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    Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread
    Up and coming Liverpool.F.C Talent!

    {RB} WALKER, Kyle
    Kyle has been impressive at Q.P.R over the last month, playing 3 times for the table toppers.
    Possible rise, 82-> 83/4
    {RB/LB} CRESCENZI, Alessandro
    Alessandro has been loaned out to Serie B team Crotone and has taken to the pitch all 6/6 times for the high flying team. First team action is likely to garuntee him a rise
    Possible rise, 75->80
    RIGONI, Nicola/ DARMIAN, Matteo
    Although not playing in the first team, as soon as they get chances in the Palermo team, they are likely to be granted a rise. On the fringes of first team at the moment so only need injuries and suspensions to get playing.
    Possible rises, 77/80-> 82
    The main prospect of the Liverpool academy. This player was bought for 850K and is now playing for the Athletic first team and has played in all games so far. Expect a healthy rise for the young spanish star.
    Possible rise, 75-> 85
    {DM} GREGORY, Pete
    Although not a first teamer, with Portsmouths small squad, he can be expected to play more than currently.
    Possible rise, 75-> 80
    {AM} LANZINI, Manuel
    With Manuel already playing for River Plate at the age of 17, who can bet agiasnt him being one for the future. A rise in the short term may also be on for him.
    Possible rise, 75-> 82
    Playing in all 6 games, scoring 3 goals and his team positioned 2nd in the league, Kevin has all the ingredients to become a german star and rise form his current rating.
    Possible rise, 86-> 89
    Other stars to watch out for:
    {FWD} Wilfred Zaha
    Possible rise, 75-> 78
    {FWD} SON, Heung-Min
    Possible rise, 75-> 78
    {FWD} MAURICIO, Diego
    Possible rise, 80-> 85

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    Torres+Gerrard reacted to Lensois in Lorenzo Tassi - Can He Do 'A Lukaku'?   
    Valuable Info:
    Name: Lorenzo Tassi
    Age: 15 (1995)
    Club: Brescia
    Position: Midfielder
    'Grow a talent, and sell him for a high fee after a few years'. That's how the smaller teams around this globe mostly gets their income, but in this case, nothing matters. Brescia may not have the best economy, but instead of selling Tassi for a high fee, they are keeping hold of him.
    Tassi has been developing under the Rondinelle system (The Brescia academy), and has already been training with the A-squad at the age of 15. He has been developing in the right way and has already attract interests from perhaps the two biggest clubs in Italy, Inter and Milan. He, and the Brescia president, Fabio Corioni has quickly turned down both. Although both Inter's and Milan's bids were quite shockingly high for a player in this age (Inter's 2.5M € and Milan's 5M €), they've been rejected, as I said.
    Fabio Corioni has already expressed Tassi as the new Baggio, and has stated that if Tassi keep playing like this, then he will have no problems whatsoever to get some first team action next season in Serie A. I also need to say that Tassi didn't want to leave Brescia when both Milan and Inter, so he has some heart for his club. This sounds abit like Roberto Baggio, don't it...?
    I personally noticed this player under the Bannikov Tournament for U-16 kids earlier this summer (yes, he played with those who are 1 year older than him). He had an outstanding tournament playing in the role as the playmaker/fantasia, just like a certain Baggio. He impressed with me his vision and passes throughout the whole tournament. He and his Italy played very good football and beat Russia, Serbia and Ukraine, and came to the final where they faced, well erm... Belarus, and lost 2-1 against Belarus. Once again Tassi played great and if it weren't for that last minute goal from Belarus, Tassi may have had a gold-medal around his neck.
    He has been dubbed the new Baggio and I can see why. He has no problems with the passes and has a great vision for the game. His primary role is beeing used as a playmaker right behind the striker, where he can use his these strengths. I believe he'll end up getting some chances in Serie A next season. Corioni is a strong man and is always getting as he wants. If he wants Tassi to play Serie A football, then I believe he'll get some too. I honestly believe we can end up seeing this player do 'the Lukaku'. I mean, he is 15 (even younger than Lukaku!), but he has a great chance of getting A-team football next season.

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    Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?
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    Torres+Gerrard reacted to Burrow27 in English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread   
    Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

    Has English Football Defied The Credit Crunch?
    In an in-depth report on the Top Ten Transfer Dealings in the last ten years, we attempt to examine whether English Football has managed to escape the grasp of the economic crisis that is, the Credit Crunch!
    With the release of transfer fees dating back to Season Two, we can publish both the Top Transfer for each season, and the total amount spent in the Top Ten Transfers of each season. In the case of player-exchange deals, the value of the player at the time of sale has been taken into account.

    Xavi Hernandez set the transfer record at £58m
    Season Two:
    Top Transfer: Ronaldinho from Barcelona to Arsenal - £33m
    Total spending of Top 10: £213.5m
    Season Three:
    Top Transfer: Diego Milito from Zaragoza to Leicester - £24m (Down £9m)
    Total spending of Top 10: £170m (Down £43.5m)
    Season Four:
    Top Transfer: David Villa from Fulham to Everton - £20m (Down £4m)
    Total spending of Top 10: £175.7m (Up £5.7m)
    Season Five:
    Top Transfer: Joe Cole from Chelsea to Sunderland - £39m (Up £19m)
    Total spending of Top 10: £252.5m (Up £76.8m)
    Season Six:
    Top Transfer: Petr Cech from Chelsea to Arsenal - £49m (Up £10m)
    Total spending of Top 10: £270.4m (Up £17.9m)
    Season Seven:
    Top Transfer: Nemanja Vidic from Sheffield United to Arsenal - £48.8m (Down £0.2m)
    Total spending of Top 10: £329.4m (Up £59m)
    Season Eight:
    Top Transfer: Sergio Aguero from Newcastle United to Manchester United - £44m (Down £4.8m)
    Total spending of Top 10: £247.7m (Down £81.7m)
    Season Nine:
    Top Transfer: Jesus Navas from Darlington to Liverpool - £39.3m (Down £4.7m)
    Total spending of Top 10: £267.8m (Up £20.1m)
    Season Ten:
    Top Transfer: Xavi from Liverpool to Manchester United - £58m (Up £18.7m)
    Total spending of Top 10: £318.4m (Up £50.6m)
    Season Eleven:
    Top Transfer: Xavi from Manchester United to Liverpool - £34.6m (Down £23.4m)
    Total spending of Top 10: £165.9m (Down £152.5m)

    After a record high in transfer activity during Season's Seven and Ten, it looks like the latest will be one of the lowest spending as reagdrs transfers in recent history.

