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  1. Wolfsburg have just won the league, and he was 92 when he was at palermo? Wolfsburg conceded the least in the league, won it and Barzagli played the most games. He got decreased but I think a 93 should be given to him. Thoughts?
  2. Re: 2 Players To Look At What do other people think?
  3. Re: 2 Players To Look At Ye cheers, few threads have said he wont go up by much, but I think hell be involved alot until the ratings come.
  4. Not sure weather there has been threads on these players. But heres some young BIG risers STRIKER SKAVYSH, Maksim - Bate are dominating the belarus league, and at only 19 hes scored 5 in 8 games. Rated 76 at the moment, a rise to around 84/85 is imminent. LEFT BACK SCHENNIKOV, Georgi - Played in all but 1 of CSKA's league games, only 18 and playing well. Rated 74 at the moment, I guess if he keeps playing an 86 rating, similar to Dzagoev last year. Could I have and players that will improve in the upcoming ratings? Thoughts as well please.
  5. Standard Lieges best defender, and IMO best player this season. Belgium ratings arent a million miles away, 2 months maybe? So snap him up ASAP Currently 88 could see him rise to 89/90, especially with Uefa Cup Football and Standard killing the league.
  6. Re: How Do You... my sm account ive been told to submit a ticket but i dont know how. any help please
  7. Send A Supprt Ticket? Any Help, because some N*! Head hacked me just changed my name! really annoying me help needed pleaseee
  8. THEY CHANGED MY NAME that was it but its stupid and i want it back any help?
  9. This is my Lazio Team, what do ya think? Help me with ratin increaseds and decreases please. thats my opinion just needed some others thanks. GREEN = RISE RED = DECREASE ? = HELP, WHAT DO YOU THINK? STAY = STAY LOL Shay Given 91 Fabio Grosso 92 STAY Fernando Navaro 90 Marco Matteratzi 91 Cris 91 Barazgli 92 ? Bruno Alves 92 ? Schweinsteiger 92 ? Xabi Alonso 93 Toulalan 93 STAY Owen Hargreaves 91 Jean Makoun 91 Sidney Govou 92 NOT SURE, PLAYED WELL BUT INJURED Lucho Gonzales 93 ? Zarate 89 Ibisevic 85 Trezeguet 93 STAY Gilardino 92 MY YOUT
  10. But lets be sensible. I dont want obvious ones, id like to see some 89/90 going to 91/92. Give me your top 3 Mine would be: Ibisevic: 85 - 87/88 striker Giuseppe Rossi: 90 - 91/92 striker/fwd Mauro Zarate: 89 - 90 striker/fwd
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