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  1. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread

    I don't think they have the manager for it. Mitroglou was a clinical forward (in Greece for a top of the table club) but can he replicate his form to a dogfight in the PL? After all' date=' we've seen players like Shevchenko, Forlan, Mutu all turn into flops in the PL.

    Fulham are down for me.[/quote']

    By the same token, we've seen plenty of players who played in much weaker leagues and have gone onto excel in the PL like Suarez, Benteke and Van Nisterooy. He'll be crucial for them though, if he clicks with Holtby I reckon they'll stay up.

  2. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread

    Not liking my relegation multi of Hull' date=' palace and Sunderland atm, Hull especially ruining it for me. Its still close enough though but i cant see Fulham getting out of there.[/quote']

    I reckon Fulham will get out, Mitroglou's a very good forward who scores a lot of goals and with Holtby behind him I can see that being enough to keep them up.

  3. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

    1 Petr Cech ©; 2 Branislav Ivanovic, 24 Gary Cahill, 4 David Luiz, 28 Cesar Azpilicueta; 7 Ramires, 21 Nemanja Matic; 22 Willian, 11 Oscar, 17 Eden Hazard; 29 Samuel Eto'o.

    Substitutes: 23 Mark Schwarzer, 3 Ashley Cole, 12 John Mikel Obi, 8 Frank Lampard, 14 Andre Schurrle, 15 Mohamed Salah, 9 Fernando Torres.

    Pretty much identical to our last game, with only two changes: Ramires comes in for Frank and Torres comes in for Ba on the bench.

    Game kicks off at 8.

  4. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    They were initially 4-0 down because Ozil kept gifting the ball away.

    Quite clearly he does deserve blame because he was the worst player on the pitch.

    When you lose 5-1, including 4 goals in 20 mins, you can't blame your attacking midfielders. I'm not saying Ozil wasn't poor but their defence was obviously the reason they lost.

  5. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    So that makes it okay to continuously give the ball away? :o

    And for an 'attacking midfielder' what did he actually contribute to the attack?

    It shouldn't matter if your attacking midfielder gives the ball away, Arsenal should of had enough men back to cover for that. It was dreadful defending which caused their goals, not Ozil.

    They were 4 down before they even got a chance to attack, you can't blame him for not contributing much in a game which was lost.

  6. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

    Chelsea team v Newcastle: Cech; Ivanovic' date=' Cahill, Luiz, Azpilicueta, Matic, Lampard; Willian, Oscar, Hazard; Eto’o.

    Subs: Schwarzer, Cole, Mikel, Ramires, Schurrle, Salah, Ba.

    John Terry misses his 1st premier League game of the season due to injury.[/quote']

    Pleased with the team, hopefully Salah gets a few minutes.

  7. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

    It was enjoyable watching them snap into tackles and City were just clueless in reaction. They clearly don't like not having the time on the ball and Yaya Toure starting diving all over the place. The incident where he kicked Willian in the leg and somehow gets the free kick was baffling.

    Personally think Chelsea could do better than Ramires in there. He has energy but every attack involving him seems to fail miserably.

    How Nastasic remained on the pitch is completely beyond me after his cynical foul. You had 2 Chelsea players vs the goalkeeper which is about as clear a goal-scoring opportunity that you will ever see.

    Mourinho completely 'out-tacticed' Manu Peller.

    Ramires is a great player, he's just really unbalanced. The main problem with him is that his passing is pretty poor and his shooting is equally as bad which obviously causes issues when we attack. I'd still play him in the big games, but against teams who 'park the bus' I generally don't think he offers enough to justify a place in the starting eleven.

    I actually really liked the balance of playing Luiz and Matic as the two, both were very good defensively and also offered a lot going forward.

  8. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    I thought he was one of the worse on the team personally. Was way below his best' date=' had many sloppy first touches and miss placed passes.

    Two CB's were probably the best, although Koscienly messed up offside trap twice.[/quote']

    He was dreadful. And has been dreadful for some weeks' date=' inspite of his goals/assists. Lot more to come from him. Good job it's Liverpool next. He likes them.[/quote']

    Admittedly, I only watched the second half so he may have been poor in the first but... he was superb in the second. Aside from his assist (which was magic) he looked a constant threat, outshining Ozil once again.

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