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  1. Re: Do You Use 3-5-2 I like to use 3-5-2 as it is quite effective. however, I think one of the more pertinent issues is finding a formation to combat the opponents. 3-5-2 might give you a 3-0 win one week and a 0-3 defeat the next - based on what the opposition is playing. look at your opponents' match results to see what formations have beat them in the past. one very general guide is if you are a higher rated team, play attacking, if you are a lower rated team, play defensive. Having said that, I find 3-5-2 with fast wing-passing has good results in lower leagues.
  2. Re: Results are unrealistic !!!! This game isn't really about the match or the tactics - it's an accountancy game. The ME is random; no rhyme nor reason.
  3. Re: Adding New Players On a point of order, wher can we find the criteria? the only one I can find is:
  4. Re: Finances tab That's squad finances, not club finances. It's not a major problem, just a wee bug that's popped up.
  5. Re: Adding New Players http://www.soccerway.com/players/chidi-dauda-omeje/75308/
  6. Re: Adding New Players Without wishing to get into a lesson in semantics, it can't be 'self-explanatory' if you need other information to explain it. And yes, he does. This isn't about whether he's added or not; it's about the vague auto-response.
  7. Disappeared from the Main Squad area still in the banner at the top of the page though
  8. Re: Results are unrealistic !!!! I think the match-fixing problem is the bigger issue here.
  9. Re: hazard for robinho? Swap him, but I'd be surprised if the other dude takes the swap.
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