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  1. Re: aguero and forlan??

    I would advice you to sell Forlan. He hasn't scored any goal this season and Atlético Madrid doesn't seem to be going to have a good season.

    I would suggest you to buy Benzema, he is still young and he is a rising player. If I ain't wrong he already scored 3 goals this season.

  2. Re: Which Part To Improve From My Squad Thread


    I would advise you to buy an RB and I think should buy an LM and RM since you only have one RM and you don't have an LM


    Gallas, you already have 3 good CB

    Lehman, I doubt that he is going to rise anymore

    Riquelme, if you want to sell him now is good time before he drops more

    I think a good tactic for you would be 3-5-2

    Julio Cesar

    Toure - Chivu - Capdevilla


    Flamini - Sneijder - Fabregas - Persie

    Vagner Love - Forlan

  3. Re: Inter tactic help

    Seems like quite a lop-sided side in many ways to be honest. Having two highly rated RBs makes no real sense as only one can play' date=' so the first thing I'd suggest is selling exchanging one of them. Then moving to your midfield, the lack of any natural wide players is the most-striking thing of note. Ths sparsity of wide men, is compenstaed with an ultimate attack with 4 96 rated forwards :eek:. Again it makes no real sense to have all 4 to be honest, so again one of them could be sold or used as a bargaining tool to plug gaps in your team (such as wide men). With the current side, I can only see a 4-3-3 or a 4-1-2-1-2 formation as being viable options. I would edge towards the 4-3-3 meaning you can make the best use of your superstar strike force.

    But think of investing in some quality widemen to give you more flexibility in formations (it's difficult to see who you are playing wide currently, but its clear to see none of them are natural widemen and their performance will suffer by playing out of position) :).[/quote']

    Yesterday I got a bid for Wayne Rooney for 23 millions and Raul Gonzales what do you think?

    I already made an offer for ribery

  4. Hey everyone. I need help with my tactic for my team I have being losing matches that I should have won easly.

    My current tactic is 3-4-3

    Here is my squad:


    Name Position Age Rating

    Julio Cesar GK 29 95

    Gomes, Heurelho GK 28 90


    Name Position Age Rating

    Maxwell, Scherer DE/ME 27 92

    Maicon, Douglas DD 27 95

    Dani Alves DD/MD 26 94

    Anyukov, Aleksandr DD/MD 26 91

    Mertesacker, Per DC 24 93

    Chivu, Cristian DC/MDef 28 93

    Zapata, Cristian DC 22 90

    Materazzi, Marco DC 35 89

    Burdisso, Nicolás Def 28 90


    Name Position Age Rating

    Cesar, Aparecido ME/DE 34 87

    Zanetti, Javier MDef/Def 35 94

    Xabi ALONSO, Olano MDef/MC 27 94

    Frings, Torsten MDef/MC 32 92

    Dacourt, Olivier MDef/MC 34 87

    Cambiasso, Esteban MC/MDef 28 95

    Fabregas, Cesc MC 22 95

    Diego, Ribas MO/MC 24 94


    Name Position Age Rating

    David Villa, Sánchez Av 27 96

    Ibrahimovic, Zlatan Av 27 96

    Rooney, Wayne Av/MO 23 96

    Anelka, Nicolás Av 30 92

    Fernando Torres, José AC 25 96

    Suazo, David AC 29 90

    Thanks for the advices

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