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    Torres+Gerrard reacted in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
    Ronaldinho is all but finished and Yaya Toure won't rise playing for Man City.
    Bring Xavi in, best midfielder in the world.
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    Torres+Gerrard reacted to Nugan in English Championship 3951 - Transfer/Gossip thread   
    Re: English Championship 3951 - Transfer/Gossip thread

    The Posh snatch up Podolski

    Lukas Podolski (above)
    After requests from many of the Peterborough fans Tai Campbell has signed FC Koln forward, Lukas Podolski. The striker says "They didn't give me enough game time. I asked my agent if any clubs were interested in me and he said yes. Next thing i knew i was on the plane to England!"
    Podolski will arrive at London road very soon. But will he be able to make the desired impact. We spoke to Peterborough Uniteds top scorer, David Suazo he said, "I cannot believe this! This is an outrage. if he takes over as top scorer i'll kill myself!"
    What could this mean? Does Suazo have these feelings towards other team mates does he need to leave Peterborough?. We shall find out soon.

    David Suazo (above) gagging at the thought of Podolski

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    Torres+Gerrard got a reaction from stones in Jesus Fernandez - Cadiz Wonderkid!   
    I couldnt see a thread on this. I was planning on writing about him for a while now but todays speculation of him moving to Liverpool has prompted me to do so.

    Jesus Fernandez
    Age: 15
    Club: Cadiz
    Nationality: Spain
    Position: AM

    Having been nicknamed the "Suso", Jesus Fernandez has improved greatly. He is all ready starting to raise eyebrows about his future in the sport and looks towards greatness. He is being compared to that of Cesc Fabregas who also started his career early.
    Today, Liverpool have declared they are interested in signing him under the noses of Barcleona as they try to improve their youth system.
    Suso is expected to come to Liverpool for talks, possibly as early as next week, with Cadiz resigned to losing their best prospect in years.


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    Torres+Gerrard got a reaction from koplfc in English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread   
    Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

    Tom Field Announces Plans
    Saturday, 22nd May 2010

    Tom due to leave at end of season!

    It has been anounced that Tom Field is to step down as manager of Liverpool.F.C after this season

    The news came at a usual press confrence after a day of training in the warm sun. Tom Field spoke out that he had an intention to leave Liverpool at the end of this seaosn (the 11th season) and that he is hoping to take up on several other activities after his resignation. He stated that he was loving the club, players and the fans but he had other commitments in life nowadays.

    This news is likely to come as a suprise to fans seeing as Tom had become more and more settled with the club, having experinced problems to start with after his big move from Burnley. Last season he finished 3rd in Division 1 after securing promotion to the division the prevoius season.
    With Tom's final season in charge yet to start, the predictions are that the team will finish 3rd however Tom says
    If this was to happen, then Tom would bow from the stage gracefully after what is classed as an eventful managerial career.

    Tom praises "good friend" Marius

    In the interview, Tom also stated how happy he was for Marius' success at Burnley and the love he still has for the club. He said that he was glad that Marius got 6th this year, after impressing with such a tight budget and small group of players.

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    Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

    Corluka & Joaquin Complete Moves To City
    Wednesday, 20th May 2010

    Joaquin Transfer Kept Quite, Until Now

    Joaquin and Corluka have both completed big money moves to City from Chelsea and Reading to form what is starting to look like a very strong and capable squad that are aiming for a top four finish next season.

    Corluka completed his move to City last night with the 24 year old defender agreeing on a four year contract keeping him at City until 2015, the deal saw Bruno Alves travelling in the oposite direction and a further 7m increase in City's transfer balance.

    In the early hours of this morning Spanish midfielder Joaquin also completed a move to City from division one outfit Chelsea for a fee believed to be around 13.2m. Chelsea who have had a terrible season placed Joaquin on the tranfer list yesterday in an attempt to change their squad and get back on track for next season. Bristol City looked certain to secure the midfielder with a bid accepted only to later withdraw their interest giving City another shot at secureing him.
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    Torres+Gerrard reacted to pipgib in English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread   
    Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

    End Of Season Review
    Division 1 Pre Season Prediction And Position At Game 20 and 37 of the Season

    Arsenal manager Aaron Dhandli has done an amazing job at Arsenal since taking over last season and at one point this season had opened up a 15pt lead at the top of the first division has had a serious scare in recent weeks though and like many teams that open up huge leads early on in the season they have hit bad patch of form of last which has seen them go into the last game of the season with just a 2pt lead they look firm favorites to lift the title but a tough trip to Everton awaits them on the final day of the season not that Blackburn have it easy though with a trip to Portsmouth i think Arsenal will just edge it
    Blackburn pulled off a minor miracle two seasons ago to win the title and although not at the same level the past couple of seasons they have held there own against better quality teams finishing 4th last season even with key player Kevin Kuranyi out injured for quite a while this season they have pulled back a huge lead that Arsenal held at one point and have done an amazing job to get within 2pts of the leaders tough last game and they will need a huge amount of luck to sneak the title from Arsenal
    Liverpool have improved a great deal from the team that was relegated two seasons ago and failed to impress last season when promoted from the 1st division with a strong showing this season with the club currently in 3rd place with a chance to sneak 2nd place if Blackburn fail to get anything against Portsmouth currently have the highest goal difference in the division as well manager Tom Field can be proud of his team
    Portsmouth are one of several teams that have surprised this season in the 1st division currently in 4th place with a 2nd place not out of the question if they beat Blackburn on the final day of the season and Liverpool slip up there previous best being a 12th back in season 8 with the club very nearly relegated last season
    Man City have improved further on last seasons excellent 9th on there return to the top flight with the club currently lying in 5th with a squad that lacks the high quality players that many in the division have manager has done a great job with the squad and will be a team to watch for next season to see if they can push into the top four
    Newcastle Seem to have put a disappointing season 9 when finishing 11th behind them with the club currently sitting in 6th place however they should be capable of better especially with the quality of playes that manager Stephen Butler has at his disposal the likes of Ribas,Iniesta,Klose,Puyol and Casillas recent dip in form at the end of the season has seen them slip down to 6th lack of depth could be a factor in there failiure to challenge for the title
    Tottenham Highly tallented manager Dave Manging who did a wonderful job at Sheffield United has continued his fine work with Tottenham winning the shield this season however in the league they have just lacked something even with superstar Lionel Messi in the squad they have failed to keep up with the top four like Newcastle it could be squad depth that is the cause with just 20 first team players.
    Burnley have made slow but steady progress from last season 11th with the club currently in a close battle with several teams with a possible 5th if results go there way a great performance from a squad of players like Man City who dont have the superstars that most division 1 sides possess
    Everton manager Kevin Jones has been the subject of a fair bit of criticism for some of his transfer deal over the past one and a half seasons he has been in charge at the club that said he has guided to the club to a English Cup final however in the league that have been disappointing currently in 9th with one game to go and the team out of form with a finish outside the top ten a possibility which will not please the fans
    Sheffield United will want to forget this season United have appointed a new manager in former Nottingham Forest boss Romano Valente who has stablized the club in there current mid table position and has made an encouraging start to his Sheffield United career will be worth keeping an eye out for them next season
    Southampton had struggled since finishing runner up in division 1 during season 7 with two mid table finishes in season 8 and 9 this season looks set to be another mid table finish would have likely been a top 6 finish but for there form taking a slide in the past month season has not been a disappointment though with the club winning the English Cup with a 3-0 win over Everton a thoroughly desvered win for the club and long serving manager Yap Wei Heng
    Millwall Once again Millwall have excelled themselves after being written off as relegation Certainties at the start of the season however at one point earlier in the season they made it into the top ten not quite as impressive as that now at the end of the season but safety has been guaranteed and manager Dave Izod's target of 46pts met with time to spare squad has improved a great deal since the start of the season may well not be no hopers when next seasons predicitions are released.
    Fulham with the exception of Michael Ballack the Fulham squad looks well out of there depth more so that even Millwall at the start of the season however like Millwall they have held there own in a very tough division and have secured there safety and could well be the cause of the relegation of current champions West Brom if they beat them on the final day of the season
    Chelsea awful is the best way to describe there season with a highly rated squad and a squad with plenty depth they have failed to perform consistently until recently and were in the relegation zone for quite a long period of the season and only recently secured there division 1 status and could well have continued the recent run of former big 4 teams that have been relegated just shows how competetive the 1st division has become
    Darlington really thought it could have been Darlington's year after finishing runner up last season however this season with 1 game left to play they are in great danger of being relegated just 2pts clear of 18th placed Sunderland it will be a sad day for football if Darlington fail to survive slightly more confident that they will after there recent win over league leaders Arsenal
    West Brom how the mighty have fallen have said that quite a few times in recent seasons with the failiures of Man Utd and Liverpool last seasons league winners could well be on the verge of being the 3rd league winner to find themselves in the second division in as many years look the most likely to survive though if the Sunderland v Coventry match ends a draw then they would only need a point from Fulham to survive thanks to there superior goal difference and if either Sunderland or Coventry win then they will survive however it is still hold your breath time for the West Brom fans
    Coventry this must be what happens when you cheat in the manager of the month awards you end up fighting for your division 1 survival must win game for them against fellow relegation threatened Sunderland a draw is enough to ensure there safety but is a big risk for them to play for a win can be there only aim here will be a big turnaround in fortunes if they do survive after a very poor season having spent most of the season in the bottom three
    Sunderland have pulled of a miracle to be even in with a chance of surviving having won just 1 from there first 15 games and have been playing well in the closing stages of the season with wins over Arsenal and Man City recent form gives them the edge over Coventry and they do deserve to stay up more than the Sky Blues.
    Wigan have never looked a strong force in the division surviving the last two seasons narrowly avoiding the drop on both occasions recived a huge investment a couple of seasons ago as well which seem to have been squandered with the squad looking no better now than it did 2 seasons ago and clearly is clearly worse and could well struggle next season in division 2
    Wolverhampton were always likely to run out of luck in the top flight however they have had two good seasons in the division and finished 6th 2 seasons ago and were a good solid mid table finish last season squad always looked well below the level of the rest of the division and always looked destined to struggle this season

