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  1. Re: Stadium Building

    Iv got huge problems myself ' date=' with my fav club birmingham and tbf my stadium dosent fit with the club at all. i really need more seats as im going into debt every game i have. SM i feel hate small teams developing as how are you meant to keep a team a float as well when you cant handle the wage bill. if i want to keep the bill low to keep in profit i have to sell over half my team. Iv won Cups and finished 3rd so id expect much better. Always managed european football as well every season.

    i really expect sm to help small teams asap , how can i develop anymore when im always in debt and can only go out by selling. iv come to a point where there are no fringe players to sell.[/quote']

    TV revenue and prize money (for SMFA comps) should be much much higher.

  2. Re: Do You Use 3-5-2

    I like to use 3-5-2 as it is quite effective. however, I think one of the more pertinent issues is finding a formation to combat the opponents.

    3-5-2 might give you a 3-0 win one week and a 0-3 defeat the next - based on what the opposition is playing. look at your opponents' match results to see what formations have beat them in the past.

    one very general guide is if you are a higher rated team, play attacking, if you are a lower rated team, play defensive.

    Having said that, I find 3-5-2 with fast wing-passing has good results in lower leagues.

  3. Re: Adding New Players

    I don't think the message is rude' date=' more efficient. I'd imagine that of about 10 players suggested to SM, only 1 or 2 should be added. Why are you suggesting players who obviously don't fit the criteria? You should be reminded that if you continually suggest players who shouldn't be added then the ability to suggest players will be removed. If people only suggested players who should be added then maybe SM would have more time to answer support tickets... And it's not as if the chat which has been suggested has been added is it? SM take people's suggestions into account; I just think you've got a bee in your bonnet.

    And this proves it really. Sneering tone? I guess everyone who proves you categorically wrong has a sneering tone... The message has to tell people not to waste SM's time or they'll continue to waste SM's time.[/quote']

    Yes, I have a bee in my bonnet; I have a bee in my bonnet about snippy, supercilious customer service.

    And how on earth have you proved me 'categorically wrong'? It's my opinion that SM should treat their customers better. You can't prove someone's opinion on something like this wrong, kid. You can disagree but that doesn't make either of us right. You said it yourself - you don't 'think' the message is rude. I do think it's rude. As do most others on this thread, btw.

    Anyway, it's clear you have no concept of what good customer service is, so I'm 'wasting my time' here. So consider this message me telling you to stop wasting my time.

    Oh btw, the player does fit the criteria, certainly more than a whole lot of players who have been added....but that's not really the issue here....:rolleyes:

  4. Re: Adding New Players

    That should suffice. The Swedish second division is not a professional league.

    I think you'd be surprised. Look through this thread which includes some ridiculous photos uploaded by SM members. I'd be confident extrapolating that out to people adding ridiculous new players' date=' possibly more so than genuine new players that should be added.

    I repeat, players are rejected for a reason. If you're uploading the player then you should know enough about the player to understand if he fulfils SM's criteria for adding new players. If the player fails to meet SM's criteria then you're wasting SM's time so why should you get a nice polite message?[/quote']

    You should get a nice polite message because manners cost nothing. In fact it takes more energy to be rude than polite; not to mention trying to manage the fallout. But as we know, SM aren't exactly renowned for their ability to handle feedback.

    It's not difficult - basic communication and diplomacy. Although judging by your sneering tone, it does appear to be more difficult for some than others, particularly SM apologists.

  5. Re: Adding New Players

    On a point of order, wher can we find the criteria?

    the only one I can find is:

    New players are constantly added to the player database by members of the Soccer Manager community, but they can only be added if they have made their competitive debut at a professional level.

    A new player will become a free agent in your Game World if the club he plays for in real life is within a league in your Game World. However if the club he plays for in real life is not in a league in your Game World he will be added to his clubs respective squad.

    Soccer Manager is a community driven game and we welcome any input from our members. If you feel there is a player missing from the current database then you can submit a request to have them added via the New Players page.


