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  1. I think it would be good if you can select a squad number for players or a tool in which you can arrange the players in your squad yourself...nothing worse than signing a MC/AM or what ever posistion and your player is in amongst your wingers rather than beside the rest of your MC/AM
  2. Re: Anyone having problem with there players positions Stiil not fixed the bug......and i've just noticed it only happens with my first team squad youth teams are fine.....what is with SM these days having to update, change and just generally mess around things all the time...when I first started playing on here a good few years ago everything was good the way it was.:mad:
  3. Re: Anyone having problem with there players positions
  4. Re: Anyone having problem with there players positions How long does it usually take for a bug to get fixed? This has now happened with all my teams and its starting to get really annoying
  5. Re: Anyone having problem with there players positions I have tried this and it doesn't work, I sent a ticket away and is now getting dealt with.
  6. anyone having this problem, at the moment my midfielders, wingers and strikers are all muddled up together, kind of a pain in the neck, is this just an error or has SM done another stupid thing with the set-up of players? there an example of the way one of my squads look. Marin 90 AM(RLC) Kawaga 90 AM(RLC) Moses 86 AM(RL),F(RLC) Taarabt 85 AM(RLC) Mkhitaryan 90 M,AM© Michu 87 AM©,F(RLC) Robben 93 AM,F(RL) Reus 92 AM(RLC),F(RL) Benzema 94 F(RLC) Messi 99 AM©,F(RLC)
  7. Should i swap Ozil for Busquets?
  8. Who are the up and coming CF's at the moment say below 88? I know Lukaku is the main choice but who else?
  9. Re: Help with a few players Am going to sell Subotic and Santon, need the cash to buy Ronaldo. Cheers for the Help
  10. How do use think these guys will get on in there next ratings David De Gea 87 David Santon 87 Kerian Gibbs 85 Neven Subotic 89 Leonardo Bonucci 88 Nicolas Otamendi 88 Alvaro Dominguez 88 Pedro Leon 89 Loic Remy 89 Thomas Muller 88 and could Ozil get a position change to AM/Wing??? Cheers
  11. Do you think he'll drop in the next ratings? Had an offer of £15m for him, was thinking of selling him as i have Marcelo and Adriano has become available too.
  12. Re: looking to sign a a CF for cup games Cheers guys
  13. Re: looking to sign a a CF for cup games You think he could hit 90?
  14. who should i sign PAZZINI, Giampaolo 90 LLORENTE, Fernando 90 any other suggestion would be great also. already have Dzeko, Chamakh, Lukaku.
  15. Whats the chances of him changing to AM/Wing?
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