    Division 2,3 and 4 to follow when i have the time available
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    Torres+Gerrard reacted to 374 in English Championship 3951 - Transfer/Gossip thread   
    Re: English Championship 3951 - Transfer/Gossip thread

    Division 1 - Predictions + now a review of the team's actual performance
    At the start of the current season, Spurs boss and fourmer "Torres+Gerrard" predicted where the teams in the first division would finish. As the season has just finished I will now take a look at each team and compare their actual finish to the predictions.
    1st Arsenal

    I belive that Arsenal will finish 1st due to their experinced manager and players. Kylan has added some great signings including Zlatan IBRAHIMOVIC and Alexandre PATO since he has been there and has formed the best stikeforce in the top divison. The squad also has good depth and should be able to make it all the way this time.
    Actual finish = 6th.
    Season 2 ended in disappointment for the London club as they could only finish in 6th place. Added to that, the team were knocked out in the English Shield second round by Man Utd and put out by West Brom in the 4th round of the Cup.
    Player of the season: Zlatan Ibrahimovic - the Swede netted 14 times in 25 games for the gunners.
    2nd Chelsea

    However poor they were last seaosn by not finishing in the top 10 they have still got a great squad of players who if worked together could form a title challenge. Not only have they got a great squad of players but they have also added some new signings like Xavi and Gallas to the squad to boost depth and experience. However I think only 2nd for them as they have an inexpericned manager who may get tatics wrong on occasions.
    Actual finish = 2nd
    Season 2 was met with many managerial changes at the club but that didn't stop them form achieving a good finish to the season. With no significant transfers moving to the club, the team formed a balanced squad but some cup humiliations dented their season.
    Player of the season: Didier Drogba - the Ivory Coast forward was on fire this season scoring a whopping 26 goals in 30 starts.
    3rd Aston Villa

    Aston Villa were quite last season finishing within the top 8 however never having a title challenge unlike rivals Arsenal or Tottenham. Since the impressive top 8 finish they have boosted their squad with some great youngsters who look to be the bees knees. Along with an great manager i feel that they have a chance to get in the top 4. The squad is only let down by the lack of players.
    Actual finish = 13th
    A terrible season by their standards. A very poor league finish and couldn't get to the 3rd round of either cup competition. A small squad didn't help
    Player of the season: Lopez Lisandro - The former Porto forward could only manage 5 goals in 21 starts but his work rate was second to none.
    4th Tottenham

    Strong squad of players along with the recent arrival of AMAURI, Carvalha they will be able to push foward thsi season unilke the end of last seaso when they fall apart 7 games from the end at 4th postion.
    Actual finish = 5th
    A solid finish to the season for Spurs and with the likes of Yaya Toure and Luis Fabiano joining the club, we can expect more of the same(or better) next season.
    Player of the season: Ronaldinho - The buck toothed Brazilian was back to his best scoring 13 goals while assisting another 22.
    5th Man Utd

    Title challengers last seaosn however i am unsure on the managers dealings and with the best squad players lacking they may be forced to settle for 5th place. Good depth to help them through suspentions and injuries though.
    Actual finish = 7th
    Although a poor league finish by their standards the team did manage to reach the English Shield final before being beaten by Middlesbrough. Better things are expected next season.
    Player of the season: Wayne Rooney - The Englishmen scored 16 in 27 games for Utd
    6th Blackburn

    The reiging champions Blackburn have been busy this winter making use of all their unexpected prize money from winning the divison last time round. However i feel that they may have gone over board and spent too much on so little players that they have weakened their squad in depth and this could be a fratile expeosed once the season gets underway. However with Drag at the helm, he will be able to guide them to a respectable 6th place.
    Actual finish = 15th
    The team couldn't live up to last year's great achievement and finished in the bottom half of the season. Even a good Cup run couldn't hide the fans disappointment this season.
    Player of the season: Mario Balotelli - the young Italian scored 10 in 26 appearences this season.
    7th Liverpool

