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  1. 9 days without a bid today. sent 4 bug report on june 12, june 30, july 3, july 12, get answered "we know the problem but thank you for report", but no solution was adopted as i had to share the players on TL for others same value to avoid concern. now i still have 3 on transfer list but no bid at all as of today. they just don't care or is a strategy to balance the teams?
  2. after how long you MUST to receive a bid for players in transfer list? taking long time now without any offer and is impeding me to develop my team. thank you all.
  3. i see holland and portugal at the same level as traditionally in both leagues only 3 teams fight for the victory
  4. is it normal to have 16 players on transfer list and not receiving one single bid in 10 days?
  5. old interface works good, great intuition kev, looks like kind of post nuclear arrangement somehow....... hope they will fix the issue.
  6. hi everyone. i wish to start saying it's long time i follow all you guys and to me you all looks familiar like some old friends. i admire how you all love football (don't call it soccer pls) and of course among you i have my favs. i'm writing here bcs i have a problem with the game, and the customer care banned me maybe because i was too much pushy about a quick solution, which i'm waiting since one year. so there is this bug that make disposing substitutes on the field in the wrong position. for example, i change azpilicueta with juanfran but i found out that he was disposed as DM or AM or left wing. unfortunately it happen all the time and in every single match with every player in all my teams, which cost me a lot of losses and is also very frustrating. i wish to ask you guys if you ever experienced something like this, if there is any solution and how you deal with customer care, which to me looks like assuming they are scientist of NASA. i'm starting thinking they are the one who put this bug just to damage me. thanks for any answer and greets all.
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