decent acquisitions. Barring Casemiro (whose bid was already accepted when I got into the setup) and Hummels (where I lost the bidding war against Manchester City), I got every player I wanted and bidded for. GK's: Valdes (92), Kaminski (76) Defence: Botia (87), AlDo (88), Gonzalo (89), Forlin (88) Midfield: L. Diarra (92), Hernanes (90), Pizarro (92), Poli (88), T. Costa (88), Micael (88), Valbuena (90), Reyes (89), A. Herrera (87) Attack: Bojan (88),
  11. Re: EC Anno Domini - BC BAH! You skip a few days and basically get lost
  12. Re: The Intercourse, General Banter Thread. Ah, not individual score after Week 7, but rather of the whole season. Got it - sorry for miscommunication.
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