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    Omzin8a got a reaction from stones in Results - A Level and GCSE   
    Re: Results - A Level and GCSE
    You should take time to think about your long term plans before choosing. You may absolutely hate one subject but it might be relevant to your desired career path or the degree you hope to study' date=' if you're planning on going to uni that is. I hate Maths for example, but I did it in A2 because it was compulsory to have Maths for the degree I chose.
    Not too late. Revise Revise and fill in resit forms; my college gave students free resits, otherwise you'd have to fork out some dough. I managed to turn my abysmal AS grades around through hard work and constant revision. And don't try to resit them all in January. Do some in June to spread the workload because you still have to revise for your A2s plus you'd have coursework too.
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    Omzin8a got a reaction from BenReado in Results - A Level and GCSE   
    I got two Bs, one C and a D (despite the fact that I got an A in the exam). it wasn't what my uni asked for but I got an unconditional offer:D.
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    Omzin8a reacted to .CFC in | Chelseaboi's Graphic Request |   
    Re: Chelseaboi's Signature Request

    Here you go , I Must admit not my best :/
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    Omzin8a reacted to Halstinho in Official FIFA World Cup 2010 Thread   
    Re: Official FIFA World Cup 2010 Discussions Thread
    Well said.
    It's that idiotic ape named Lars Lagerbäck. He's stupid.
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    Omzin8a reacted to andyowls in Official FIFA World Cup 2010 Thread   
    Re: Official FIFA World Cup 2010 Discussions Thread
    JT can sleep with my girlfriend any day. Absolute hero.
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    Omzin8a reacted to RGibbs in Official FIFA World Cup 2010 Thread   
    Re: Official FIFA World Cup 2010 Discussions Thread
    Yeahhhhhhhhhhh !!! :D:D:D:D Come On England!
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    Omzin8a reacted to Magic J in John Terry is going to have a fun weekend...   
    Re: John Terry is going to have a fun weekend...
    This is major BS.
    What on earth do the media think they are doing going mental over this ? In the world cup year ? Are they all German, Italian, Spanish and Brazilian journalists trying to distract our players in a world cup year
    He had an affair, GET . . . OVER . . . IT
    It happens all the time, it isnt right but it shouldnt effect football. Bridge is refusing to be in the squad, heis the one making it effect football, its not as if he was with her when JT got with her Besides she has been all around the Chelsea dressing by all accounts
    JT > Bridge
    We need Terry, he is a leader.
    He shouldnt be removed as captain, nor do i think he will/
    BTW, IMO JT has done nothing wrong, when a full back leaves a hole, the CB has to come in and fill it
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    Omzin8a reacted to sonofpluto in John Terry is going to have a fun weekend...   
    Re: John Terry is going to have a fun weekend...
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    Omzin8a reacted to cristianoballotelli in what is annoying u   
    tell things that u annoying u
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    Omzin8a got a reaction from Bob Loblaw in Best/Worst Flags in the World   
    Re: Best/Worst Flags in the World
    The Colonial flag of Nigeria

