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  1. Re: fake account used to delay transfer I feel for you, Buddy. Soccermanager don't seem too concerned with keeping their good customers happy. This is what happens when you let software developers try to run a business.
  2. Re: Is swapping Khedira for Coentrao a good deal ??? It really does depend on your squad on the whole. But I believe that there are many more decent CM/DMs than decent LB/LM types On a very general level, I'd try to get Coentrao in my squad.
  3. Re: Lets have a maximum amount of players per team.
  4. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread I've just taken Standard Liege in this Game World...
  5. Most of us are aware that after a short space of time money in a Game World becomes practically meaningless. So I ask myself, why is this? Obviously one of the most important aspects of the game is the ability to scout players who are risers and to make money through this skill. But to what end? What is the point of making 20, 30, 40 million a season in this way if the money you have has no value? Hyperinflation. It's a given that every club is profitable with even a minimum amount of financial control. And this, my friends, is not realistic. And realism is what we're after here, isn't it? Isn't it? Indeed the only real currency is players. Player trading, player swaps, players, players, players. And anyone who's been in on a Gold Championship when the doors open can not but be reminded of the opening scenes from Gladiator... 'On my signal, unleash hell' indeed. So if this is a recognised 'problem', what can we do to inject some realism? I'm just throwing this out there, just throwing it out.... Should players wages - and I mean top players; top, top players; top top top players, even... should their wages be increased? Lionel Messi is the top rated player in the game yet his wages are a mere 110k... So, I say to you, as a starter for ten... let's increase the wages, baby.
  6. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012 Players don't get a rise of 2 based on a handful of games.
  7. Re: join Amercian soccer League 437 i 'as joined....
  8. Re: Russian Championship 173 Count me in, horse.
  9. Re: New Swedish Championship! I'll join go on, the swedes.....
  10. Re: Russian Championship 173 Your chairman won't loan him out.
  11. Re: Russian Championship 173 Chivu would be brilliant. Can I loan him back after your final?
  12. Re: Russian Championship 173 Here lads.. I'm desperate for a reasonable Left Back if anyone would care to loan someone out...
  13. Come on, SM, give us a reserve squad instead of a youth squad... please?????
  14. Re: Teams with 21 player I normally check the squad before making a bid.
  15. Re: Rafael & Fabio or J.Hernandez? Take Hernandez and loan him out.
  16. Re: Leagues that need reviewing urgently When was Romania last reviewed?
  17. Re: Playmaker and Targetman help ! They are both RB/CB It would depend on the opposition's winger/fwd ratings amd form.
  18. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012 once he gets his fitness back, i would think so twice the player lescott is
  19. Re: Paul Pogba 12 TWELVE bids in one of my game worlds
  20. Re: am i right or am i in the wrong I agree with Cheeky Lad. report the articles if offensive. Nothing wrong with PMing he dudes, but don't expect any give from them. Blackburn used to do the same thing, then Chelsea and now Man City arwe doing it.... buying up all the good players so other can't. If it is still too much for you, quit the game world and let them have their fun. Although I have no idea how whaqt they appear to be doing is any fun at all. seems immature and would bore me to tears. Were you bidding for Torres or Gomez? Confused. and of course one other thing... chances are that with all those top strikers, they will probly start to get unhappy and request a move - then you swoop. ps: what game world is it?
  21. Re: Should i sell Khedira and Sahin or will they rise I mean that you should sell Sahin and buy Soldado. your midfield is your strongest area.
  22. Re: Should i sell Khedira and Sahin or will they rise You need bulking up up front Soldado
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