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  1. Re: Forum Championship Great... you have far too many CMs..... I have not enough. no wonder I couldn't get any....
  2. PATRICIO, Rui SIRIGU, Salvatore MUSLERA, Fernando RUFFIER, St├ęphane VIVIANO, Emiliano Who should we go for?
  3. Re: pogba, barkley draxler?? I can do that on Pro Evolution Soccer. Its easy.
  4. Re: If players had rating judging on their looks.. Chris Eagles - purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  5. Re: Forum Championship Hmmm, I think something's missing.....
  6. Re: Forum Championship Will be interested to see what SM do with the attendances. Presume they will be based on real life giving Barcelona; Man United etc an advantage....
  7. Re: Forum Championship No. I think it's fine.
  8. Re: Forum Championship Being in Div 3 doesn't make any difference.
  9. Re: Forum Championship Barcelona are going to pay 104m for Aguero
  10. Re: Forum Championship yeah 39m. bargain. sissoko -
  11. Re: Forum Championship Napoli picked up Xavi for 29m I think I've over paid for Moussa Sossoko
  12. Re: Forum Championship looks like a solid team
  13. Re: Forum Championship Cn you bring back the messages-opening-on-a-new-screen please? Or at least a bigger window pane.
  14. Re: Forum Championship One issue I'd be looking at is the number of new messages you get 500+ etc after logging in a few hours after logging out. An improved message system might help - something along the lines of the old system where messages opened in a new page and NOT that horrendous tiny window we get on the overview screen. also, allowing to multi delete...
  15. Re: Forum Championship You haven't quite got the hang of this 'testing' carry on, have you?
  16. Re: New Swedish Championship! lads, i'm not a fan of the balkan-based racism count me out of this game world sorry and all
  17. Re: Bugs! If you think there are bugs, report them here. http://www.soccermanager.com/help.php?action=reportbugform
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