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  1. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Yes' date=' probably but there's a flashiness to the kid that i don't like. Too many ambitious passes and flicks when simple side-foot passes would suffice. Cut that out and he'll be a good player.

    Rosicky is a must starter from now on. We look 10 times better when he's playing.[/quote']

    Agreed, there's plenty of room for improvement. He is only 20 though, so hopefully that will come in the next few years.

    Agreed on Rosicky as well, surprised he hasn't been offered a new contract yet although I imagine that will come in the coming weeks.

  2. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Ramsey was fit but he chose not to put him in the squad tonight. Well' date=' at least that's what he said. And Chamberlain has played there a few times and he's done it very well ( Milan game )[/quote']

    Chamberlain's barely played there and hasn't since the start of the season, throwing him into that position today would've been idiotic.

    Ramsey might be fit but I doubt he's 100% or he would've been included. He needs to be eased back in, starting him today could aggravate the injury he's been recovering from.

  3. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    What is there to LOL at? Are you serious ?

    We have been horrible. Combined with Southampton playing really well' date=' we don't deserve anything. Worst we've played since the Villa game.

    [b']Thank God Flamini won't play in the next 3. Does Wenger not understand that you cannot play both Flamini and Arteta at the same time ???[/b]

    Wilshere and Ramsey are both out, playing them together was your only option.

  4. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

    Anyway' date='Hazard is top nutch so I don't really want to argue bout him.I like him too much but Oscar is pretty overrated IMO.I don't really get all the fuss on him.Whatever :P

    Thanks for Mata :P[/quote']

    It's unfair to say he doesn't perform against the big teams though, as Stu pointed out, Chelsea's policy has been to sit back and absorb pressure against the big sides, resulting in us having less possession and ultimately giving Hazard less chances to impress. Against the sides we've attacked, Hazard's performances have been really good.

    I know you like him, I remember our conversation from like a year ago or something about Hazard and Oscar... who has been great this season, he offers so much more than just being an attacking threat, he's superb defensively and brings a lot of energy to Chelsea's midfield.

    Matic also had a really promising debut today, I thought he looked nervous, particularly at the start of the game but improved as the game went on. Defensively he was superb, adding some bulk to our midfield although his passing was a little sloppy at times. Looking forward to watching him more in the coming weeks, particularly against Man City and YaYa, that should be a fantastic match up.

    I'm not sure if it was mentioned but Salah also completed his move to Chelsea today, good player at a very good price.

  5. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

    So it should be even easier for him to be quite remarkable on Chelsea's attack then' date='isn't it?Since everybody's sitting deep,he should do his oozen runs on the counter but he simply can't against the big sides.Top nutch player anyway,but not on the same bracket with the top lads.[/quote']

    No, because he's been given a job to sit deep with the rest of Chelsea's midfield and not be too ambitious. It's hard for him to show off when Chelsea play like they did against Man Utd and Arsenal away. He was superb against Bayern too...

    I guess so, he'll never get close to the greats like Reus...

  6. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

    I love Hazard' date='but he hasn't performed against big sides pal.Face it.[/quote']

    He was the best player on the pitch against Liverpool and was superb against Man Utd in our last game as well. You can't blame him for the away performances as the whole team was set up to play for a draw.

  7. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

    I completely disagree. If a player leaps in with a dangerous challenge - both feet in the air' date=' studs up, etc. - then that can be construed as intent to injure the opponent, seeing as if they do connect it's a potential leg breaker. If they miss the opponent then that's just very fortunate, but the seriousness of the challenge is the same.

    Decisions going in United's favour shouldn't be regarded as precedents given the preferential treatment they've received for years. I can think of multiple challenges, elbows and dives that have gone unnoticed.[/quote']

    Honestly, I'm not sure on the exact rules, I completely agree that the intent is key however I still think the level of contact involved is important.

    Oscar's challenge had very little force in it, so you could argue there wasn't enough in it for him to cause serious harm. I still think a yellow was fair in this case, Rafael's had the potential to seriously injure someone, unlike, imo Oscar's.

    I'd say it's one of those yellow/red challenges, kind of like Vidic's. I know Vidic didn't go in two footed but he was incredibly late, made no sense to play the ball and his tackle had plenty of intent to hurt Hazard.

  8. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

    Although it makes sense from both a financial and footballing prospective, I'm still devastated Juan's gone. I wish him all the best at Man U, hopefully it allows him to make the Spain squad in the summer.

    Loved the letter he posted as well (which ash has posted above), a lovely way to say goodbye.

  9. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

    It's the intent that matters. The two footed tackle is outlawed because it is a completely unnatural way to challenge and because it's so potentially dangerous. Contact shouldn't come into it.

    But surely there has to be some degree of contact for a player to be sent off?

    My defence of Oscar was based on using the challenge below as a precedent' date=' a horrific challenge by Rooney yet he ultimately missed and was as such shown a yellow.


  10. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

    That doesn't make a lot of sense. Rafael should have been sent off' date=' I agree. But there was no more or less contact on his tackle than the Oscar tackle. So that kind of logic isn't really consistent.

    Either they both walk or nobody walks.[/quote']

    I'm talking about contact in general, not in terms of how much contact there was with the player. Oscar's two footed challenge didn't really touch Lucas, he basically missed. Compare that with Rafael, where the two footed tackle did connect albeit onto the ball.

  11. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

    I thought he was your best CB though?? ;)

    Obviously he ain't playing ere today but he is always a liability and a hothead who can get himself sent off.

    Completely undeserved lead but then that's what good teams do.

    That was last season ;).

    Agreed, Man Utd have played superbly and there tactical setup has on the whole, nullified us. Hopefully we can improve in the second half and put the game beyond their reach.

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