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  1. Re: EPL - Risers And Droppers!

    What do you think about Jonas Gutierrez' rating; although Newcastle are playing badly at the moment' date=' him and Given are playing well, i think it could rise to 92.[/quote']

    I don't think Gutierrez will rise as the ratings are also based on how the whole team is doing meaning he has only a slim chance of rising, i doubt Given will either tbh and i can't really think of any who would, with the exception of Owen, if he moves to a big club and gets playing time and scores lots of goals and perhaps gets an england recall and yet all that could only given Owen a +1 to become a 92 rated striker.

  2. Re: rating help- a few players

    hey' date=' it's SM, not computer games, SM rating is based on club performance. This season, roma has been poor, so any roma player won't rise. Yes,i think Mexes better than Juan but Mexes won't rise this season. And Juan likely to drop. FYI, in SM Mexes is 92, Juan is 93,not 94![/quote']

    typo lol, i mean 93! I still feel Mexes may rise this season, and let's not forget Roma and in the Champions league meaning that if they do well in that Mexes could be onto a +1 for sure. If Mexes secures a deal to Milan then i recken he's a future 95 rated defender. However it may take a while to get their!

  3. Re: rating help- a few players

    yes' date=' mexes is good CB but i think he won't rise this season coz roma has been poor this season. But,still better choice than albiol[/quote']

    Look at Juan, 93 rated CB at Roma, yet Mexes was described by a newspaper as being the 'back bone of the side' showing he's their best defender.

    Also look on Fifa 09, Mexes is higher than Juan so surely Juan should get a -1 to become a 92 rated CB and Mexes a +1 for now to become a 93 rated CB Mexes will hit 94 if he continues playing like he's playing.

  4. Re: rating help- a few players

    I was thinking of suggesting Raul Albiol but changed to Mexes after everyone was claiming you needed a world class one, and Mexes is in real life and will be soon on SM. Go for him while you can!!! That's all i'm saying. Look at Mexes though as he is a fantstic CB and if you have enough i would defo go for him.

  5. Re: 93+ Forwards

    why can't anelka hit 94? He has been stunning.

    gilardino is a good bet for 93/94 as well.


    Anelka could hit 94 for sure, he has a 50/50 chance of gettingit, however i recken that if anelka gets 93 then Drogba will decrease to 95,, if 94 then Drogba to 94, i think it will level itself out that way.

  6. Re: rating help- a few players

    Yeah' date=' i think u should buy world class CB or CF,not the promising ones. It waste a time to wait Tasci to 92,go 4 carragher[/quote']

    I meant buy both though, buy Tasci for the rise and then buy someone like Mexes as though he is 92 now he will be 94 at next changes as he is much better than Juan who is 94, Juan to 93?

  7. Re: EPL - Risers And Droppers!

    He has only started twice all season.

    Do you really think he will keep his rating? I reckon a drop is on the cards.


    Nani's a fantastic impact sub however and is playing well for Portugal, surely he wn't get a -1? At one point it looked like Nani was gettiing a +1 but after this season that looks like it's out of the question, i'm still confident Nani will hold his rating as a 90 rated winger.

  8. Re: rating help- a few players

    hey' date=' u kidding. U need another world class striker to become starter with milito or amauri to win 1st div. Everyone who win 1st div must be have 93+ striker. With the squad like that, it will win only cup competition(if big club play 2nd squad in cup competition)[/quote']

    I recken you have a good enough sqaud and should invest in some hot prospects now, spend some moneyu on your youth squad and it will all come back. Use that money to buy players. I reccomend you buy a 93 rated CB, or maaybe 92. try tasci he is sure to rise 89 at the mo but could hit 92 in the near future.

  9. Re: EPL - Risers And Droppers!

    whats gonna happen to nani s rating.....

    Remember they were only my predictions, however i'm extremily confident about the smaller players eg De mets and Sare rising alot

    I recken Nani will stay at 90, he defo won't go down to 89 i'm confident about that.

