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  1. Re: Faty Papy - 18 Year Old Star - The Next Michael Essien
  2. Re: Italy Starting XI for 2010 Not saying hes not talented, not for the lack of ability...just talking about his tender age hence inexperience. No harm in seeing more of the kid...all i'm saying. If he keeps up the performances then fine. As for the bit in bold, you talking about Rooney or Lescott? or who lol
  3. Re: Italy Starting XI for 2010 Would like to see Montolivo at CM tbh:) Maybe share the spot with Aquilani because De Rossi is a must to have in there and Pirlo i still rate highly and think of him as irreplaceable. Then there is Gattuso so it would be difficult but he is definitely a very good player who will see some game time. I hope anyways. So much hype on Santon, people are tipping him for the Italian squad next year?. What happened to those forgotten talents like De Ceglie. I know he is very attack minded but i would like him to assume the LB spot. Criscito is another useful one to hav
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Can you get anyone other than Marchena? Manuel Fernandes is a good buy but Marchena...hmm Try Raul Albiol and henrique? You might have to break tht up as it may not go through What other defenders does he have apart from marchena?
  5. Re: Faty Papy - 18 Year Old Star - The Next Michael Essien No problem. It is a good thread...so i thought i would contribute:) I was going to make a thread about him but then i found this so:) Also for those who haven't seen Faty play... bfb6gtmV0g4 2:23 he makes a very nice pass and from there...its all Faty:) If you can't see the video...the link... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfb6gtmV0g4 This was the game i was talking about:)
  6. Re: Faty Papy - 18 Year Old Star - The Next Michael Essien
  7. Re: Portuguese rating predictions (2008/09) Thanks for the help Gizb
  8. Re: Portuguese rating predictions (2008/09) Any chance of Cristian Rodriguez getting 90 in the next changes?
  9. Re: Signature Design Feedback Cutting is good for your first go. Background it is quite plain. I think it is very good for your first go. You can only get better:)
  10. Re: Signature Design Feedback Hi Allan, Overall i think its a good sig. I really like having a look at people's work and i keep an eye on everyone's really and i sorta have an idea on the sig makers level and what to expect. I think your sigs have improved immensely. You never use to work around the render and you have this time and its quite nice but i think its a bit too much on Diego's left arm. The work on the Bremen batch is brilliant. Text is not bad but cold be better. Overall the contents of the sig really do go well together.
  11. Re: Manchester United's Best CM Big fan of Scholes. Keeps a cool head in every situation and is just pure genius when he has the ball. Passing range is phenomenal. Form wise i will go with Carrick because Fergie isn't playing Scholesy as regularly as him because he is getting on a bit. No doubt when he plays, he NEVER disappoints and he never has. So Carrick based on current form but Scholes is Manchester United's best CM. When he retires, provided Carrick keeps his consistency, he will be next to the throne. Voted Scholes
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