    Liverpool have a great lot of players at their desposial and i was sprised to see them suprised struggle last time round. I dont see this any different this time round too as the manager is yet to find the winning formulae for this team. When he does it will be a different situation.....
    Actual finish = 4th
    An inconsistent season meant that Liverpool were never really in the title race despite a decent finish. However with a lot of new faces in the team this may have caused this seasons downfall.
    Player of the season: David Villa - only scored six this season but his overall contribution to the team gives him the title.
    8th West Ham

    After the highs of the start of last season, West Ham stuggled to bring the league home to London and fell apart finishing an undeserved 6th. The team has not progressed as much as rival teams have this winter and they may be caught out by finishing lower then some of them. Still in the top 10 though which is impressive for them.
    Actual finish = 1st
    The London team sent fans wild after winning the league an impressive 8 points ahead of 2nd place Chelsea. Although they had some embarassing cup defeats the great team spirit helped them pick up the league title.
    Player of the season: Milan Jovanic - ironically he is here on loan from Newcastle and only featured in 19 games. However he bagged 11 goals and 9 assists which really proved vital.
    9th Man City

    After suprising flirting with relegation last time, the chairman has since got his chque book out and let MAKE BELIEVE invest in the best players around including Kaka and Ronaldo. With the best Starting XI in the league you may wonder why i have picked them to finish a poor 9th position. well its becuase with a lack of depth in the squad (only 22 players) they will strugle the most if they get players suspened or injured. If that happens then they will not be able to cop and will drop alot.
    Actual finish = 14th
    As mentioned the lack of depth really brough City's season to a halt. Feburary could have meant relegation with no wins in any competitions that months but they eventually picked up some points to finish 14th.
    Player of the season: Gianluigi Buffon - The Italian veteran made some vital saves throughout the season to keep City's EPL status.

    10th Newcastle

    Last seasons big boys in Div 2 are no mess on their day and with Misun at the helm i cannot see why they cant push for a top 10 position. They have a good squad with excellent depth and with a bit of luck they will be in top 10 which will come as relive to some fans who think that as they got promoted they will be in or around the relegation zone.
    Actual finish = 3rd
    A great debut season for Newcastle on their return to the EPL. Some great signings like Adebayor and Pepe from boss Marius helped the team to a fantastic 3rd place finish.
    Player of the season: Antonio Di Natalie - 18 goals and 15 assists were very important to the great league finish.
    11th Portsmouth
    Portsmouth impressed everyone last time round finishing 3rd without any stand out stars in the team. This was the case as the team were tight with good morale. Howevert this season i feel that there bubble may burst and even with new arrivals ALBIOL, Raúl and Joe Cole i cannot seem them being in the top 10 and finishing mid table where they reliastically should be.
    Actual finish = 18th
    The south coast club shocked the English community by being relegated. Despite starts such as Kurayni and Joe Cole, the team had little depth and in the end that cost them dear.
    Player of the season: Andre Pierre Gignac - although often used as a sub the French man always put in a good shift. Scored 8 goals aswell.
    12th Fulham
    Another midtable finish on the way for Fulham? I feel that with a similar sytle squad to last season and one of the best managers around in prateek jain fulham can expect to be another midtbale club not ready to make the break for the top 8 yet.
    Actual finish = 10th
    Under boss Prateek Jain Fulham have finally found some consistency. With some up coming stars in the squad the future looks bright at Craven Cottage.
    Player of the season: Luis Suarez - The 23 year old scored 17 in 25 to show he can score outside The Netherlands.
    13th Stoke
    Having had a relegation scare last season the chairman has decided to bring in experinced maanger Sean to the helm where he has alreday made an impact to the team with some great youngsters and rasing the teams morale. expect a safer ride for stoke fans this time round.
    Actual finish = 9th
    A comfortable finish for The Potters. A large squad helped them achieve this and the team also got to the English Shield semi final.
    Player of the season: Alejandro Dominguez - Picked up 10 man of the matches in 20 games. Enough said.
    14th Bolton
    It looks as if it may be another ordinary year for Bolton as, with very little transfer activity and little activity at the club i think Bolton will again be in the bottom half of the table but enough distance from the relegation zone to be able to rest a little.
    Actual finish = 17th
    Avoided releagtion on the last day of the season to bring some joy in a miserable season. Under new boss Ahmed Garib better things will be hoped for next season especially with the quality signings the team has made recently.
    Player of the season: Gonzalez Raul - the Spanish oldie scored 4 goals but they were enough to keep the team up.
    15th Everton
    Although a handy 52 points last year and a 11th position i feel that Everton are more likely to struggle this season. With limited players and an ageing team they had better watch out not to be dragged down to the bottom of the league.
    Actual finish = 8th
    An improvement on last season will bring a smile on the Everton fans faces and with a good combination of youth and experience brought to the squad by manager Yhanick Scott the teams should only improve.
    Player of the season: Alberto Gilardino - scored 10 goals in 31 games before falling out with the man in charge.
    16th Hull
    Some good players in the squad, however they lack enough quality throughtout the team to merit a top 10 finish and will flirting with several team above the zone. Needs to sign more good younsters and not rely on the ageing stars like Nuno Gomes.
    Actual finish = 16th
    They were saved from the drop on GD. The squad will need improving if the team intends to stay up next season.
    Player of the season: Timo Hildebrand - if it wasn't for him the team would certainly have gone down.
    17th Burnley
    Having had a relegation scare last season the team is in need of a good amanger having had Gavin Kelly leave for West Ham. With a limited amount of stars in their squad dont be suprised to se them in the relegation zone occasionally through the season. Although i think with the extra experience of this league they will be able to survive......just.
    Actual finish = 12th
    Over achieved this season and finished well above the relegation zone in 12th. Now under new manager Sean Fitzpatrick the team have won 4 on the bounce and fans are looking at the new season with anticapation rather than doubt.
    Player of the season: Andreas Palop - Another old keeper who has made some great saves.
    18th Preston
    A wonderful campaign last season ended their run in getting promotion to Divison 1. However they shouldnt expect such an easy rise thsi time round and will be in the relegation zone most of the seaosn unlike divison 2 promotion rivals Newcastle who have that extra to be able to survive.
    Actual finish = 11th
    Another promoted side to finish well in the league. Under boss Rich Callaghan the team has played some fast flowing football and are getting the pundits raving abou them.
    Player of the season: Alexander Frei - The Swiss foward banged in goals for fun, netting 21 in 36 games.
    19th Wolves
    Having just survived relegation last season i think their luck may run out this season and with the new manager deciding to keep the same squad i cant see how they could survive this time with rivals like Stoke improving their team.
    Actual finish = 19th
    Despite some star players, with no tactical genuis at the helm the Wolves will be in division 2 next season. Their hoofball wasn't nice to watch either.
    Player of the season: Heurelho Gomes - the former Spurs Gk efforts weren't enough to save Wolves.
    20th Ipswich

    Luckly to gain promotion despite being the weakest of all play-off teams, there is very little hope for them in this league with clubs always improving.
    Actual finish = 20th
    A poor first squad, a leaky defence and no depth all contributed to Ipswich finishing bottom. It doesn't look good for next season either.
    Player of the season: Andiry Shevchenko - Is on his way back to Kyiv as we speak but scored 11 goals in a team lacking in quality.