    The Current Nigerian Flag

    As for the best, it don't get much better than the green-white-green of Nigeria
    The green represents abundance of natural wealth, the white represents peace; both of which we no longer have.
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    Omzin8a got a reaction from HOLTY in Religion (A.K.A. The thread destined to fail.)   
    Re: Religion (A.K.A. The thread destined to fail.)
    You are right, there is no point arguing. I have other examples of which I could talk about, but I wont, because I'm sure 'science' can explain those too. Don't get me wrong, I think science is important, as is knowledge, as such I put great importance on knowing about things; not because I doubt my faith, but because ignorance is a terrible thing especially when trying to explain to atheists with lines like "God did it because he's awesome. Why is he awesome? Because he just is!":rolleyes:.
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    Omzin8a got a reaction from Magic J in Religion (A.K.A. The thread destined to fail.)   
    Re: Religion (A.K.A. The thread destined to fail.)
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    Omzin8a reacted to Messilio in Sergio Canales: The New La Liga Superstar !   
    Full Name: Sergio Canales Madrazo
    Common Name: Sergio Canales
    Born: 16 February 1991 in Valdenoja, Santander, Cantabria
    Age: 18 years
    Nationality: Spanish
    Hight: 1.76m
    Position: Attacking Midfielder/ Winger (AM/W)
    Club: Racing Santander (Spain)
    On the DB: Rating 75
    Sergio Canales has been mentionend before on this forum, but now that he stepped into the limelight, it is time for him to have his own thread.
    A product of hometown Racing de Santander's youth ranks, Canales was bought by Deportivo de La Coruña - 50% of the player's rights - in 2006, as part of the deal which saw Pedro Munitis return to Cantabria. Dudu Aouate and Antonio Tomás were also involved, in the opposite direction.
    On 18 September 2008, he made his first team debuts with Racing, playing in a UEFA Cup home tie against FC Honka of Finland (1–0 win). Roughly two weeks later, he first appeared in the league, at CA Osasuna (same result).
    Sergio played 6 league games during the 2008-2009 campaign, and this season (2009-2010) he already played 8 games and scored 5 goals (!) allready. The last 3 goals are the ones that really put his name on everyone's lips. He scored the equalizer against Real Madrid and he even got a perfect goal disallowed by the linesman. The week after that he assassinated Sevilla by scoring a wonderfull brace that left the football world in awe. Within notime big clubs like Real Madrid, Manchester United and Arsenal were sending scouts out to watch this guy. Arsene Wenger is eager to bring him to Arsenal, but Sir Alex Ferguson and Florentino Perez of Real Madrid are ready to go to war over the signature of this kid. While I write this, his father is walking around the big clubs in Europe to see which one will fit best so his son can develop into a worldclass midfielder.
    Keep an eye on this kid. He is de the real deal !
    Check some news about him:
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    Omzin8a got a reaction from pedro r. in AFCON Star Players   
    Re: AFCON Star Players
    Burkina Faso

    Bakary Kone

    Nationality: Burkina Faso
    D. O. B.: 27/04/1988
    Age: 21
    Club: EN Avant Guingamp
    Rating: 82

    Bakary began his career at Etoile Filante in Burkina Faso before moving to Ligue 2 side EA Guingamp in 2006. He has since become a regular for the side.
    Bakary put on a fine performance in central defence to deny Ivory Coast a win in their group game of the Nations Cup, keeping the likes of Drogba at bay. He has shown no nonsense defending through the tournament.

    Jonathan Pitroipa

    Nationality: Burkina Faso
    D. O. B.: 12/04/1986
    Age: 23
    Club: Hamburger SV
    Position: Wing/Fwd
    Rating: 86

    Jonathan spent 4 years with German club Freiburg making 75 appearances and scoring 16 goals. He moved to Hamburger SV in 2008 making 28 appearances in his first season with 1 goal. This season Jonathan has played 9 games so far.
    Jonathan played in Burkina Faso’s impressive draw with Ivory Coast. In the match with Ghana he showed good pace to beat defenders and cause problems for the Ghanaian defence.

    Charles Kabore

    Nationality: Burkina Faso
    D. O. B.: 09/02/1988
    Age: 21
    Club: Olympique Marseille
    Position: DM
    Rating: 85

    Charles currently plays for Marseille in France. He made 23 appearances last season and scored one goal. So far this season he has played 9 for Marseille and started 4 of those 9.
    Charles was another player in the impressive 0-0 draw with Ivory Coast. Charles played an important role in protecting the back four.
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    Omzin8a got a reaction from Chipolopolo in AFCON Star Players   
    Re: AFCON Star Players

    Jacob Mulenga

    Nationality: Zambian
    D. O. B.: 12/02/1984
    Club: FC Utrecht
    Position: Striker/Winger
    Rating: 84
    Height: 186 cm

    Jacob started off with his youth club Afrisport FC scoring an impressive 32 in 44. A move to Ligue 2 side LB Chataeuroux followed in 2004. In five years he managed 109 appearances for LB with 27 goals. Jacob moved to Eredivise side Utrecht where he has made 16 appearances so far this season scoring 5 of Utrertcht’s 23 goals this season.
    Jacob has been an international since 2004; he has made 15 appearances and scored 4 goals. He has scored against both Cameroon and Tunisia in the 2010 ACON.

