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  1. Re: Division 1 I'd buy the low-cost-potential-risers. you're just trying to avoid relegation and stabilise
  2. Re: blocking bids from managers To be honest I just keep rejecting the offers and deleting. Patience is a virtue. The key is not letting them beat you. slowly slowly catchy monkey ...etc
  3. Re: New Interfaceneeds some fixing daft. You can't quantify something like that as 'fact'. off the top of my head three things that are flawed: the mesasging system; the squad page filtering; and the horrid red/green warning bar at the top of the screen.
  4. Re: Lets have a maximum amount of players per team.
  5. Re: samir nasri or luis nani? at the moment Nasri is probably better but Nani is more likely to rise. Nasri has probably hit his peak.
  6. Is there any reason why loaning to and from unmanaged/external clubs wouldn't work?
  7. Re: Is this cheating?...Comments? Seems very suspicious to me.
  8. Re: My desert island discs. No it's not. the lyric was written by an Englishman and the melody is an Irish air.
  9. Re: When Managers Don't Respond to Transfers But neither of those are part exchange only. there must be a way that suits everyone. And without it descending into the usual entrenched, truculant condescension.
  10. Re: Russian Championship 173 Been out for a while, lads back now... just managed to sign Nasri for little Tom Tomsk Go me.
  11. Re: English Championship 8000 - Discussion Thread Which team are you?
  12. Re: English Championship 8000 - Discussion Thread Just taken accrington stanley
  13. Re: A small change to the transfer 'search' as a very general guideline... the more filters in the search market, the better. Nice suggestion, my friend.
  14. Re: Attendance System Flawed? capacity and attendance do rise I took Derry City, in a custom game, to div 1 from div 4 in five seasons. In div 4 they had a 10k stadium with attendances of 6k. By the time I was an established div 1 team, the stadium had expanded to 38k and I was near capacity every home game. It took patience and good management, but I got there.
  15. Re: When Managers Don't Respond to Transfers It sounds to me like no-one else was interested in him. Another suggestion is that SM give us an option to set the player for P/E only... and it to actually mean P/E only.
  16. Re: When Managers Don't Respond to Transfers no. 'everyone' wouldn't put their players unavailable. and even if they did... if they are unavailable' date=' the manager clearly doesn't want to sell them. You can't [b']force [/b]anyone to sell, heck you can't force anyone to listen to offers.
  17. Re: When Managers Don't Respond to Transfers Make him 'unavailable for transfer'. that way if 'the same manager' wants him, they will have to PM you and you can tell him PE only. or take the two seconds to reject the cash offer
  18. Re: When Managers Don't Respond to Transfers Here's a proposed solution to the issue of weak managers (ie: managers who don't respond to bids are weak managers and would be sacked in real life) If, after a period of time following the bid (for example one week, ten days... whatever)... the chairman steps in and either accepts the bid or rejects it. accepting it would make more sense as the bid can only be made if it meets the chairman's valuation. This would force the weak manager to take action. If he is too rude or lazy or busy to take five seconds to click reject, why is he wasting his time playing a football management game? Can anyone give a good reason why this proposal wouldn't work?
  19. Re: The real problem with sm.. Match engine!.. I find your writing very hard to understand.
  20. Re: Loan Players Yep. I have just taken over Palermo. i have four RB on my books but the highest rated one is 90 and on loan at Fiorentina. My next highest is rated 84! So, although he is my player I can't use him and need to go buy a new RB RANT OVER
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