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    Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread
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    Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread
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    List of 90+ Rated Droppers

    This isn't your typical thread with players who will rise. To be exact, it's rather the opposite. In here, you'll be presented with a list of players whose current rating are under threat once their respective rating change roll in.
    If you have the following guys, tough luck. It's not too late however, to offer them out though. However, if these guys happen to be on your shortlist for whatever reasons, hopefully this thread will jolt you to your senses and you will not continue your pursuit for a potential 90 rated dropper.
    Aside: Unfortunately, I'm not as good a writer as the brilliant andyowls, or the articulate Spam. I'll try my best to do a short write-up on each player, although they won't be as chunky or comprehensive as the two mentioned writers.
    As always, feel free to debate/suggest new names.

    Alexander Doni (AS Roma, 28) 90-->89
    Despite AS Roma being near the summit of the Serie A standings, Doni is not having a season to cheer about. The former Giallorossi undisputed Number 1 has lost his crown to fellow compatriot Julio Sergio following an injury-plagued season. The ex-Juventude shot-stopper is also not part of the Selecao squad these days, and a drop to 89 looms ominously for the 30-year-old.
    Arthur Boruc (Celtic, 30) 90-->89
    The Polish goalkeeper has not lost his place at Scottish outfit Celtic. However, his displays this season have been anything but impressive. Following an excellent Euro 2008 campaign, the 30-year-old has seen his form dip. Coupled with the increasingly poor displays by Scottish clubs in the European competition, Boruc, one of the highest rated players in the SPL, could soon bid his 90 goodbye.
    David James (Porsmouth, 39) 90-->89/90
    Portsmouth are currently having a torrid season. With relegation almost a possibility, James could soon see his rating come under the spotlight. The eccentric goalkeeper is no longer the Number 1 for the Three Lions, and should he enter the Championship with Pompey, expect to see a drop in store for the former Liverpool custodian.
    Gianluca Zambrotta (AC Milan, 33) 93-->93/92
    Once heralded as one of the best full-backs in the world, Zambrotta has seen his stock plunge in recent seasons. He has been plagued by injuries this season, and so have his displays. While Zambrotta is still expected to be part of the Azzurri squad headed for South Africa, a drop wouldn't be entirely out of the equation for the 33-year-old.
    Kolo Toure (Man City, 28) 93-->93/92
    The Ivorian is one of the first names on the teamsheet for The Citizens when fit. However, the 28 year-old best days are past him, with injuries slowly creeping into his game. Whilst a drop might seem harsh for him, considering Manchester City are still in the race for a Champions League ticket, it wouldn't be exactly unfair too. Nonetheless, a good World Cup outing with the Elephants might save Toure his rating.
    Martin Skrtel (Liverpool, 25) 91-->90
    The combative defender has not recovered his form prior to his injury. To add salt to the wound, Liverpool are not having the best of seasons and Skrtel's rating could be one of the first to face the axe.
    Massimo Oddo (AC Milan, 33) 90-->89
    A product of the AC Milan academy, Oddo has since struggled to get a look-in for the Rossoneri this season. A drop seems imminent for the defender, who was a part of the triumphant Italy side at the 2006 World Cup.
    Kakha Kaladze (AC Milan, 32) 90-->89
    The Georgian has found games hard to come by this season. With age and injury catching up with him, Kaladze's first team prospects at the San Siro look bleak. Drop to 89.
    Ricardo Kaka (Real Madrid, 27) 97-->97/96
    The Brazilian playmaker has yet to fully discover his former self since moving to the Bernebeu. The over-bearing expectations of the Real Madrid fans will have done the 27-year-old no favors too, despite Kaka being near the top of the club's charts for both assists and goals. Nonetheless, Kaka is still an integral player for both club and country and a decent World Cup outing will help Kaka repair his reputation.
    Steven Gerrard (Liverpool, 29) 97-->96
    A shadow of his former self, the England international is in line for a drop. Gerrard has cut a weary figure this season, and he has struggled to inject urgency into a stuttering Liverpool. A drop seem to be on the cards for the 29-year-old.
    Ribas Diego (Juventus, 24) 94-->93/94
    Diego is not having the best of starts at Juventus. Since scoring a brace on his debut against Roma, the Brazilian midfielder has struggled to hit top gear for the Old Lady. It is not entirely his fault however, as a combination of poor personnel and management has prevented the 25-year-old from showing his ability. However, involvement with the Selecao squad continue to prove elusive for Diego, with manager Dunga not the biggest fan of the former Porto flop. Diego has an outside chance of a drop.
    Javier Zanetti (Inter, 36) 94-->93
    Probably a surprise inclusion on the list. However, despite continuing to rack up the minutes for Inter, Zanetti's performances this season have dipped. Nonetheless, with him still a starter for the Nerazzurri, I wouldn't be surprised if SM kept him at his current rating of 94.
    Gennaro Gattuso (AC Milan, 32) 93-->93/92
    The tough as nails midfielder has struggled to get going since the 2006 World Cup. No longer as dominant a force in midfield as before, the only way Gattuso's rating is headed for now is South. Has an outside chance to stay though.
    Lorik Cana (Sunderland, 26) 91-->90
    The tenacious Albanian shocked many with his decision to join the Black Cats this season. However, he has since failed to impress in his debut season. A drop is in store for the 26-year-old.
    Albert Riera (Liverpool, 27) 90-->89
    Talk about shooting one's own foot. Unhappy with a lack of first-team action, the Riera, decided to take matters into his own hands with a poorly timed attack on manager Rafa Benitez. Since then, any hopes of him playing for Liverpool again seem to have vanished. However, since a proposed move to Russia hit the rocks, Riera has attempted to salvage whatever's left of his Anfield future.

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    [Division 2 Team Of the Week 28th February]
    Moya(Sheff Wed

    Right back
    Heleno(Birmingh)out of pos
    Centre back
    Left back


    Right midfielder
    Honda(Leicester)out of pos
    Centre midfield
    Huddlestone(Sheff Utd
    Centre midfield
    Left Midfield
    Johnson (Forest)


    Subs of the day-Ronaldo,Kakuta,Sissoko.
    Description-Today team of the day was dominated by midfield and forwards and l had mant to pick from especially from the stikers,in the end l had to pick a couple of players on there averages after l had gave them pionts,thus Kukata getting left out even though he played as well as Gomez who was include.
    Player of the day-Higuin of Wigan.he goal record for Wigan is one goal for every two games and has only played 17 of a possible 25 games this season,really making him one of the leagues top strikers though he is still 5 goals off the leading scorer in the league.I can see this player being a real goal machine for Wigan in the future,even if they go up,he has the ability at that level for sure.