    Rainford Kalaba

    Nationality: Zambian
    D. O. B.: 14/08/1986
    Age: 23
    Club: UD Leiria
    Position: AM/Fwd
    Rating: 78

    Rainford started his career with Zambian club Kitwe FC before moving to French OGC Nice, however he did not play much and was sent to Zambian Club Zesco United. Rainford moved to Sporting Braga in 2008 and spent the 2008/09 season on loan at Gil Vicente FC Making 22 appearances and scoring 4 goals. Rainford scored one of the goals that secured Zambia's place in the quarters.

    Emmanuel Mbola

    Nationality: Zambian
    D. O. B.: 10/05/1993
    Age: 16
    Club: FC Pyunik
    Position: LB/LM
    Rating: 75

    Emmanuel is one of the youngest players in the tournament. He currently plays for Pyunik in Armenia though he started his career at Mining Rangers in Zambia. Emmanuel has shown maturity to play well in Zambia’s first two matches. Emmanuel has been a firm fixture in defence all through to the quarter finals where he had another great game, but Zambia were knocked out.
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    Omzin8a reacted to Sinny in Guide to African Cup of Nations 2010   
    Didn't see one so done one myself
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    Omzin8a reacted to mr liucci in Togo withdraw from Africa Cup of Nations   
    Re: Togo withdraw from Africa Cup of Nations
    is it not a possibility for adebayor to return but for the rest of the squad to stay? i can imagine why he would want to leave, his career is made, he has everything, he doesnt need all this.
    But for the younger members of the squad, the ones who are still looking to build a reputation, and attract the european clubs, i'm very much certain they would prefer to stay.
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    Omzin8a reacted to BigGameMo in Togo withdraw from Africa Cup of Nations   
    Re: Togo withdraw from Africa Cup of Nations
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    Omzin8a reacted to Nickywright in Official Chelsea FC Thread   
    Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread
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    Omzin8a reacted to Singaporean Pundit in Official Chelsea FC Thread   
    Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread
    Don't Get Me Wrong All You Blues Fans Out There But I Have A Feeling This Is Who Ancelotti Can Realistically Bring In To The Club Come The End Of The January Transfer Window.
    Note*: Of The Dozens Of Players That Have Been Linked To Chelsea, Only A Handful Of Signings Will Be At The Bridge Come End Of The January Transfer Window. Some Will Surprise You And Some Will Confuse You But Of Course, There Will Be Some That Will Excite You.
    Jack Rodwell (Everton): The likeliest to occur in January could be Rodwell who, despite being utilised as a midfielder in David Moyes' Toffee line-up, has been hailed as a potential successor to Rio Ferdinand in Manchester United's rear-guard.
    What Chelsea may admire in the player is his versatility, especially as the two players who are best deployed at the base of Ancelotti's diamond - Obi Mikel and Essien - will both be absent for three weeks in January due to their involvements in the African Cup.
    A luxury buy on an anchoring midfielder would be blind-sighted as it would be near impossible to accommodate the acquisition into the team when Obi Mikel and Essien return to the Bridge, however, due to the perceived ease of Chelsea's January fixture list, Rodwell could be a smart buy.
    He is one for the future, would up the club's home-coached quotas in the Champions League competition, and can also provide cover in defence.
    Sebastian Corchia (Le Mans): Corchia can provide competition for Jose Bosingwa's right-back role, as well as adding depth to the midfield.
    The narrowness of Chelsea's diamond could be expanded with wing-play, and Corchia can add to that. Corchia penned a new deal with his Ligue 1 employers, but his rising status as a future star, his defensive nous and versatility, could render a swoop well-founded.
    Marek Hamsik (Napoli): Hamsik has been oft tagged in the past as a "Frank Lampard" type player, and the burgeoning box to box midfielder, 22, is of the right age to begin to challenge Lampard should he elect to choose the Blues over apparent interest from Manchester United.
