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  1. Halstenberg +1 %? Lindelof +1 %? Who has the better chance to get +1?
  2. Does anybody know why I need to restart pw via mail every time when I want to sign in to this forum? Every time it says that pw is wrong and I need to click 'Forgot password' and restart it then.
  3. Make an order (player's position it not important): F. Torres, Nkunku, Chukwueze, Mount, Zaniolo, M. Thuram.
  4. now I'm not sure should I buy him or Jesus or Coman. Because also if he get 92, he will be 32 milions in September (price will drop again).
  5. Frenkie has rating of 92. Lautaro is 91, and all players with rating of 91 and 23 years old are worth 24 milions. So, he will be 24 in September.
  6. Any idea when can M. Lautaro's price drop? Now it's 36 milions, but in September it will be 24. Can his price drop before September?
  7. Buy: Elvedi or Grimaldo? Akanji or M. Ginter? R.Dias or Akanji?
  8. Who has the best chance of getting +1 in next few months from the following list (I want to buy one): F. Ruiz Van de Beek Ndidi G.Jesus Coman What about L. Hernandez (worth to buy)?
  9. You can find any retired players in 4 steps: 1. Google "(Your player) Soccerwiki" (e.g. Ronaldinho soccerwiki") 2. If that player appears in the game you'll get a link to his Soccerwiki's profile. 3. Check the link (url) and copy the "pid" number (player ID). -Example: ...player.php?pid=2916 4. Typing that number in your SM Gameworld search bar you'll find your player.
  10. Has anybody got a good counter to beat similar rated : 5-2-3 ?
  11. Soyuncu 91 next review? Wan-Bissaka or Soyuncu? (who should I buy, position is not important)
  12. Mikel Merino or Jonathan Ikone? both +1 next review? Halstenberg+1?
  13. Can Verrati keep his 94? or he will drop in the next review? Alisson - keep or sell and buy T.Stegen?
  14. Pick one: M. Artur, Dybala. Pick one: F.Ruiz, Odeegard, M.Savic.
  15. Summer review: F. Ruiz +1 %? Milinkovic-Savic +1 %? Goretzka +1 %? 1. F. Ruiz + Milinkovic-Savic or M. Artur? 2. Goretzka + Milinkovic-Savic or M. Artur? Which option is better 1 or 2?
  16. Soyuncu +1 next review %? Elvedi +1 nexr review %? Arthur or Gnabry? Elvedi or Soyuncu?
  17. Who to buy from the list (only one): 1. L. Sane. 2. Bernardo Silva 3. G. Jesus 4. M. Arthur Make an order. Any chance to Silva get +1 in this review?
  18. During which period of the month players get price drop?
  19. Sterling or Salah? I want to buy one. Alisson or Ter Stegen or Moraes? Pick one. I want to sell Sule, who to buy for Centre-back? (write few players)
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