    Young player of the day-Kakuta of WBA scored two goals Today and is really starting to come into his own now.he has struggled to gain a starting place since his move from Chelsea,with 9 appearences with only 4 start,but after Todays performance he s proved he can step up when needed.

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    Re: English Championship 3951 - Transfer/Gossip thread

    Wigan Take Another Step Towards Promotion
    Mannini 84'
    Ireland 8'
    Higuain 55', 63'
    Wigan Athletic have showed once again they are ready to take up a promotion spot with a 3-1 victory over Norwich at Carrow Road. This win keeps Wigan 9th in the Championship but they are now only 3 points off promotion. Norwich stay in 2nd but are now 3 points behind league leaders Coventry City.
    Wigan started off great with a goal from Stephen Ireland in the 8th minute. The Irishman tapped in from close range after an effort from Goran Pandev came crashing off the bar. The in-form Midfielder has now scored 3 in 4 games for Wigan.

    Stephen Ireland celebrates scoring the opener at Carrow Road
    Wigan seemed very nervous after taking the lead, which led to many chances from Norwich. Nowich's Gaizka Toquero felt he should have had a penalty after a challenge by Guy Demel but replays have shown the referee was right to wave play on. Wigan were lucky to be going in 1-0 at half time.
    Half Time score, 1-0 to Wigan.
    Wigan came out looking a lot more confident. We can only imagine what Nolan must have said at half time. They're much improved play paid off 10 minutes into the second half after in-form striker Gonzalo Higuain proved great class by running through Norwich's defence and striking the ball bottom corner. The World-Class striker has scored 4 in 3 games for Wigan.

    Gonzalo Higuain scores Wigan's 2nd
    Higuain was not finished, only eight minutes later he produced complete magic to put Wigan 3-0 up. He skipped past Norwich's defence and nonchalantly lobbed it over the the onlooking Bolat. It was a truly Sensational Strike by the Argentinian!

    Gonzalo Higuain is ecstatic after scoring a truly wonderful goal
    It was plain sailing from there for Wigan, who showed there class to keep the ball from Norwich. Mannini scored a consolation for Norwich in the 85th minute, but it was not enough to threaten Wigan's victory.
    Final Scoreline at Carrow Road, Wigan 3-1 Norwich.

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    Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread
    Israel begin legal proceedings against North End
    The Israeli Football Association plan to sue Preston North End Football Club after their talisman midfielder Yossi Benayoun was injured on Saturday night in their Division Two match with Cardiff City.

    Israel take Preston to court over Benayoun injury
    What makes this case all the more peculiar is that Preston manager James Burrow is also the England coach, who are set to play Israel in Tel Aviv tomorrow night. Israel coack Dror Kashtan believes that "Benayoun was played and injured on purpose so that he could not play against England" and that "Preston North End are guilty attempting to fix the game in favour of the English national side."

    Benayoun will be a big loss against England
    No-one from Preston was available to comment, however the club's lawyer released a short statement on behalf of manager Burrow:
    "We have no intention of delibrately injuring players. The player in question would have played no matter who their national team was playing. It just so happens that this time its England. The player is contracted to Preston North End Football Club, and is obliged to play should the manager want him to. The player is not contracted to his nation, as it is down to the player whether he wants to play. Obviously the player is very distraught that he will miss the match."
    We at the SM Times spoke to the fans to see what their view was:
    "I think its ludicrous that the Israeli FA should sue a club for injuring a player. The players club is priority, not the nation. They only play once a fortnight. What I find more sinister is the fact that 'Bennie' was injured by the club who want to sign him..."
    "Preston could do without a court case. We were going so well, but now this 'off-the-field' distraction could scupper our promotion bid..."
    "I think the Israeli coach is out of order with what he said. And besides, a team is made up of eleven men, not one. If the coach thinks their chances are slashed by this injury, then the national side should beat them with ease..."
    The trial continues...

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    Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread
    Leeds United 3-1 Cheltenham Town
    A Cheltenham side without a win in five travelled to a Leeds side who had lost five on the bounce but it turned out to be quite an entertaining game at Elland Road. The Yorkshire club took a 1-0 lead into half time courtesy of a delightful lob from the prolific Bafetimbi Gomis - it was the Frenchman’s 9th goal for Leeds following his loan switch from Arsenal. An early goal in the second half from Aleksandr Ryazantsev brought Cheltenham level against the run of play. Leeds fortunes weren’t about to get any better when just five minutes after the equaliser they went down to ten men. Andriy Rusol didn’t take too kindly to the challenge from Helder Postiga and the Ukrainian’s head butt was right in front of referee Nicolai Vollquartz who had no option but to send Rusol off. If anything the sending off seemed to spring Leeds into action and they nudged in front again on 64 minutes. Juan Vargas rounding off a great run with a neat finish inside the box. As Cheltenham pushed for a second equaliser they left spaces at the back, spaces which were exploited two minutes from time. Gomis with his second of the game as he ran unopposed on goal, rounded Galinovic and stroked into the unguarded goal. The win for Leeds keeps them in 17th while the Robins slip to 14th.
    Crystal Palace 5-0 Leicester City
    The Tigers only had one win all season and were down in bottom place with just 8 points from 15 games. In stark contrast, their opponents Crystal Palace were flying high in the Championship and surely had too much for Leicester. Gokdeniz Karadeniz’s 3rd minute volley gave Palace the lead but they were unable to add to it until the second half. Two goals in two minutes from Ruben Cani and Fernando Morientes gave the hosts a commanding lead, and Mats Hummels 63rd minute strike put the win beyond doubt. There was still time for Cani to add his second of the game and heap more misery on Leicester whose poor run of form doesn’t look like ending. Thanks to other results, the Eagles climb the league table to 5th place while Leicester are now 9 points from safety.
    Doncaster Rovers 4-2 Watford
    The Hornets seemed to have put their bad form behind them with recent wins over Stoke City and West Ham United, but they were faced with a tough trip to the Keepmoat Stadium to tackle a Doncaster side with promotion hopes. Things didn’t look good for the away side as they gave away the lead just seconds into the game. Pavel Pogrebnyak’s long range effort was too good for Stipe Pletikosa and the ball flew into the top corner. Jorge Teixeira and Alejandro Alonso gave the hosts a 3-0 lead with not even half an hour gone. Kevin Mirallas pulled one back for Watford to give the travelling fans something to cheer about before the break, and when Brazilian striker Jo got their second on 50 minutes a comeback looked like it could be on the cards. Pogrebnyak had other ideas and he poked home his 8th of the season on 55 minutes to take the wind out of Watford’s sails. Doncaster climb from 11th to 7th following last night’s results and Watford are in 15th place, just three points separate them and the drop zone.
    West Ham United 0-3 Norwich City
    Both sides were in somewhat indifferent form going into this meeting at Upton Park. West Ham were one point ahead of Norwich but they were undone by some good finishing from the Canaries. The first half was a fairly even contest and they looked to be going into the break level, but Thomas Kahlenberg’s deflected effort ensured that wasn’t to be the case. Young Ukrainian forward Artem Kravets doubled Norwich’s lead early in the second half to give West Ham an uphill struggle, and it was a struggle they couldn’t overcome. Kravets with another goal late on to seal the three points that send Norwich into the play-off positions, and move West Ham down to 9th.
    Stoke City 1-3 Middlesbrough
    Two promotion hopefuls met at the Britannia Stadium but there was no doubt who was in the better form. Stoke made a strong start to the season but a run of 6 winless games had taken their toll, while Middlesbrough had won four in a row. Orlando Engelaar broke the deadlock for Boro on 26 minutes with a side-footed finish after some neat footwork, but their lead was short-lived. Fabrizio Miccoli was the first to react to Victor Valdes’ parry and he couldn’t miss. Gonzalo Bergessio quickly put the away side in front once again with a world class strike which two goalkeeper couldn’t have stopped. After a crazy six minutes the game settled down slightly with neither side really going for it. As Stoke went in search for a second goal they were caught out at the back, and Cameron Jerome was gifted all the time in the world to compose himself and curl a great shot past Tim Howard. Boro deserved their win and they stay in 4th place, six points behind leaders Huddersfield. Stoke drop to 10th.

