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  1. Re: Results - A Level and GCSE
  2. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Another great win. I'm seriously loving our new improved midfield Sad news about Hutchinson, rather unfortunate when injury ends a career:(. Ramires is short of match fitness from what I've heard so may not feature yet
  3. Re: Results - A Level and GCSE You should take time to think about your long term plans before choosing. You may absolutely hate one subject but it might be relevant to your desired career path or the degree you hope to study' date=' if you're planning on going to uni that is. I hate Maths for example, but I did it in A2 because it was compulsory to have Maths for the degree I chose. Not too late. Revise Revise and fill in resit forms; my college gave students free resits, otherwise you'd have to fork out some dough. I managed to turn my abysmal AS grades around through hard work and con
  4. Re: Inception I saw it last night and its absolutely brilliant, best film I've seen in a while. Great plot, great acting and great ending; I absolutely love the ending, leaves you guessing. I saw it with my cousin. It was his second time seeing it and I might just go and see it again as well.
  5. I got two Bs, one C and a D (despite the fact that I got an A in the exam). it wasn't what my uni asked for but I got an unconditional offer:D.
  6. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Ramires is finally a Chelsea player. What do you think of this squad cap of 25 players? At least 8 must be homegrown; that is they must have been registered with an FA affiliated club for at least 3 years prior to their 21st birthday. Thought there is a chance to amend it before the end of each transfer window, I don't quite like it. We could have... Cech, Hilario, Turnbull Ivanovic, Bosingwa, Terry, Mancienne, Alex, Rajkovic, Hutchinson, Cole, Lampard, Essien, Malouda, Benayoun, Mikel, Ramires, Matic, Zhirkov Drogba, Anelka, Kalou, Sturridge, Di Santo, Kak
  7. Re: CAF Champions League Thread The 58 teams entered into the 2010 competition have been narrowed down to two groups of 4 teams by a process of knockout stages. The groups are as follows: Group A Dynamos (Zimbabwe) ES Setif (Algeria) Esperence ST (Tunisia) TP Mazembe (DR Congo) Group B Al Ahly (Egypt) Heartland (Nigeria) Ismaily (Egypt) JS Kabylie (Algeria) As usual, each club will play home and away fixtures with each team in their group; winners and runners up progress to the semi finals. So far, each team has played 2 group games. Results ES Setif 0-1 Esperence ST (Wadji Bouaz
  8. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread We could also play the diamond with Benayoun at the tip and Drogba and Anelka up front instead. The reports I've seen suggest that he will arrive in London tomorrow to undergo the medical so he should be a Chelsea player by the end of tomorrow. Also, I'm hoping I get Community Shield tickets as a birthday present for my 18th; c'mon rich-Chelsea-fan cousin! I'd have got them myself if I wasn't so broke:o.
  9. This is an article from africareport.com. I'm planning on doing another thread about politics and corruption in the African game. That I will write myself.
  10. Re: Chelseaboi's Signature Request
  11. Re: Chelseaboi's Signature Request Could you make me a Terry and Lamps sig? Much appreciated:)
  12. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Yep! I've also seen reports that he's having a medical so the issue has supposedly been resolved (I hope). If not then another 2 year ban which will soon be rescinded:p.
  13. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread With keepers like this we're seriously boned. Hope Cech is back in time for the start of the season.
  14. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread We could miss out on Ramires because apparently his agent part owns him (infamous for the Tevez, Mascherano fiasco) and the PL ain't too keen on such going ons. I have heard another rumour from another (pretty unreliable) source that he has signed on a 4 year 20m deal.
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