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  1. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) I'll tell you what's stoopid---- players concerns rising even though they've played fifteen games in a row!!
  2. It would be grrrrrrrrrrrrreat if you could recall players who are on loan 'til the end of the season' in real life. Pllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeasssssssssseeeee
  3. Re: New User Interface [beta] And dump that horrific green bar that flashes up with 'MESSAGE DELETED' etc.
  4. Re: New User Interface [beta] and another for me one of the biggest flaws of the new system is the way the messages work - even after the change. where once you clicked two things now you click three and four. The views, for example or the player news. before you selected all messages and could see the info there and then now you select all messages but still have to click the message to get details of the injury, bid etc this makes me really sad. SM, please don't make me cry please?
  5. Re: New User Interface [beta] one more thing.... I tell you what WOULD have been a major improvement. Giving us a 'reserve' squad instead of a 'youth' squad.
  6. Re: New User Interface [beta] Thanks for taking the time to respond to your users. But i for one will definitely not be renewing my gold membership. What was once a simple, easy to use game has now become so complex and unwieldy as to be actively rage-inducing. sorry, One Less Customer.
  7. Re: New User Interface [beta] Why have they made the interface so bad? eg: where previously two clicks would get you to where you want to go; now it takes five... I see this a lot with web development. make it easier to use, Devs; not harder. You'veleft your customers stumbling around in the dark trying to guess where things are. You'd make it clunky, slow[er] and counterintuitive. i'd be interested to see how many users have abandoned SM altogether.
  8. Re: New Features & Improvements Definitely. Too much on the home screen.
  9. Re: New User Interface [beta] The new interface looks cluttered and clumsy. They're trying to fit too much on the home page. I don't seem to be able to get to the 'all messages' screen. It just keeps redirecting to the Club Overview page
  10. Re: Russian Championship 173 Lots of oddball match ratings going on. Look at the Krylia v Tom match on Saturday. Look at the ratings of the players, the red card and the ratings of the goalscorers. Look at Negredo. Two assists and he gets a match rating of 3? Lucas scores a goal and gets 5? Can't be right. And compare the ratings to, say, the Rostov v D Moscow match, which also finished 2-1 This is a recurring issue with Tom matches. Not really bothered by it because my results are ok - but it's still real oddball behaviour
  11. Re: Russian Championship 173 my forward scored two goals and gets a four...etc ?
  12. Re: Russian Championship 173 I don't understand....buh?
  13. Re: Russian Championship 173 very odd match stats on the Tom v Amkar match; given the result...
  14. Re: Russian Championship 173 Things continue to get interesting down Tomsk way....
  15. Re: Russian Championship 173 How do lads. any pre-match nerbes?
  16. Re: Best League In The World No idea. I barely watch any football.
  17. Re: Russian Championship 173 w00ty w00tpecker!!
  18. Re: The Premier Skirmish Division!.. ID-62634.. No Buying Over 29 Yrs.. 87 Rating Cap Any teams available lads?
  19. Re: Russian Championship 173 Maurice is here and ready to talk soccermanager.com fun with all the po-faced little kids.... :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  20. Re: Russian Championship 173 Tom 1 - 0 Rubin Is Maurice starting to show his tactical genius?
  21. Re: EC7046 Man Utd loan list thread Why is the player concern system unworkable?
  22. Re: Russian Championship 173 I be Maurice You DO be learning my name....
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