  6. Re: Adding New Players

    the short automated answer could ate least be a polite one dont you think? the guy on the other line gets paid to this his job whilst we are only trying to help. From a customer point of view it is impossible to be happy with the message they send (i am a customer' date=' i pay to play this game therefore i demand good customer service). And from the point of view of someone that is trying to help it is just wrong to treat you like that![/quote']

    Correct. Although we're engaging in a pointless activity here. they don't seem to listen to or care what the punters think. That's what happens in a monopoly.

  7. Re: Adding New Players

    I think the message is fine :o It may be a little abrupt but I'd imagine far more people add hoax players and warrant the short shrift than those who have simply made a mistake.

    SM tend to add players from high profile clubs' date=' even if they haven't played the 'required' first team minutes.

    I'd assume the reason that player in particular was rejected was because he plays for a team not recognised by SM. Kinda like me adding a prolific Sunday league scorer.

    You have to bear in mind that it's another person on the other end of the line, not really a company, and he's got to sift through probably hundreds of new suggestions a day. It's perfectly understandable that a short automated message is the rejection response.[/quote']

    Earlier you said it was self-explanatory, now you're making assumptions. :D

    Anyway, there isn't really any point in them having criteria, if they are going to ignore them, is there? Swedish second division is hardly sunday league, lad.

    And it's not the short automated response that is the problem, it's the aggressive, threatening tone. We all know SM is run by developers; they know less about good customer service than coudl fit on the head of a pin. This forum is full of dissatisfied punters.

  8. Re: Adding New Players

    Does he fit the criteria required for new players? If not then the rejection is surely self-explanatory.

    Without wishing to get into a lesson in semantics, it can't be 'self-explanatory' if you need other information to explain it.

    And yes, he does. This isn't about whether he's added or not; it's about the vague auto-response.

  9. Re: FIFA Balon d'Or 2011

    I dont think anyone will come close to Messi. To tell you the truth they dont deserve to. I've never seen him play bad. No-one in the world is anywhere near as good as he is in my opinion.


    Would be very interesting to see how Messi gets on in a tougher league.

  10. Re: Custom Setup Requires Managers

    The Best Managers In The World Set -Up

    Team Available

    Ac Milan

    Game Id -67333

    Two divisons only ten games gone in the first season.Milan have not sold any of their best players' date='and every other team is managed.Good set-up.[/quote']

    I've applied there, Keith.

  11. Re: Match engine

    Grand so, Stuart. I'll keep going nonetheless.

    Athletic Club 2 - 3 Spartak Moscow


    44% 56%

    Total Shots

    22 15

    Shots On Target

    15 13


    4 8

    Yellow Cards

    1 1

    Red Cards

    0 0

    Interesting to see the possession stats here compared to the shots. Also interesting to see that the match was won by the posession dominator rather than the shot dominator.

    Also worth noting is the half time score of 0 - 3. Atheltic pulled it round a bit on the second half yet no tactical changes were made by either side. perhaps Spartak weren't fully fit.


    Ath: 3-5-2

    spar: 4-5-1

    The average team ratings were

    Athletic: 90

    Spartak: 84



  12. Re: Lets have a maximum amount of players per team.

    I don't understand how it's puzzling. One of the best Central Defenders in the game has hardly played in the last 3 seasons' date=' yet he's still at the club - that's ineffective to me, but to be pedantic - it's just not effective enough.

    I just don't think it's quick enough.

    I definitely agree with them, and think it's a better idea than squad capping, but it needs to be quicker. That being said, it's unjustified penalising someone who has brought a small team up from the bottom using these methods - there would need to be a more sophisticated mind than my own who could find an answer to make it fair for all.

    I do agree with most of what you've said, but I also see the point of those who would like to introduce squad capping also. I suppose this is a situation that'll stay until a balance is found.[/quote']

    I agree with James. The player concerns system is a good idea, just needs to be re-coded so it works more quickly... in both directions....as perfectly illustrated by the aformentioned Pique example.

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