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  1. Re: Tell me what to do.

    Use 3-4-2-1






    Hard Tacking

    Passing style - short

    Attacking Mentality

    Attacking Style - Through the middle

    Use tight Marking

    Playmaker and target man

    Make Messi the playmaker and Ibrahimovic the target man.

  2. Re: Summer 2010 free agents

    Here is some new transfer

    Ranocchia signed with Inter,

    Eduardo, Portuguese national keeper signed with Genoa,

    Westermann signed Hamburgo,

    Eduardo, Arsenal striker signed with Shakhtar,

    Riera, signed with Olympiacos

    Marcus Berg, signed with PSV

  3. Re: English Championship 2933 Discussion Thread

    Well I beat Hartlepool pretty emphatically with a 4-0 win' date=' but my highest rated player (Cris) picked up a 12 day injury and Simplicio picked up a 3 game suspension...absolutely wonderful. And he didn't even get it for something cool, he was just shouting at the ref...:P

    EDIT: Yeah, so this leaves me with 36 year old Edgar Davids, 83-rated Michael Tonge, and on-loan Siem De Jong as my only available central midfielders. And Davids isn't even fit. Going to have to send Di Santo back to Reading; if anyone can loan me an 84+ midfielder for just the playoffs I would be eternally grateful :)[/quote']

    I can loan you Guarin and Tom De Mul for the playoffs if you want.

  4. Re: Real Madrid my 5 season's of horror

    Noticed Gerrard isnt in the starting 11 thats fine as i asked for help :) due to gerrard not being in my starting 11 do you reckon i sell him for 2 90+ defenders ?

    My bad I didn't see Gerrard :P From the players that you have I would sell Kaka if I ain't wrong he is going to drop to either 96 or 95. Or maybe if you can get a good money deal you can buy some defenders like Bruno Alves, Thiago Silva, Kjaer, Cissokho. I just sayed that players because they have a bright future and aren't that expensive.

  5. Re: Real Madrid my 5 season's of horror

    I would use the 3-5-2. You have an excellent midfield so that is the best tactic for you I guess.





    ------------Drogba-------Van Nistelrooy------

    or 3-4-2-1






    You need to work on your defense because it's a bit weak. I also would try to sell or trade Van Nistelrooy.

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