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  1. Re: Important Match: Tactics help i went 4-5-1 and got a 2-2 result quite happy with that, although have dropped to 3rd in the division.
  2. Hello, I've an important league game coming up (tomorrow). I'm first in the elague with Villareal and am away to the second placed team, Fenerbahce. Our two teams are evenly matched with an average rating of 91 each although I think I have the edge over him with some players (eg: Martcos Senna and Carzola). His strikers are very strong and better than my central defenders although his captain and winger, Alex is injured. Looking at previous matches, Fenerbache seem to play a very attacking 4-4-2diamond with the following settings: Team Style Tackling Style: Normal Mentality: V.Attacking Passing Style: Mixed Attacking Style: Down Both Flanks Tempo: Fast Pressing: Own Half Counter-Attack: Yes Men Behind Ball: No Tight Marking: Yes Play Offside: No Use Play Maker: Yes Use Target Man: No My starting eleven is, at the moment: ******************DIEGO LOPEZ **********************90 ANGEL LOPEZ*******F FUENTES****GONZALO RODRIGUEZ****CAPDEVILLA **90************89************90****************92 SANTI CAZORLA*******MARCOS SENNA******EGUEREN******PIRES ****92****************94***************89**********91 ****************************IBIGAZA ******************************91 ****************************EDUARDO ******************************89 I could play Rossi at the CF, he is rated 90 and eduardo is 89 but Eduardo has been on a good scoring run I could also play R Cani (RM/AM) instead of Eguerren, he is rated 90 as opposed to Eguerren's 89. I was thicking of defensive and counterattacking. I'm concerened with hte strength of Fenerbahce's attack: Guiza 92 Luis Garcia 91 His defence is very strong. My strength is in midfield, hnece the plan to pay a defensive possession game and flood the midfield. Sorry for the long rambling post, but any suggestions are very welcome
  3. Re: Maresca (CM) + Mathijsen (CB): possible risers? Do we knowe when ratings changes are due to occur or do they just happen as and when? Been trying to find this out, but no success.
  4. Re: Big Money Making in Europe how often are players' ratings changed?
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