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    Finally, a win and what a game to get it in

    Sunderland 1 - 0 Newcastle

    M. VAN BOMMEL (32)

    Everyone involved with Sunderland football club is cheery tonight. Not only did they pick up their first league win in nine games but they beat North East rivals Newcastle. Newcastle have an incredible squad and Winston is delighted that his team battled for a great victory. It was a close encounter and both teams could of edged the win but the Black Cats held out.
    Mark Van Bommel was the hero but Sunderland keeper Juan Pablo Carrizo earned the man of the match award despite being the quieter of the two keepers.
    Winston is proud of his team and is very hopeful that this will be the confidence booster they need to push themselves up the table.

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    Re: English Championship 3951 - Transfer/Gossip thread

    Witsel Agrees To Join
    The Albion

    Witsel Is Expected To Were The Number 8 Shirt

    Today West Brom announced that Standard Liege and Belium International Witsel will be joining the club later tonight, this comes as a surprise to West Brom fans as many fans were worried about the finances of the club as the threat of Administration lured, but it now appears the manager Jack has wiped the clubs debt's, West Brom have their Quarter Final of the F.A Cup and Jack is expected to play a full strength side.
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    Re: English Championship 3951 - Transfer/Gossip thread

    Issue 1
    Hello and welcome to the first ever MK Weekly, your first stop for news on the Dons. Each week we will provide you with all the news you could possibly need on the MK Dons Football Club, including tansfers, rumours, match reports and interviews!

    We start with the news of a new boss in charge at stadium MK. Adam Gould has been drafted in after the previous boss left for pastures anew. Gould has a decent reputation for managing sides in the lower levels of English Football, and he feels he has all the credentials necessary to take the MK Dons further.
    "I feel i could do some good here. It's a very good squad, i have a decent budget, a lot of players, so no problems. I'll be slowly making the squad my own, but i know i have zero problems with the players already here. I'm really looking forward to a long time in charge here, and hopefully i will do a good job."
    The new boss always stated that he would make the squad 'his own' and has begun his task of squad-changing. 7 players have left, with more expected to be on the way out, and 3 have arrived.
    Departures: Valinotti, Angan, Watson, Zayner, Solano, Mthembu, Orozco-Total fee recieved £5m
    Taye Taiwo £11m
    Keith Andrews £3.5m
    Stefano Okaka Chuka £4.7m

    More deals are expected to take place later in the season, but for now, Gould is happy with his squad.
    "I've brought in 3 very talented players, i've got a world class left-back here now in Taiwo, a solid midfield in Andrews, and a rising star in Okaka Chuka. They're here for the long haul, and they will add a lot to the squad. I have a bunch of guys i really want to work with now. If teams make bids for people, i'll certainly still consider them, but it will take a very good bid for any of my prize assets to leave. There are certain people that can leave, but it would be unfair to name name's. I'm very happy with my squad now."
    MK Dons 2-0 Darlington
    Gould's first game in charge came on Wednesday, as the MK Dons took on Darlington at Stadium MK. A 2-0 win was the result, with goals coming from Castillo (46) and Preciado (79). Fans were impressed by Gould and his squad, as they bossed the game for much of the 90minutes. There was no Taiwo, Andrews or Chuka for this game, so the win was even more impressive.

    Castillo, on target for the Dons.
    Oldham Athletic 0-4 MK Dons
    "Number 3, Taye Taiwo.......Number 8, Keith Andrews.....and on the bench Stefano Okaka Chuka." The words that were virtually whispered over the announcers system at Boundary Park, as the MK Dons new big guns visited Oldham Athletic. Chuka didn't feature, but it didn't matter. A MotM performance by Varela ensured a 4-0 win for the MK Dons as they kept the pressure on top spot in Division 3. Hulk opened the scoring in the 19th minute, and Jerome Boateng doubled the visitors lead in the 32nd minute. Varela deservedly got on the scoresheet in the 53rd minute, and Boateng grabbed his brace in the 74th minute. Taiwo and Andrews both looked good on debut, and Chuka will apparently feature in the teams next game.
    "We did incredibly well. They've done great since i took over, they move the ball around well and they know where their team-mates will be at any one time. The new guys settled in great, and Chuka will be ready for the next game. He just needed a couple of extra days to get aclimatised to his new surroundings. I'm loving being here, it's been a great few days and the couple of solid results have set us on our way nicely."
    Photo of the week.

    After a spate of Phil Taylor related incidents, Darts are finally banned from the Stadium MK! (as if we needed to be told this!)

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    Liverpool Weekly

    Liverpool this week.
    It has been another quiet week on Liverpool with the last week, Liverpool posting a draw against Dave Izods Liverpool and showing their superoir agaisnt a hard fighting Roichadale team with a 5-0 win.
    Ronaldinho joins Liverpool.

    However this unsual quiet in Liverpool was to be broken when it had emerged that the manager Tom Field was working behind the scenes to make sure that another world class player joined the ranks. No one knew who this could be however rumours were going around that it was Albiol of Everton after Tom linked himself with the player.
    What came next though was a suprise for many Liverpool fans as on Tuesday night Tom Field personally posted an article saying that Ronaldinho, once FIFA World Player of the Year, was joined the Reds and that he was likely to be playing the coming night. This cuased panic in the streets as fans danced and sang into the night.
    Ronaldinho's Debut:
    However the most of the excitement was yet to come a when Ronaldinho was reviled as a Liverpool player in the early hours of Saturday he was also announced that he would be playing some part in the game against Sheffield United that night.
    So the game came and the formation was chosen.
    The formation was a 4-3-3 formation which let the front three consist of the finest footballing talent around - Ronaldinho, Etoo and IBRAHIMOVIC.
    However this formation was not going to win fans hearts over and it was the playing that many of the fans payed and robbed for.
    Though once again, on a imprortant evening Liverpool didnt dissapoint and led from start to finish in what was a convicing 4-1 win over high flying Sheffield United. This was topped of for fans by the eagerness of Ronaldinho to fight for the team and show off his skills that Liverpool had splashed 14 million and players out on him.
    This resulted in him being awarded with a goal and assist and as the final wistle went a MoM award and a tremendous cheer form the visiting supporters.
    Ronaldinho, Good deal or Bad?
    Kick-it Kev:

    Well from this evendience it looks as if Tom may have picked out another bargain and this may well help him push into the top 5 where the team has struggled to get in this year. Could well pay off as a job saver for Tom aswell.

