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  1. Re: Egypt is FINALLY being reviewed!! Risers here. Is Mohamed Gedo in for a rise? He looked like a decent player when Egypt won the ACN. Not heard much of him since
  2. Re: Winger Needed (88-89) URGENT Pedro from Barcelona should hit 90 next time. Getting lots of starts for the best team in Europe
  3. Re: Utk's English League Prediction Good job on rating predictions m8 most of them are accurate IMO For Bolton Gary Cahill should hit 88 look at the players who are called into the england squad i doubt any are rated below 88. His performances have been good this season despite Boltons position in the league mainly due to Zat Knight who is a clown. Tamir Cohen - You dont have him listed him to rise yet he is a first team starter for Bolton with 3 goals in 11 appearances. Also an israel international. He is only rated 83 so i would have thought a rise to 85/86 is on the cards.
  4. Name :- Johan Martial Age :- 18 Nationality :- France Postion :- Centre Back Predicted rating when added :- 78/79/80 Johan Martial is an 18 year old french centre back who has established himself as a regular for SC Bastia in ligue 2 this season. Although Bastia are 19th in ligue 2 Martial has been part of a defence that has only conceded 13 goals in 13 games. I have sent a support ticket to SM as he has made 9 appearances this season despite only being 18. I predict a rating of around 79 as Bastia's first team players average around 81/82
  5. Re: Sinan Bolat what is his predicted rating change? 1st choice goalkeeper in the champions league has to be higher than 78 surely?
  6. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) A decent almeria side in GC 31. They have 1 90 4 89'sabout 10 88's and lots of 87's. Would hate to see them raped for all their players
  7. Re: French Ligue 1 and 2 great thread. Can anyone let me know how Feghouli is doing at Grenoble?
  8. Re: New Brazilians Marquinhos 75 rated Internacional forward. You will have to be quick as he will have already gone in most competitive setups.
  9. Re: Young GK Needed! Sinan Bolat only 20 and rated 78 but is Standard Liege's number 1. Could hit 85 easily next changes if he keeps his place. Get Delac too if you can
  10. Re: Fernando Tissone.....Future Argentine Playmaker ? I think he deserves a call up to the argentina squad. Maradona should leave Veron out to retire as give tissone a chance. If younger players such as otamendi a chance then surely this guy must be knocking on the door for a call up.
  11. Re: RM's + LM's to buy? Yossi Benayoun should hit 91 if he keeps his place on the left side of liverpools midfield. He has been starting this season and is a cert to rise from his low rating of 89.
  12. Re: Transfer Dilemma! 1. I would take Neuer rumours have it that barca and united are watching him and could become the next oliver kahn imo. 2. I would have Ozil closely followed by Gourcuff. 3. Arshavin all the way. 4. Huntelaar has an amazing goalscoring record and has scored at every club when he has played. I think he will be a hit at Milan.
  13. Re: Krhin Rene - Next Inter Star. He came on as a sub against england today and i thought he looked a decent little player. Gave some energy to the slovenian midfield. Seemed to have very good passing ability. Making his international debut at such a young age goes to show he is one to watch for the future.
  14. Re: Under Rated and Over rated player Pato is playing in a better league than Guillherme there the standard of football is higher so his 92 is right for him. You cant compare the brazilian and ukranian league(where he currently plays) to serie a. If he moves to a better league in the future such as la liga the PL or Serie A and replicates that level of goalscoring then he will have a similar rating to Pato. I agree Eto'o is better than Ibrahimovic and deserves to be higher but it remains to be seen if he is given a higher rating than him.
  15. Re: Lee Cattermole Sign him if you can but he isnt going to have that much difference in his rating at sunderland. I can see him hitting 88 next time but not much more after that. He will have to move to one of the top 4 or Tottenham, Aston Villa or Everton before he can get in the england squad and have a chance of hitting 90 in my opinion
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