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  1. Oliver Torres Sevilla or Lucas tousart? whose most likely to get 90? thanks
  2. Can anyone give me some info Matheus Fernandes at barca? Will he get game time and what’s his potential rating rise?
  3. who would you choose out of the following and what’s their ratings ceiling b chillwell r Lodoi a telles and who to sign g jesus or orayalaba (sp?) r sociadad thanks
  4. Swap harry Kane for sterling? I have kane Choose out of Werner or g Jesus? Which one thbaks for my replies
  5. Son, sane or Jesus and which order? any off them go 93 potential thansk
  6. One last one for today, Odergard or grealish & Harvey Elliot? thanks guys
  7. Should I swap my erikson for lautaro Martinez? I have pogba who can play cm for me as a replacement,
  8. Been offered a trade, I swap kimmich and 40 mill for TAA, Melo and one other good player form the team like haverts or barrella, what do you think
  9. Joe Gomez or b pavard? Leaning to Gomez, what his ceiling for rating?
  10. Hi guys courtois or ederson and why? cheers
  11. Who to keep l dubios or j denayer both at at Lyon need to sell one for funds and who do you think has the highest potential ratings wise? I know both preditecd to rise to 88 next review
  12. Quick reply appreciated but would you take kimich and Erickson or cancelo and pogba and Alderweireld?
  13. How long will alderwied (spurs) keep his return its for? Cheers
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