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    Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

    Liverpool 1 Millwall 1

    Thereza Bazar Writes…… Millwall finally slammed on the Anchors to halt an ominous looking slide down the table with a highly credible 1-1 draw at Anfield on Saturday night. Responding to a disastrous dip in form, Lions boss Dave Izod once more shuffled the Millwall pack returning to a uncompromising 5-4-1 formation, which saw Leighton Baines shifting forward into his secondary role as a left sided midfielder and Ed Grafite once more returning as the lone front man. After finishing second to the Lions in last years division 2 title race, Liverpool have made a respectable if less than spectacular return to the big time and come to the game on the back of a comprehensive 3-0 destruction of lowly Coventry. Mindful of the combative Millwall central midfield, respected Reds boss Tom Field obviously had his thinking cap on and in somewhat of a surprise move, abandoned the Scousers 3-4-2-1 set-up in favour of a resilient 4-5-1, with holding midfielder Yaya Toure replacing the suspended De Rossi in the centre of the park.
    As the packed Kop bayed for revenge for last seasons title humiliation by the South Londoners, the game got off to a frenetic start and within barely 2 minutes the Kop exploded into fury as Jose Bosingwa picked up the first booking of the game after cynically diving over Habib Beyes out stretched leg. Within minutes of the early show of authority by referee Lee, Lions skipper Patrick stupidly joined the Portuguese right back in the book after blatant shirt pulling on Michael Essien. In what promised to be an enthralling evenings entertainment , Millwall first went close with a Danny Montenegro curler, before the powerful ED Grafite burst through the Liverpool rearguard ball at feet before unleashing an unstoppable drive past the despairing Pepe Reina. Stunned into silence by the strike, things nearly got worse for the shocked Scouse Hordes with the Lions almost doubling their lead on the ten minute mark, with Da Silva coming within millimetres of connecting with a Martins cross.
    Despite the early breakthrough, the Lions increasingly found themselves pinned back by the technically superior Reds. Jamie Carragher blew a near perfect chance for an equalizer blasting wide from 6 yards before England’s Steven Gerrard repeated the trick on the half hour somehow tapping wide of the visitors open goal. For their part the Lions contributed little offensively, and aside by a rasping Baines drive were more than content to sit back and endure the Liverpool onslaught. Five minutes before the break, the wasteful Liverpool once more almost broke the Lions line but lax finishing from the grotesquely deformed Frank Ribery saw the ball headed wide of the target from close range.

    A smiling ? Frank Ribery, leaves Anfield

    Welcomed by the roars of encouragement from the massed Anfield choir, the Reds restarted the onslaught and within of minutes of the second period kicking off, the flying Ribery showed a clean pair of malformed hoofs to Hilbert, before seeing his fierce low drive pushed aside by Craig Gordon. Despite the Liverpool machine firing on all cylinders the Lions banked defence stood firm, and in fact almost snatched a second as Leighton Baines fired wide after carving himself a rare opportunity in front of the Liverpool goal. Come the hour mark, Scouse supreme Tom Field had seen enough, and rung the changes, replacing Freddie Kanute with Samuel Eto. With the introduction of the pacy Eto, Per Mertesacker abandoned his defensive duties at the back joining Toure in the centre of the park as Liverpool switched to the familiar 3-4-2-1 attacking formation. Upon the reshuffle the game immediately opened up, Mertesacker made a total hash of a fine low cross from Bosingwa after the Portuguese’s lung busting sprint to the bye line had left Da Silva in his wake. At the other end Millwall substitute Loic Remy on for Grafite after 60 minutes, angled drive smashed against the bar before being grabbed by the grateful Riena, before the over enthusiastic Frenchman became the games 4th booking after a overly robust challenge on Jesus Navas.
    With the game drifting towards a repeat of last seasons famous away win, an increasingly nervous Kop were left in raptures as with just 6 minutes left on the clock, parity was finally restored, with left back Joan Capdevila accelerating between the tiring Beye and Jushaz, before delightfully chipping the ball over the on rushing Gordon and into the empty Millwall net. With seconds to go , the Reds almost completed a fine comeback as once more the wasteful Ribery conspired to blast wide of an open goal from just 6 yards. The draw sees the Lions exchange places with Portsmouth rising into 12th spot with Liverpool consolidating 11th place. Next up for the Lions, tonight’s 2cnd round English shield tie at Sheffield United, before the widely anticipated visit to the New Den from table topping Arsenal on Wednesday night.
    Frankie Says…All in all a good night for the lads, away to Liverpool is never easy, and despite leading for so long, we were undone by an excellent tactical switch by Tom Field. Many other teams will struggle up there so we should be happy with the point.
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    Robbie Keane comes out of the dark to become MoM in Tottenham thrashing.

    Tottenham 4-1 Man City
    Division 1 - Saturday 16 Jan 2010
    White Hart Lane (36,310)
    Attendance - 36,266
    Last Night at a cold White Hart Lane it was being billed as a suprise and well earned victory for Tottenham.
    This was because the game was predicted to be a Man City masterclass and victory with the likes of Kaka, Goalscroing crazy Ronaldo and Iniesta in the highly regarded team. And with the faltering Tottenham team out of form it was always going to be a Man city victory.
    However once the whistle had blown to signal the start of the game, it was Tottenham who were lookign the brighter despite starting with some unknown faces like Shelvey and Keane starting.
    This lasted for the first half with Robbie Keane proving to be a hassle and full of energy after missing the game at Portsmouth due to the weather conditions. In fact it only took him 10 minutes to put on the scoresheet with King also adding one before Iniesta slotted a sublime goal in just before half time.

    Robbie Keane in fine form.
    Once the second half whistle had blown the game was more even with Man city proving to have more possision then the first half and ading some good passes together.
    However it was Tottenham who added to their goal tally with heading in another goal before Simao added one from a goal scramble after some bad defending form the visitors.
    Despite being unfair on Man City for the second half, this was a true reflection on the differences in class between the two teams and how much work Man City need to do with their squad to push for the title. Tottenham however managed to stop their poor form of recent and now they will be hoping for more celebrations in the coming weeks to push for the title where they were a couple weeks back.

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    Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread
    At the start of the season i posted a thread about my division 1 predictions for the upcoming season. So with 9 games behind us and us being a quater way through the season lets see how they are getting on.
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