    Hamsik, though, may warrant a bountiful cheque in order to release him from the grasp of Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis; a man who fully intends on keeping the player on the west coast of Italy.
    Mario Balotelli (Inter): The plight of Mario Balotelli, though, has reportedly piqued the interest of Premier League managers, with Arsene Wenger a known admirer of the fiery forward. Balotelli, like Aguero, is a good age for Chelsea.
    Didier Drogba and Nicolas Anelka are both enjoying rich veins of form yet they are the wrong side of 30. Balotelli, 19, can still be developed, and even a player-plus-cash transfer for the Inter prodigy could persuade Jose Mourinho to do business with his former club should Chelsea throw Salomon Kalou into the deal.
    Paulo Ferreira: He should be deemed surplus to requirements and be duly offloaded.
    Salomon Kalou : ^^
    Hope You Guys Will See Who Ancelotti Can Really Bring To London.
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    Omzin8a reacted to Chewett in Manchester City Sack Mark Hughes   
    Re: Manchester City Sack Mark Hughes
    City have no doubt lost a load of peoples respect, mine included. If rumours are to be believed, City spoke to Toure and Given at half-time and informed them of Hughe's fate and were ordered to tell the team the news. Shocking behaviour by a ''top'' club.
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    Omzin8a reacted to Insider in Religion (A.K.A. The thread destined to fail.)   
    Please, keep it civil. Mods will probably by flying around this like hawks. This is also a maturity test for the forum.
    Before I start, know that I am a catholic. Practicing. That in it's own may surprise a few, and if you have anything angry to shout my way or any abuse for me, I'd be pleased if you sent it to me via PM as to not dirty up the forum. Kinda surprising after I stated that I believe that economic communism is an idea with merit, and that I love the Norwegian style of life.
    Now, with the recent thread on global warming, which impressed me with the knowledge and intellect that a lot of members have shown. I'm curious as to where people stand on these issue. Note that I know more about Christianity then the other religions because, well, I'm Catholic, and the post applies mostly to Christianity.
    i. Religions of the World
    I think the major religions could definatly get along with a bit of tolerance. Most of the values preached in the Bible are mirrored by those preached in the Qur'an. I believe in the human being as a species dedicated to the search of goodness and of moral highground. So any religion that wants to be respected and followed needs have the fundamental rights.
    The Holy Wars need to stop. They are no longer an extension of religious values and morals but rather of economic and political values under disguise of being religious. I don't think religion is the major problem but rather administrative greed and corrupt politics. And I do include the Vatican as part of the administrative greed and corrupt politics.
    ii. Religion in every day life
    A lot of people give me a hard time when they learn that I'm a practicing Catholic. Many also believe that it's a waste of time to believe in an irrationnal being. To those, I ask you to visit a poor 3rd world country, or if financial issues restrict you, a nearby children's hospital. (A regular hospital would do, it just happens that I've spent a lot of time at childrens hospitals). Belief in the irrationnal sometime helps you get through the concrete, the rationnal. In fact, I grew up fairly secular and it was tough medical times that helped me see the proverbial light (view part iii).
    In these situations, belief in the irrationnal helps give you hope, which in turn in turn helps you think positive. I actually think the separation from religion in the Western World is partly due to this. There are less plagues, less tragedies, less sufferring then anything before WWII because of our modernised society. If there were more, I think more would revert to religion.
    I must say as well, since my medical troubles have eased, I still do keep the rituals that I had kept while they were going on. It helped ease my mind and calm me then, and it still does. I don't think the rituals need be the same for everyone or necessarily of traditionnal origin; I just am a believer in the calming factor of a ritual.
