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  1. Re: 3-5-2 Tactics Help iv had the same problem, i used to crush teams that where even managed playing 4-4-2 with my 3-5-2 it used to seem like the perfect formation but now it wont work. I believe with the new tactics they have reviewed their understanding of formations such as the 4-2-3-1 is more recently being used by clubs teams like liverpool are doing very well with it. So i personally believe its not altering the runs and finding how to adapt the formation but finding a completly new one that supports your team against the common 4-4-2
  2. Re: The new tactics are not helping iv had the exam same problem .. well not as bad as yourself just one of my leagues i cant seem to get a result and yet i have the best team in the setup. i have found playing 4-2-3-1 quite affective although it may seem more deffinsive it seems to work so give it a try.
  3. Ever since this new tactic update i have not been able to win one single game in one of my leagues it is realy anoying me to the max any ideas ??
  4. i have mertisacker in a lot of my teams and im wondering will he drop?
  5. Hey i would appreciate if you could take a look at my squad and advise me on the rating changes that are likely to happen Thanks much appreciated! BUFFON, Gianluigi Gk 31 96 LAHM, Philipp LB/RB 25 93 CASTRO, Gonzalo RB/DM 21 91 JOHNSON, Glen RB 24 89 CANNAVARO, Fabio CB 35 95 TERRY, John CB 28 95 £9.2M MERTESACKER, Per CB 24 93 CHIELLINI, Giorgio CB/LB 24 92 RIERA, Albert LM/AM 26 91 MASCHERANO, Javier DM/CM 24 94 VAN BRONCKHORST, Giovanni DM/LB 33 92 CAMBIASSO, Esteban CM/DM 28 95 CARRICK, Michael CM/DM 27 91 YOUNG, Ashley Wing/AM 23 90 BABEL, Ryan Wing/Fwd 22 89 ETO'O, Samuel Fwd 27 96 RONALDINHO, Assis Moreira Fwd/AM 28 96 IBRAHIMOVIC, Zlatan Fwd 27 96 DEL PIERO, Alessandro Fwd/AM 34 93 BERBATOV, Dimitar CF 28 93 SANTA CRUZ, Roque CF 27 91
  6. Re: Babel Sure to rise Babel is a quality player, i believe he used to play for Ajax and their he was superb but sitting on the bench has ruined his confidence at liverpool and he hasnt done anything. I would say he will go down by 1.
  7. Re: Who will be best CM duet in England national team? Gerrard and Carrick would be the best partnership in the middle but you wouldnt want to leave out Lampard and Gerrard can play in other posistions, we have seen him upfront, left mid and right mid before so although him and carrick would make the best partnership it is more likely that it will include lampard in the middle. But players always get injuried for the national squad so you can never tell who will be the constant duet.
  8. I have these players in my team and believe they will drop in the coming rating changes but would like confirmation and your opinions before i trade them: Cannovaro 95 drop to 94? Nesta 95 drop to 94? Diarra 94 drop to 93? Eissian 95 drop to 94/93? Abidal 94 drop to 93? Thanks
  9. Re: Uefa Fan’s Team of the Year 2008 i think gerrard and kaka should be in the team and Ferdinand has played better than terry this season maybe change to 4-3-3 and the balance would be better with: Ronaldo, torres and messi up midfield xavi gerrard and kaka deffence the same but terry off and ferdinand in.
  10. Both deffenders play in the german league which i dont watch and know much about, does anyone know if they will rise or drop? Thanks
  11. Re: Lahm's Rating he is germanys best deffender at the moment and deserves a high rating as for bayern munich iv only seen a few games and in them he has been good but its hard to compare him to say the prem or la liga because their higher standards.
  12. Re: Players usually swapped but doing well nice thread millner and abonglahor are good buys as well who people are often willing to sell. also johnson is a great player on form and his recent england caps show what the top manageral system thinks aswell
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