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  1. Yep I'm in. Just a thought could we do teams in division 2 have 5 transfers and those in div 1 have 4? Just to allow them to strengthen more?
  2. 1-1 draw with Liverpool. I'll take that. All my deals from last season with Raz now completed, so we are fresh to arrange some more in the future no doubt! Finally got a second team with the arrival of money maker Howson and Olsson. I will be going for the cups this year and playing these boys the league game after. So much money to be had and with no cash injection little MK need all the cash we can get!
  3. Who is Spurs manager? Don't forget we have John Harman if they don't want them anymore!
  4. John James from 7777 and 7046 etc is intereted. Ideally will take any other club than Zenit, so if anyone of the other weaker clubs wouldn't mind swapping he would be much appreciated. But we are about full
  5. Rab Kennedy wants Lazio. He is a solid manager from top100.
  6. There should be a couple of guys from Top100 messaging you Pip. If AC Milan is still available I would give them to Niall instead of Zenit, I just thought that was all that was left! He is a god one to hook in for the long term.
  7. Niall Taylor wants in, very good manger in the big setups. He isn't fussed which club so whatever is left!
  8. Oh and lengthwise, doesn't 14 game seasons keep it fresher for longer?
  9. How many spaces left? I think we should wait until we are full on here to create. By that time the recent dealings, Pogba to United and Stones to City will have gone through on SM so they will be with the correct clubs.
  10. I would ask that we wait to be full before we even think of creating the setup. Seen it go bad too many times.
  11. Yeah I am in. Would request one of the following as I don't have them: Man United Madrid
  12. Is there any hope to getting the bug fixed whereby you don't actually receive prize money gained in the SMFA competitions? Numerous tickets submitted by those in 7046, 7777 etc. All closed with the standard no bug present. No point rising the amount of money given if you don't get it anyway...
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