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  1. Brazil has started! Hope this thread is not dead yet haha
  2. Sad to see Rahul's retirement from the game Does anyone want to introduce some active threads left in this SM Forum? Will be joining Thanks!
  3. Looking at this, I'm guessing Daiki Suga and Daizen Maeda have the highest chance of hitting 80?
  4. Hello Costa. Are you confident that Serbia/Croatia/Slovak leagues will be reviewed after the La Liga? Thank you
  5. Top response mate! Thanks for replying me. Haha I actually have 23k now so yeah that's the reason I asked. Love your content!
  6. Hi Costa, hope you're well! Sorry, maybe this is the toughest question for you so far. Do you have a list of players to sign in SM that have values 20k or lower now? (maybe rating increases coming soon) Thanks mate!
  7. Hi! Can someone please teach me how to tag a player/manager in the News feed and comments section? Thank you
  8. Hi TMCosta I have around 800k to sign a goalkeeper, who do you suggest? (can be already 80-rated or a very certain riser other than Dusan Markovic). Appreciate your response. Thank you!
  9. Hi I see this is the most active thread so I'm sorry for asking this here How do you tag (hyperlink) a player into the news feed?
  10. Nice work bro yet again! Apart from Whoscored, where do you recommend looking for player database/stats for Serbian and Croatian league? Looking forward to hear from you!
  11. Hi TMCosta! Do you have a list of biggest risers in Serie A and La Liga coming up? I have been a very big fan of your work Also, what leagues are going to be reviewed after the Big 5? Thank you!
  12. Hi guys, How likely will Lo Celso and Fabian Ruiz rise?
  13. The more they tryna rid us, the more we should stay! We have been playing this game since the 2000s, we have built our team with players for the future, our squads will still be striding in years to come with the current players. Why on earth should we leave?
  14. Is anyone talking about the annoying Bad Gateway that everyone's going through the past week?
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