  10. Re: Xavi to United?

    Very exciting news personally i think xavi is the best cm in the world if he does join man united it cant be a bad thing Surely worth more than 20m anyday thou:rolleyes:

    i agree, i think 25 mil would be a much fairer price. I like Xavi and as i am a Chelsea supporter i obviously wouldn't like to see him in a Man Utd shirt as i think he could be what United are lacking and spur them on to do the double again.

  11. Re: Priority Transfers

    I'm sorry that just wouldn't work, are you saying that the perason who has the player on his short list first should get him? i'm not sure i completely understand, what happens if lots of people want him and have him on their short list? What happen's then, will th person who had it on their short list first get priorioty?

  12. Re: EPL - Risers And Droppers!


    Anelka(92) could hit 94 but is defo onto a 93

    Drogba(96) could go don to a 94 if his form doesn't improve by the end of the season :( and will definitily go down to a 95

    Eboue(89) will soar down, he's being booed off the pitch and could go down to 87 and perhaps 86 if his form doesn't improve

    Rosicky(91) Already had a -1 because of the injury and there is a 60% chance he could drop again, however SM may wait to see how he reacts after coming back from injury and may, if he gets a -1 now, give him a +1 so he'll be back as a 91 if he returns strongly from the injury and begins playing like he did before, however i admit that is quite unlikely.

    Young(90) could get a +1 to become a 91 if he continues playing well.

    Gabriel AGBONLAHOR(89) +1 to 90 is very likely and perhaps a +2 by the end of the season if Villa continue playing well and reach champions league.

    Gerrard will not move up at all.

    Dossena (90) -1 to 89

    Skrtel (91) Should stay where he is

    Other players outside of prem who are sure to rise are

    Di Vaio (87) Plays for Bologna and is jont top scorer in Italy with 12 goals. The Italian rating changes are along way away but he'll cost you just 4 mil from Bologna and could even rise to 91 if he continues playing the way he's playng.

    Suljemani (88) Plays regular football at Ajax and is just 20 years old!!! Will set you back about 10 mil however but is due a +1 this time and will continue to rise throughout the changes to perhaps 91.

    L.Diarra (90) Real Madrid have no DM at the moment because M.Diarra is injured meaning this guy's gonna get plenty of first team football, a 91 i suspect and could hit 93 by the end of the season if he plays well whilst a 92 is likely. Cost 15 mil.

    De Mets (72 or something) Fantastic player will cost just 40k, will rise to 82/84 for sure, may be taken already but if he isn't but him, i can't stress how good he is.

    Sare (72 or something) This guy will set you back around 50k, however he is sure to rise to a 85 give or take and will make you a fantasyic profit!!!

    Tim Breukers (74) May cost around 275k but he could hit 80 in the next changes.

    Victor Moses (80) Surely will move to 82 or maybe 85, but he'd be better clinging on to as he could rise all the way up to 88 if he joins a prem club.

    2.6 mil

    Moses adams (77) A great player who could hit 82, but he truly is a great player and you should cling on to him as he could hit 85 in the near future.

    1 mil

    Piotr TROCHOWSKI (90) Probably at a managed club but willl set you back around 15 mil if not. Go all the way to 20 mil for this guy thiugh if he's managed as he will hit 91 defo.

    Axel Witsel (88) Wanted by Man U, will hit 89 in the next rating changes, just 19 years old and yet will cost you around 13 mil if unmanaged and it might be worth going all the way up to 18 mil for him if managed, a great talent a move to United could garentee him a +2 to 90 making him worth appox 21 mil.

    Tasci (89) A fantastic CB, just 21, will cost around 12 mil from Stuttgart however will probs be snapped up. Breaking into the German squad should get a +2 the next changes and maybe a further +1 the time after that.

    Ross Turnbull (84) Playing reguarly for Boro should get a +1/2 and could even hit 88/89 by the end of the season will cost around 4 mil if still at Boro or if he's at another unmanaged club because they've sold him will cost 5 mil approx, you will get a good return on him, you'll just have to wait!

    Let me know what you think!!! :)

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