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  1. Am I right in thinking it's: Max 35 squad size (by turn 4 if starts higher) 750k wage budget (div 1) No p/ex will be allowed Can buy from external Are they the main rules for during the 1st season?
  2. Applied for Palace! CPFC.. CPFC.. CPFC!
  3. Will look forward to this commencing. Different to any other GWs I'm currently in.
  4. I'm interested. Hopefully a couple of you recognise me from other custom GWs such as Ye Olde English Invitational and The Caledonia Championship.
  5. Ahh damn Not been online for a few days so looks like I've missed the boat on this one. Enjoy the Gameworld all!
  6. I'm happy with a random draw, no one can say it's not fair.
  7. Do like the sound of this concept. Count me in if there's room.
  8. Just a thought on your rules, shouldn't you have it so that once a player reaches 23 they have to be sold and can't be used? Otherwise if you have it as 25 you are going to be waiting 3-4 years before this rule kicks in. If you set it at 23 then players who were 21 when signed will turn 23 after 1-2 years as some may already have been nearly 22 when signed.
  9. Managed to get promoted up to Div. 2 with Brechin Now time to strengthen the squad a little during pre-season, and hope to be competitive in the higher division next season.
  10. All gone a bit quiet in here, early thoughts on risers? Surely some of Leicester and Crystal Palace players are under-rated. Vardy and Mahrez for two from Leicester.
  11. You need to do something unique, something different. People aren't likely to join if it's a GW just like tonnes of others out there mate.
  12. I've taken over as Rotherham - my first game saw a 3-2 win over the leaders Everton Looking forward to the promotion battle next season.. as I am inevitably getting relegated this season!
  13. Walsall here, sat 9th in League 2, 3 points off the play-offs, poised to make a surge to get in them!
  14. I applied for my Dnipro this morning
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