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  1. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread FcBqz3dk4NI
  2. Re: Licensed to Spend I'm interested, this league looks really promising. I added you in the game.
  3. Re: Feeder I will take Lyon and Portuguese team Freamunde
  4. Re: English Championship 2797 I got more signings coming: Pretty happy with my team outcome
  5. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread My Tottenham Hotspur won 4-3 Olympiacos. Now I have to play 3 games in a row
  6. Re: English Championship 2797 Draw 0-0 with Arsenal pretty happy with the result. I had more possession than them which is good, next season I hope I can finish among the top teams
  7. Re: English Championship 8000 - Discussion Thread Millwall 0 - 1 Middlesbrough I think my team played well, I haven't set-up the tactics i'm still waiting till the EC opens
  8. Re: English Championship 2797 I will send you a pm in a bit, I'm Yeovil Town in EC 2933 and yeah more managers would be welcome
  9. Re: English Championship 8000 - Match/Transfer Report Thread BREAKING NEWS LIVE FROM THE RIVERSIDE STADIUM Steve Gibson enters the press conference room:
  10. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread I can't believe Insua went to Sporting
  11. Re: EC 8000 - LESS THAN 20 EC's LEFT! I'm Middlesbrough manager
  12. Re: EC 8000 - LESS THAN 20 EC's LEFT! Got MIddlesbrough
  13. Re: EC 8000 - LESS THAN 20 EC's LEFT! It better be open before FC Porto starts
  14. Re: EC 8000 - LESS THAN 20 EC's LEFT! I'm really looking forward to this EC
  15. Re: Footie Zealots AJ Auxerre 3-5 Hearts R.Kaka (1) J.Hernandez (25) P.Kleber (80) D.Nolito (12, 40) F.Guarin (28) É.Cavani (41) S.Jeffren (50) It was a really unlucky game to Auxerre manager since he had 13 shots on target and only scored 3 goals and I with 6 shots on target scored 5 goals.
  16. Re: English Championship 7345 Discussion Thread Colchester United 3-2 Sheffield United Diego Tardelli put Sheffield in the lead after 12 minutes of the game starting. Later in the game Juan Martinez tied the game to Sheffield, 4 minutes later Demichelis put Sheffield United in the lead again. In the second half Colchester center back tied the game the game to 2-2 but in the last four minutes Juan Martinez scored what would be the winning goal to Colchester United. The game ended 3-2.
  17. Re: English Championship 2797 Aston Villa 2-1 West Ham United Agbonlahor put Aston Villa in the lead after 2 minutes and 6 minutes later Darren Bent scored the 2-0. Almost at the end of the first half Carlton Cole scored the first goal to West Ham United. The game ended 2-1 I wasn't online last night so I didn't had time to set up my strategy I might now be interested in Torres
  18. Re: New Drafting League I'm in, if there is a space available
  19. Re: English Championship 2797 Transfer News from West Ham United: Cabaye was a good deal since he was a free agent. He has started every game in Newcastle this season and he also plays for the French National team. I hope he gets called back to Barcelona first team, he's a great player. He will probably on the bench in his first game since he is new to the team but he probably will get a spot in the main squad of Chelsea. He just came back from a injury, I hope does good in real life and in the game Great wingback hasn't played a game this season since he didn't had vacations cause of the Copa America were he did great by scoring two goals. There's also some interest on him from Chelsea. Mika was amazing in the Sub-20 World Cup he didn't suffered a goal till the final game. I hope he gets loaned out this season, a great goalkeeper like him needs to be playing.
  20. Re: Custom Game World Setup Just make the Game World Access to get in by private invitation that way you can invite only the people you want into that league.
  21. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread Tottenham Hotspur 3-3 Hamburger SV (Tottenham won 4-3 on pens) Tottenham captain Steven Gerrard has made another bad game. Ochus put Hamburger in the lead after 8 minutes but 27 minutes later Denisov managed to tie the game. In the middle of the game Tottenham forward Sulejmani got a small injury and had to be replaced by the irish Striker Kevin Doyle. After 55 minutes of no more goals the game went to extra time, my players managed to get the win over Hamburger SV. Tomorrow I have another game now for the SMFA Cup, which I have 0 points. So I need 3 wins in a row to get to the next stage.
  22. Re: English Championship 2797 I got some good players coming to my team. My first transfer is... He may not be a starter for Sporting but he already played two games this season one for the Portuguese League and another one for the Europe League if he continues this way he may get a good rise
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