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  1. Any feedback on the following: Terrier (Lyon) +1? King (Bournemouth) +1? Petagna (SPAL) +1? De Paul (Udinese) +1?
  2. I think that De Roon has a chance for 90. He’s had a great season, for the Netherlands too. Castagne also due a +2
  3. With Atalanta finishing 3rd this season, could we see bigger rises than initially predicted for their players? Regulars such as Frueler, De Roon etc surely deserve a rise to 90? They were virtually ever presents for a 3rd place side. I know it’s Atalanta who’re a smaller club but they’ve also got 90s within their team already (Gomez and Ilicic)
  4. Predictions for the following players: Kovalenko (Shakhtar) +1? Moraes (Shakhtar) +2? Hermoso (Espanyol) +1? Halstenberg (Leipzig) +1? Xeka (Lille) +2? Celik (Lille) +2? Junior Firpo (Betis) +1? He has had bad injuries this year
  5. We have just completed season 1 in our custom league and season 2 is starting next week according to the website. External transfers have been deactivated at the start of season 1 but we are trying to activate them ahead of season 2 but we are not allowed to. When can you make changes ahead of a new season? If so, should the owner of the game world be prompted?
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