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  1. Re: World Cup 2014 Random Team Thread

    even tho I thought I signed up?.. I'll join standby
    My sincere apologies mate. I just haven't seen you on the forum at all' date=' and just with a few posts to your name couldn't take the risk. :o

    Seems like you're really up for this though which is good, and you can certainly join the standby list. Again sorry[/quote']

    If you want you can share Brazil with me? I'm going to be really busy for the next week-ish but i'll try to get on every few days and should be in the clear when the world cup kicks off. Brazil's obviously also hosting it so 2 people supporting them might be better.

    If you want to share it and Frozy's okay with it then we could do that.

  2. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread

    Your wrong.....again.

    The difference in the Liverpool case is that those T Shirts have been printed by chancers looking to make some cash totally unconnected to the club in any shape or form.

    The direction with regards to a parade is directly from the top of Chelsea arrogantly arranging winning parades weeks before they even have a chance of winning anything' date=' very presumptuous.

    You don't need months, weeks to organise a parade, it can be organised in a matter of days and I know because I work on this area.

    Difference big difference your arrogance comes from within the actual club not outsiders. your board, your manager it is endemic. don't see Man City Liverpool organising victory parades....[/quote']


  3. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

    But if you counter balance that argument then he drops way more points against weaker opposition than he should. You've lost to Sunderland' date=' Palace and Villa recently, which ultimately has probably lost you the title this season.

    [b']Also something I'd like to point out... The last goal against Liverpool, Torres, a 50m striker doesn't feel confident to score himself in a 2-1 situation with no pressure from defenders? Or he just didn't want to score against Liverpool... Either way, he needs to go this summer without a doubt[/b].

    That's completely idiotic. He made the right decision, had he missed it could have cost us the game.

  4. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread


    Ivanovic Mertesacker Terry Azpilicueta

    Silva Henderson Ya Ya Hazard

    Suarez Sturridge

    Personally feel that Silva's been better than Lallana and that Mertesacker edges out Cahill.

    Imo, Henderson's been outstanding this season and deserves a spot in the team, shocking that he wasn't included on the young player of the year award short list.

  5. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

    Watch the final again' date=' watch the tie against Barca again, they were outplayed by Benfica and Napoli as well. It was a horrendous fluke.[/quote']

    We weren't outplayed by Benfica nor were we by Napoli, whom we beat 4-1 at home.

    Another dissapointing display, I don't know where the fight and strength we show in the CL goes...

  6. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

    It was a handball

    I disagree although it was closer than I first thought. The linesman's position and the delay to which he gave the hand ball was ridiculous though, he couldn't of been definitive from where he was standing and as such shouldn't of given it.

  7. Re: The Official Tottenham Hotspur Thread

    I personally think spurs can challange next season should they get a top/decent manager in.

    There is a lot of quality there and €100' date='000,000 cant go down the drain like its nothing.

    Should you lot get a decent manager in someone who can get these top players conecting and getting the best out of them, especially with the new talent that was bought then I think spurs will have the season they were supposed to have. [/i']

    I absolutely agree, it's vital that they hold onto their best players as well though. Lloris in particular has been making some noise about CL football, it's essential that they keep him. I imagine they have a fair amount to spend in the summer as well, if they use that money wisely they should be able to challenge for a CL place next season.

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