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  1. Recently, I have noticed. That football is slowly losing its popularity. It is also popular, a lot of fans, but they are getting smaller, at least in our country. I can not understand what it is connected with and where do the fans go.
  2. This is a very strange action, I agree, I'm not at all sure that this will bring any result. And it seems to me that this is some kind of nonsense, because the meaning is in their actions?
  3. It infuriates me that the quality of football has fallen, I used to know that if I give money, I will get a lot of pleasure, and now I’m worried that I’ll spend a lot of money and get , and you also think so?
  4. Yes, so with everything, the more you wait for something, the more you always get pleasure - this is psychology. And so the poet proceeds. So always, when something nice.
  5. Babega

    Football fever!

    I wanted to know how you feel about FIFA, I’m talking about the whole series and all computer games. Does anyone even play this or not?
  6. Babega

    Football fever!

    Football fever!
  7. I think you need to do all the most standard things that are used in the heat - more cool water, wear a cap or hat, use ice and other secrets. Life can be fun in the summer.
  8. Who do you do in your free time and in general, are simply unrealistic glad that you have it? I just love football, only local and I’m not interested in another.
  9. Who do you do in your free time and in general, are simply unrealistic glad that you have it?
  10. I think this is natural, not everyone wanted such a final, while others want to continue, that's why it happens, nothing unusual, the time you cannot please, it's not a porn film :DDDD
  11. I see, new people have started to appear here and there is a lot of communication, but it is concentrated on only certain topics, not enough, to be honest.
  12. I will tell my opinion, I use the keyboard and mouse and I tried the gamepad and my personal one! Only a personal opinion that it is very inconvenient, but here the question is precise to personal preferences. I do not quite agree with the statistics.
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