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    Playing and Watchin Futbol
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    QLD Roar, Man Utd, Arsenal, Inter Milan and Real Madrid. I support too many teams !
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    Cristiano Ronaldo, Fabio cannavaro, Tim cahill, Harry Kewell, Matt McKay and Cesc Fabregas.
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    Not too many ;)
  1. Re: REAL MADRID THREAD !!!!! Its a good win, but i missed thh game so im going to have to watch the replay to see how we went, but i dunno, i just hope the squad dosent get to confident and start thinking we can win every game, but it looks like we can do well, but i just prey to good our defence improves. Ok, who do u guys reckon we should buy in Janurary?
  2. Re: Serie A 08 Nice to see Milan in a bit of a crisis atm Also, i rekon u guys are gonna have to buy some new keepers as Dida and Kalac are crap and you might need to buy some players to replace those Ancient ones you got.
  3. Re: REAL MADRID THREAD !!!!! Espanyol 2-1 Real madrid ! (Bit late) what do you guys think? Real in action on Thursday moring in champs league (Down here in Aus) how do you guys think we will go?
  4. Re: Your Saddest Moment In Football.., regarding results Definently when Australia got knocked out of the world cup. I reckon we could if had a chance to win that game and possibly make it to the final because we wouldve had Ukraine and Germany after that and if you can beat Italy, then u can beat ukraine and maybe have a chance against germany, but thanks to that Blind d*** head of a ref and that grosso c***, we didnt make it so yeah, hopefully we dont have that ref ever again, but i actually cried after the game, it was a very sad moment cos we got so far.
  5. Re: Bobo's Personal Rumour Thread! I dont think Inter because Mancini is doing very well atm, he has a very good relationship with the players. Maybe if they dont do well this season then Mourinho would be in next season, but Milan would be more probable as they are doing terribly atm.
  6. Re: Bobo's Personal Rumour Thread! I dont think Mourinho wil go to Real, because schuster was brought in to play good football, and as you saw with Chelsea, Mourinho dosent play that way, so highly unlikely, i reckon he might go to AC milan if they arent doing well by January, might even go to Juventus if Raineri dosent go well.
  7. Re: Rate My Team Thread What do you guys reckon about my Queensland Roar team? Info Nat Player Pos Age Rt Con Morale Val TB AvP Ap GS As - FABIANSKI, Lukasz G 22 85 100 Superb £4.5M - 7.11 9(0) 0 0 - HILARIO, Henrique G 31 82 100 Superb £1.7M - 0.00 0(0) 0 0 - ANTUNES, Vitorino LB 20 85 56 Excellent £4.8M 08 Oct 6.33 3(0) 0 0 - RENZETTI, Francesco LB/LM 19 78 64 Superb £1.4M - 6.67 3(0) 0 0 - DANIEL, Alves RB/RM 24 93 80 V.Good £9.7M 07 Nov 7.50 8(0) 0 0 - AMARAL, Antonio Cleilson RB 20 83 100 V.Good £3.6M 13 Oct 7.00 1(0) 0 0 - PIQUE, Gerard CB/DM 20 87 100 Superb
  8. Re: National Treasure Match Reports/Transfer News Sorry guys, but im going to have to quit as Arsenal. For some reason im getting bored of playing SM atm, so im trying my hardest to keep playing, and i dont usually go on, so i wont be able to give a good commitment to Arsenal as it would've been a tough challenge to bring in all these Aussie players and it wouldve needed a lot of time. So ive quit them so they can get a manager who is passionate for SM, as im not really atm. good luck guys and i hope you all go well!
  9. Re: Kevche1963 -league for forumers- TORTO RESIGNS Juventus Manager Emilio Torto has Resigned as the manager of Juventus after nearly 3 seasons with the club after a poor run of results.
  10. Re: Right now i'm listening to... Kanye West FT T-Pain - Good Life
  11. Re: REAL MADRID THREAD !!!!! Time to update this thread What do you guys think of how were going atm? I reckon we are going pretty well, except there are signs of our defence getting back to they're old ways from last season, hopefully schuster has spotted this and will fix the problem by our next game. Does anyone have the problem were they cant watch Real Madrid play in La Liga on TV? because i heard something about Real buying back the TV rights and i havent seen them play at home in the league on tv in ages. Also, i reckon we will need to buy a Back up CB in january, some young promi
  12. Aussie2k7

    FIFA 08!

    Re: FIFA 08! The only thing i dont liek about it is that they have Underated the A-league teams badly, i know that the A-league is not as good as the other major leagues in Europe, but the A-league is still a very good league and FIFA have Underated the teams in it badly. But, besides that, its pretty good, the Graphics could be better though.
  13. Re: Not leaving forum Im staying too, every forums gotta have an Aussie or two
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