    iii. Religion and Tolerance
    Expressions like "seeing the light" bug me more then anything else. I can't stand the call to convert or to spread the good news. I think that's more using the faithful as pawns for the Church and not necessarily for God. I also see the canvassing and the attemps at conversion as having a more negative impact on the perception of Church then anything else. I dream of the day that I can say in public that I'm a Catholic without being judged by someone.
    I also dream of the day that Catholics as a whole won't judge Muslims or Jews or Buddhists or Atheists. I just wish we could all accept each other's beliefs as being as legit as our own.
    iv. Religion and Politics
    How can I talk of religion and politics without going on the US? Of course, there are the big issues. Abortion. Homosexuality. Assisted suicide. Death penalty. I think in US and Canadian politics (probably goes for all the Western World, but I don't know enough about European politics. Hopefully someone can shed some light here?) these issues are all run by capitalist interest and corruption. I hate to say it, but Bible-clutching politicians are kind of looking at it from a very narrow point of view.
    For homesexuality, view point v.
    Sanctity of life. This is what the abortion and assisted suicide debates are all about. These issues are being pushed by the same politicians who are pushing to include domestic cigarettes in foreign aid packages. Need I point out the hypocrasy?
    When it comes to sanctity of life, you can pick and choose. But for God's sake (literally...) don't choose to leave out the sanctity of human life once the fetus comes OUT of the womb. Pollution, cigarettes, alcohol, disease, 3rd world plagues... these are the things we should be focusing on. Abortion and assisted suicide are very debatable moral issues about sanctity of life. Pollution, cigarettes, alcohol, disease and 3rd World plagues are empiracally proven threats to sanctity of life. Come on, politicians, get your priorities straight.
    As for the Death Penalty... isn't that what all this is about? Only God decides who lives and who dies? The American Evangelical stance on this is completely hypocritical.
    v. Homosexuality
    ...is a sin, according to the Holy Scriptures. So are gossip, gluttony and greed. Jesus died on the cross for our sins. The end.
    According to the Holy Scriptures, homosexuals will therefore go to heaven as well. I can't wait to see the look on the Pope's face! This battle is completely overdrawn; in fact if you look at the words that are highlighted as Jesus's in the New Testament, there is no mention of homosexuality, but there is a nice substantial bit about acceptance and helping out the oppressed.
    I don't know anymore. I'm a Catholic, and from the inside, I can honestly say that I believe our leaders have it all wrong.
    Don't necessarily need replies to this, but if I can make just a few people think, then success.
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    Omzin8a reacted to Didi in Tactics Help Thread   
    Re: Tactics Help Thread
    Have to say' date=' I'd pick a totally different XI. Your highest rated squad would be 4-2-2-2:
    Alves - Puyol - Marquez - Abidal
    YaYa - Keita
    Xavi ------------- Iniesta
    Eto'o - Henry[/center]
    And I would definitely use some formation of these players. Basically, if you want to attack down the flanks, buy some new wingers or use either 4-3-3 wings (in which you can use forwards as wingers) or 5-3-2 (in which Abidal and Alves make wing backs) but with Xavi and Iniesta in squad it is highly recommendable attack either through the middle or mixed.
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    Omzin8a got a reaction from Tom Erdenay in Lionel Messi wins Ballon d'Or 2009   
    Re: Lionel Messi wins Ballon d'Or 2009
    There are so many overated ones here, for example Giggs is sitting nicely in 14th for some reason. It is fair to say that many journalists base their scores on reputation 1st, which proves just how much of footie they actually know:rolleyes:.
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    Omzin8a reacted to Dids in Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers *   
    Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers *
    All I can say is thank you!
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