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  1. Riferimento: Italy v England: 30 Cultural Differences Between Italy & England harsh but true from an italian point of view. I loved number 17
  2. Re: Official juventus fc thread I dont know what anyone sees in him...
  3. Re: The Serie A News Thread! Juventus sell Cristiano Zanetti to Fiornetina on a two year deal with the option of a third year. The battle for 3rd should be good: Milan have sold many players but still have a good squad, Fiorentina also have a good squad. Roma have quality players and some up and coming stars. Napoli have bought Quagliarella and many others, Lazio won the coppa Italia and dont forget Genoa and Udinese... should be interesting
  4. Re: Official juventus fc thread Juventus sell C.Zanetti to Fiorentina on a two year contract, with the option of a third year. I wonder whether juve's midfield will lose some depth: DM:Felipe Melo, Poulsen CM:Sissoko, Tiago SM:Camoranesi, Marchisio, Salihamidzic, De Ceglie AM: Diego, Giovinco the 2nd choices look quite weak to me compared to a Inter and Milan, let alone Chelsea, Barcelona etc...
  5. Re: Official juventus fc thread Diego will give alot more pace to a squad which is quite slow bar a few exceptions. Were going to miss Nedved, and Camo needs to perform well because there isnt muchh cover for him. Im looking forward to seeing Giovinco Marchisio De Ceglie Ariaudo play more games next season.
  6. Re: The Serie A News Thread! Everyone loves football in italy but the crisis has hit Serie harder than the EPL and La liga. The gap is getting bigger, look what happened in the champions league... apart from inter and (hopefully) juve there isnt much talent compared to other leagues.
  7. Re: Official juventus fc thread Juve's new manager Ciro Ferrara prefers 442 diamond, which works well with Melo and Diego
  8. Re: The Serie A News Thread! GK Buffon RB grygera Not many alternatives CB Chiellini Only definite CB CB Legrottaglie/Cannavaro This rotation will work well LB De Ceglie/Molinaro/Caceres De Ceglie is going to improve alot, might move to LM RM Camoranesi Only option, really CM Felipe Melo LM Sissoko/De Ceglie/Diego Sissoko is a very important midfielder for juve AM Diego/Giovinco Two class players... CF Del Piero As good as ever CF Amauri/Iaquinta Ni
  9. Re: The Serie A News Thread! Ac milan wont buy much because they are in alot of debt. Juventus so far have bought Diego, Cannavaro, Felipe Melo and will probably sign caceres. Any thoughts?
  10. Re: Official juventus fc thread This will probably be juventus' 1st team: ------------------Buffon------------- Grygera--Chiellini--Cann/Legrott--De Ceglie/Molinaro ---------------F.Melo-------------- Camoranesi-----------Sissoko/De Ceglie/? -------------Diego------------------- -----Del Piero--------Amauri/Iaquinta \dont forget De Ceglie's natural position is LM, he plays there for Italy u-21. The left looks quite weak, maybe diego will go on the left and giovinco or Del Piero Am. LB and RB arent too strong either, but were getting Caceres and he might be able to fill in. Chiellini
  11. Re: Can Anyone Make It To 99? To be 99 you have to be PERFECT, messi is the best player in the world at the moment but maybe he hasnt reached his peak yet. But if he doesnt reach it, no one will.
  12. Re: The Serie A News Thread! great post mate, agree with practically everything. Expect alot of transfers in serie a in the summer!
  13. Re: The Serie A News Thread! good game, Iaquinta is on fire! he has been amazing recently, he might even rise after a long period on the bench! Why does Ancelotti prefer playing seedorf to Ronaldinho?? hate watching great players rotting to death. Lol mate, Ranieri will get sacked... unless he quits first! Juve are definetely getting Cannavaro and Diego,talks of Buffon=Abbiati+money, i hope it doesnt happen:eek:
  14. Re: juventus rating prediction wow, Iaquinta has been stunning recently, if he keeps this up to the rating changes he will defo get a rise, been alot better than Amauri, who hasnt really got his place back. Im loving the competition between strikers, it will be interesting to see who plays if we get diego:)
  15. Re: ribas Diego yeah mate, a move is basically 100% to all of those dissing juve, dont forget that 2 years ago juve were in serie b and most of our good players left. I think its amazing they can compete with ac and inter milan with a team with poor deapth and a bad manager. Ps if anyone thinks juve have a good squad, just look past the first 11 and the weaknesses start to show... EDIT:sorry for taking the thread a little off topic
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