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  1. Re: SM predict finale YES!!! That's great Daddy Raz, im a massive fan of you and can i get your autograph?
  2. Re: Hi there!!! Hey Welcome
  3. Re: Any skins you want?, post them here Southend United
  4. Manager of 2006 I have only just started manager of the month so for last year. There is one clear favorite for me. I have awarded the award to Paul Knights the manager of barcelona. I know that he has one of the best teams in the game. but he has been very active in the transfer market and has secured some excellent players. He is also a very good manager and is playing the game well. Well done Paul and good luck to everyone else in 2007.
  5. We are now running a competition for Manager of the month. I will decide who it will be but if anyone wants to pm me I will take all views into consideration
  6. I think there should be a champions league style tournament on sm. eg the top team in each custom setups will play each other and battle it put for champion of champions even though 2 teams may play each other eg chelsea v chelsea but it wouldnt matter because each team will probably wont have exactly the same players. Just an idea
  7. I think what should happen is you get a message like you do with the chairman when he blocks the deal but this time its about stadium upgrades. These should be given out at random times so you don't expect them. They should only be handed out to high acheving teams e.g. one the league, promoted etc. You shouldn't be able to just click a button and upgrade your stadium willy nilly otherwise big teams like Chelsea and Baca will just upgrade there stadium all the time.
  8. Hi as many of u may no the auto select team in sm isnt worjing properly anfd the teams have all got mucked up I am just wondering when this will be fixed as it takes quite a while to manualy select a whole team its alright just changing the positions of a few players but to the whole team takes ages Thanks
  9. Why do u want the t-shirt so much scott
  10. I agree it only takes a few more seconds to type in proper english
  11. I dont think many people will agree with this one. I dont
  12. SM probably already makes enough money out of adverts there everywhere. Anyway I think Stegore only sset the site up for fun because he enjoys it. I don't think he set the site up to make money ami right?
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