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  1. When will be the next change?
  2. What will be the next rating for pogba and when will it change?
  3. RAUL GARCIA, Escudero .... raise drop of stay:)
  4. lavesi


    Wanna ask u somthing if a player has 121 SM reputation how much days he will resign a club if he is off
  5. Re: juan forlin & javier pastore u always help me thnx
  6. i havent seen playing forlin since last year and id like to know is he improwing yet?what about pastore he is now part of palermo is he going to raise
  7. i just want to know at what time after 3 days a team who has the status offered to another manager becomes unmanaged at what o'clock i mean?
  8. Re: edin dzeko and mateo ferrari i ment those 4 players
  9. what are ur predictions about theese two players and demichellis & friedrich
  10. i wonna know ur predicts for Gourcuff-90 Lisandro-92 Felipe Melo-91 lescot-90 Rene Adler-91
  11. OWEN is playing awesome lately i think he should rise to 92 maybe 93 olso Milito is shining in genoa could he get 94 or not?
  12. Re: Rating prediction btw i have manninger too what do u think will he rise??
  13. Re: Rating prediction and i recieved an offer for cazorla he will give me sagna what should i do???
  14. I have theese players in my team: Gk.Neuer LB.Grosso CB.Corluka CB.Mexes RB.Arbeloa CM.Veron-Sissoko-Bodmer (wich one should i use) RM.Lucho AM.Kaka LM/AM.Santi Cazorla CF.Milito CF.Santa Cruz Now i want to know ur rating prediction for theese player and ur opinion for my CM
  15. Re: How to report an abuse ty very much
  16. veron has been choosed the best player in latin america and his rating is 92 i think he should rise to 93
  17. Re: How to report an abuse What?how?where?
  18. There is a guy in 2378 who has more than 5 teams and makes trades with those teams.I want to now where should i report this?????
  19. I have Corluka 91 and arbeloa 90 in one team.I want to sell one of them.What should i do?
  20. what do u think for aguero and maxi should they rise or decrease
  21. Wich players should have rating increase and wich decrease?
  22. i just wanna know what will be the rating increase for lavezzi zarate amauri giovinco chiellini di maria marchisio and hamsik
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